The face

The face

A Story by Lucille

Falling... falling... his..face..

His face appeared again, lights danced around him, I smiled, standing up from my knees, I held out my hands to touch him, but then he disappeared. I looked around in a hurry, and there he was again, stand, whole body now, black jeans, and all, I looked over, I ran towards him, and stepped up on my tippy toes, and gave him a kiss, or at least tried to, he disappeared before I could touch his lips, I fell landing on my face with a plop, the grass was soft but not soft enough to keep me from getting my lips cracked, I stood up in a hurry that I almost fell down again, he was laughing, that little!, I thought in my mind cursing. I saw him again, and started to run after him, faster, and faster with each step, he started to run, but as soon as I started the chase I started to get chased by plants, sunflowers pulled them selfs out of the ground, strawberries pluck  them selfs from their stems, many plants started to chase me, I just laughed, and kept on running, but then after 10 miuntes of running or so I saw a cliff, a sharp steep cliff, I was only a few mintues away, but I could not stop I had plants chasing me and a burning feeling that meant I should keep on going, so I did. I'm only a few secounds away, 10,9,8,7,-gulp-6,5,4,3,2 and.....1.. I fell..

he hugs me, and I hug him back too, but as soon as this happens everything goes dark.. but somehow he finds my forehead, and kisses me there, then on my nose, and then on my lips, his were so warm, like a marshmellow only this one was just meant for only me, we kiss until we can't take it anymore, we untie each others clothing, and start grinding into each other, his dick stuck in mine core, pounding, his mouth on my breast, sucking, grunts can be heard from every direction, cum spreads everywhere, and then we hit the ground, the impact sends all our air out and then all we can do is look at each other, we still in each other, we both smile, kiss, and then let go of life.......


© 2016 Lucille

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Added on December 26, 2016
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When I was little, I was told that I was someone that could draw anything. My heart warms with that comment. But I now see I am a writer. I have changed. No more sex on the street, no more sex in th.. more..


A Story by Lucille


A Story by Lucille