Blind To Love: Part One

Blind To Love: Part One

A Story by Lucille

A Blind Girl, A Deformed Boy.


White walls, white floors. White ceiling. White chairs, white desk, white shelf. Blind girl.

"Cecelia." a voice crawled into Cecelia's dreams. "Yes?" Cecelia yawned, the maid stumbled with her cane over to Cecelia. She touched her hair like every morning. Cecelia's straight hair was silky in her fingers. She smiled. "Mornin." Cecelia rubbed her head in the pillow. "Really? What time is it Abie." Abie turned sharply on her cane, she glanced at the alarm clock. It read eight-o-two, "Cecelia, is eight-ooh-two." Cecelia moaned. Abie wheezed a laugh, "Cecelia you can't a fall'n asleep now, yous got to get up." "Abie-" "Now come on, moaning ain't going to do nothing." she got up, pulling the covers off of Cecelia, Cecelia froze with the cold. 

She put her arms around Cecelia and pulled her up. She told her to wait and went to the closet to fetch her cane. She pulled it out and walked over Cecelia, Cecelia was looking up at the ceiling. "What's the weather Abie?" she asked Abie. Abie went to the windows, parting the curtains she gazed upon the hills and the bright, orange sun creeping over. "Is goin to be another hot day Cecelia." Cecelia frowned at the ceiling. She loathed the heat that Abie could not live without. 

Abie went and gave the cane to Cecelia, she took it and gazed up again. Abie smiled, her little mouse was turning into a peacock. Abie went to the closet again. She opened the door wide and took some clothes out. "Cecelia, stand up." Cecelia stood, "Put the cane on the bed." Cecelia laid the cane on the bed, not turning her body at all. Abie helped Cecelia change. At the end Cecelia got her cane and tried to twirl but fell down, they laughed. Cecelia stood. She dusted off, Abie hurried and got her cane,Cecelia took it and smiled a thank you. "Abie, what am I wearing today?" "Yous wherein your school uniform."  Cecelia gave a little giggle and pouted "Really? Today is Monday? I thought yesterday was Saturday." Abie smiled and grabbed Cecelia's hand. 

"Come on Cecelia." they started walking out the room, Abie sharply grinding the floor with her cane and Cecelia gracefully floating. 



Cecelia's cane felt around for any wet spots on the grass.

She then picked a spot and sat. The sun beamed on her skin.

She took out her fan and waved it back and forth. She gripped her cane with her hand. "Cecelia." a voice scared Cecelia. "Who is this.." Cecelia shivers even though the sun is burning her skin. "I'm not telling.." the voice is teasing. The boy then kicks her thigh. Cecelia winces. Another boy pulls her hair, Cecelia yelps, "Did I hurt you..oopsy." a different voice then before speaks. Cecelia cries. "Why are you crying? Is that like you special talent? Because you don't really use your stupid eyes for anything else." the boys laugh even though the remark was stupid. "Leave me alone." Cecelia scowls, the boys giggle. She then hears a snap and pain rushes up her arm, to her throat and to her full lips. She screams. The boys jump back whispering oops. 

Cecelia feels something thick on her arm. 

"Bye! Ya Freak!" Cecelia hears them run. She feels pain, hot and sizzling pain. Cecelia wipes her tears away and gets on her hands and knees. Her hands search for her cane. "Where is the damn thing!?" she screams, frustration coursing through her veins. She then just falls. She flips over onto her back and lies there. Letting the sun fry her up like a shrimp on a pan. 

Her mind swears with hate for boys.

Swears with hate for being blind.




"Cecelia!?" her Mother screams. Her blonde wig bouncing. "What in God's name happened to your arm? And your cane!?" her Mother drops her glass of tea and steps over the shards to get to Cecelia. She calls for Abie. Cecelia doesn't speak. Frying in the sun for the past few hours made her lips crack. 

Abie runs into the room, her cane is on her back and a pan is in the other. "Law.." she says before flying back to the kitchen to get the first aid. Cecelia's Mother looks back at her daughter. Her arm has shards of wood in it and blood it spewing out over dried blood.

"Speak child!" her Mother screams for an answer.

"Abie.." Cecelia asks. "What?" her Mother's grasp loosens. "Abie..Mama.." "Abie! Get Over Here!" Abie runs out of the kitchen. "Abie.." Abie's face has sweat dripping from it. She walks over to Cecelia, Cecelia pushes out of her Mothers grasp and drowns in Abie's. 

"Abie, the boys did..i-it.."

Abie screams for Cecelia's Mother to call the police.

Cecelia's mind goes blank.




Mrs. Moore sips her coffee, her navy green eyes going back and forth like she is reading.

"So boys are beating up my little Cecelia?"

Abie is wiping the counter fast.

"Why did she never tell me about this? This is a very serous!?" she bangs the coffee cup on the table. She yells at Abie for another cup of coffee, even though the cup she has is perfectly fine. 

Abie forces a smile and is about to grab the beans for coffee when Mrs. Moore rubs her temples and says "Abie, no." 

Abie's mind runs with thoughts she would not like to think but can't help.

Oh how she would love to just stick a cane up their little-

" Mrs. Moore.." she turns and rubs her hands together, she grabs her cane and walks over to Mrs. Moore. Mrs Moore looks at Abie like she has three heads.

You see Mrs. Moore ain't that friendly. She never wanted anything to do with Cecelia, she hired a maid to take care of Cecelia when she was just a day old, the when she turned two and went blind Mrs. Moore acted like she had been taking care of Cecelia for those first two years. She went all over protective. 

