Little Blue Ray of Sunshine

Little Blue Ray of Sunshine

A Poem by Lucy Morningstar ♥

A narrative poem I wrote for a class that I thought was decent.

For My Best Friend ♥

Coming into this world as a little

blue ray of sunshine would appear easier than it seems

when they have you born conforming to the binaries that

everyone is forced to, taught to, and led to believe.

Now I can’t play sports, though I’m active enough.

For a Canadian, I’m sure not a hockey buff because I’m not

into the whole rough and tough way of living that

comes with the Canadian dream.

But apparently the Canadian dream doesn’t include

trying on and liking Mom’s high heels at a young enough

age that people would brush it off as a phase and tell me I’d grow

out of it, and to act a certain way.

Every year, it was a constant battle in my brain and telling

myself to fight the part of me that everything would be ok

that God didn’t make mistakes cause 

baby, I was born this way,

but the more I grew and the more I thought and realized

things for myself, I knew I wasn’t crazy, I didn’t have to keep

fighting this side of me and crushing it so deep down within myself

that you’d need professional spelunkers to pull it out.

Little by little I let her out of her cage more often, let her

bask in the glow of the sun for just a little while before

fear would take me and I’d lock her away all over again.

In her cage she would sit and wilt away like a rose left in the vase

For too long instead of growing in the light of day and over time

I would start feeling like the little blue ray of sunshine all over again

but I was never going to be okay with being born a certain way, because you

know what? 

God does make mistakes, every single time someone is born

in the wrong family, in the wrong place, in the wrong body, people make it

seem like they’ve lost their way but really it’s a matter of just being

born this way. 

Because God makes mistakes, I will never know the pain

of the rush of red between my legs, I will never feel life swelling

inside of me like a balloon. But I will know what it’s like to feel oppression,

to lose my rights because I am who I am and 

I can’t change, even though I tried, but I didn’t want to, 

my growing comfort in my own skin will keep me warm,

but that’s ok. This unique little ray of sunshine has come forth and burst through

the soil of the binary and societal norms and bloomed into that unforgettable

rose that not even society or families or God himself could pick from the

unshakable ground. 

© 2015 Lucy Morningstar ♥

WHAT AM I?: Nephilim WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
A teen boy gets killed, but trades his soul for another chance. He changes. A girl notices the new boy with silver eyes.

Author's Note

Lucy Morningstar ♥
This was inspired by someone I really, really care about a lot, my best friend in the world. Obviously I don't know what it is like to be trans, but her story inspired me to write this and yeah, this is the result. Originally it was one big block but I took the suggestions for breaks in the poem that a friend in the class gave me and did that.

Anyhoo, enjoy :)

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this is heartfelt about being individual

inspire me very much

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

very much welcome

2 Years Ago

It is awesome , it is clear to me that you are a talented writer and a poet too ! In the" Because Go.. read more
Lucy Morningstar ♥

2 Years Ago

thank you my friend!
A very beautifully written poem. You can really feel the deep emotion, and the wording was simply wonderful. Amazing job! :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Lucy Morningstar ♥

2 Years Ago

thank you so, so, so much for your kind words :)
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You can feel the emotion bleed through the poem. Even if you don't know what its like to be trans, I'd say that this poem does every transgender individual justice

Posted 2 Years Ago

Lucy Morningstar ♥

2 Years Ago

thank you so much! it means so much that someone would say that; I'm glad I can do the trans communi.. read more

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Lucy Morningstar ♥
Lucy Morningstar ♥

Ontario, Canada

Im not quite sure what to write here, so I'll just go basic, organized, and boring. Though I assure you I'm not boring lol. Name: Now that I'll Never tell ;) Age: 21 Eye Colour: Deep Blue Hair .. more..