Part 8: Home

Part 8: Home

A Chapter by Lucy Morningstar ♥

A short and sweet chapter about Jes' homecoming.


Part 8: Home

3 months later


“Easy there Jes, you don’t want to push yourself too hard,” Kelsey said as she helped me out of the car. I was covered in bandages and had to carry an oxygen tank with me until my lung was fully healed. My face was still badly bruised, as were my arms; my stomach was covered in scars, and my lip was the size of a balloon, but a balloon with a cut in it.

“Thanks for doing this, Kels, really. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” I smiled weakly and walked, slowly, up the steps of my house.

“I’m just glad your father got caught; it took too long, way, way too long to put him away,” she said as she propped me against the wall, unlocking my door.

“Tell me about it; you weren’t the one being smacked around every day!” We both laughed a bit before she helped me into the house.

It felt so strange being here without my dad; it felt empty, but in a good way. I could no longer smell alcohol everywhere in the house, nor did I have to fear walking around in my own home.

“So, Garret has been worried sick about you. Want me to give him a call, let him know you’re home?” Kelsey asked, helping me out of my coat.

“Yeah, sure, I guess. I’ll give him a call after I’ve sat down for a few minutes, alright?” I smiled at her and, using the wall as a crutch, I made my way towards the living room.

“Just hold on a sec, ok? Wait for me, I want to see the look on your face.”

“What do you mean?”Kelsey grabbed my arm and, helping to steady me, led me into the living room.

“Hey, Jes.” Logan was standing by my couch smiling at me, a dozen roses in his arms, and dozens more placed in vases throughout the room. 

© 2013 Lucy Morningstar ♥

Author's Note

Lucy Morningstar ♥
I know it's really short, but I felt like it needed to be short and sweet. Don't worry though, anyone who is following Jessie and Logan's story will have a treat with part's a long one :D

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Omg he is such a sweetie!!!!! *squeals* I'd love to come home and see my best friend with roses it'd be amazing!!! Awesome chapter like always

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Lucy Morningstar ♥

4 Years Ago

thanks! lol hopefully u enjoy the next one...just a warning though, theres going to be some implied .. read more
The Fallen

4 Years Ago

xD alright

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Lucy Morningstar ♥

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