"Mrs. Moore, Cecelia, she didn wanna to make you worry. Thas all."

Abie is from Mississippi. She is used to the heat, in fact, she loves it. She has a little ascent. 

"Why are you speaking?" Abie suddenly regretted her decision to talk to Mrs. Moore, she was impossible. "Go back to cleaning! This will come out of you're pay check!" Abie bit her lip and went back to scrubbing the counter with fists. Mrs. Moore drew her long, manicured finger out, she was looking to have some fun right now, she ran it along the table. No dust was on her finger. She scowled, Abie licked her lips. "Clean the table. Rat." Mrs. Moore grinned her fake smile, she sipped her coffee and waited for Abie's retort. None came, Abie counted to ten and started to clean the table. Mrs. Moore stood, she dropped her coffee, she giggled a "whoops" the coffee splashed all over Abie's clothes. 

Mrs. Moore pulled out her fan and fanning herself like a snail said "Clean the mess, then polish the silver, do laundry and look after dinner. And dust the kitchen, I can barely breath without this dust clogging up my throat." she sashayed out of the kitchen and headed up stairs in her loud heels. 

Abie hand let go of her cane and she dropped to the floor like a stone. Tears burst out and her hands start to bleed with coffee mug glass and sting with coffee.


The door creaked open, Cecelia jumped.

"W-who's there?!" her voice was horse.

Mrs. Moore fanned her face even though Cecelia's bedroom was one of the most cool rooms in the house. She cleared her throat and smile, even though Cecelia was blind she felt like she could see right through her. "Me dear. Mommy." "Oh." Cecelia turned in her covers, "What are you doing here?" Cecelia was annoyed, she hated her Mother with twelve exclamation marks behind the word Mother.  "Oh, that dumb ma-" Cecelia stopped her from saying the horrible word 'maid'. "Abie." Mrs. Moore felt like slapping Cecelia for interrupting but then thought twice and sighing said "Yes. Abie. Well she talked back to me and made me drop my da-coffee mug. I should fire her." Cecelia's ear perked up. "No." she sat straight up in bed. "Fine." Mrs. Moore whispered. Mrs. Moore moved over to Cecelia's bed, she sat at the edge, straight back. She slapped her fan in her hand and starred into Cecelia's never ending, gray/blue eyes. 

"Are you alright?" Cecelia went back under her covers. "Yeah." Mrs. Moore beat her fan back and forth on her hand. "Any thing else?" "No."

She was trying to spur Cecelia to tell her more than "Yeah" while trying to make it not obvious. 

"Get out. I'm tired." Cecelia said into her pillow, rather than her Mother. Mrs. Moore bit her lip slowly, and carefully. She put on the best worried expression she had and while rubbing Cecelia's back she said "Dear, I'm taking you out of school." Cecelia felt joy dance in her heart but then the joy died. "What Mother?" 

Mrs. Moore gets up and starts to fan herself again. 

"I came in here to also tell you that. Now I'll leave." Mrs. Moore slams the door on the way out. Cecelia yells from her bed "I hate you Mother!" Cecelia felt regret for even saying the word 'Mother'.

Mrs. Moore smiles.

"Abie! Fix some soup for Cecelia!" Mrs. Moore yells down the stairs.


"Abie, is it sunny?" Cecelia asks. She rolls in a wheelchair now, Mrs. Moore doesn't want her walking, even though it was her arm that was injured. 

Abie looks up, the sun burns her eyes. Abie keeps her gaze on the sun, smiling. "Yep, is sure is." Cecelia gets this foul look on her face. "Why do we have to practice outside Abie?" Abie looks at Cecelia, in her mind she curse. 

Cause your Mama said so. 

"Cecelia, stop a complain. Yous a well a know why we a out here." Abie opens the book with her wrinkled hands shaking madly. Abie licks her lips, craving for a cold coke-a-cola. Cecelia wipes her forehead. She swings her legs a bit, feeling like she is floating. "I know, but..Why do I need to learn how to read? I'm..blind." her mouth tightens with the word blind. She feels like bursting into tears but swallows instead. The malignant sun beats down on them. Almost searing their hair off. Abie shrugs, even though Cecelia can't see, she senses the movement, Abie reads off the sentence from the book To Kill A Mockingbird.  Abie's voice is clear and vivid, " People in their right mind never take pride in their talents.." the screen door opens noisily. "....So then I said-Oh, Abie! Why is Cecelia out her in this blazing heat?!" Mrs. Moore has a cigarette in one hand and the other on her hip. Her body has a tight bright red dress on. It's so tiny. Abie feels like she is suffocating  when she gazed at the dress. Abie closes the book and squeezes it. "Is take her inside." Abie gets up, puts the book in Cecelia's hand and pushes her inside. 

Mrs. Moore bought some wood and made a ramp for Cecelia.

Abie keeps her gaze down as she paces Mrs. Moore and her "Friend".

Mrs. Moore wants a comment, but no. She gets none.

The screen door is shut by the "Friend" of Mrs. Moore.

"...Maids am I right?...."



Abie bites her lip, she pushes Cecelia through the house to her bedroom, "I'll be right back." Abie pats her head and heads downstairs. She grabs a coke from the fridge and hurries up stairs, almost tripping over the wooden ramp next to her. When she is inside Cecelia's room she shuts the door fast and pops the cap off and takes a cool sip.

Law, what have I done?

 "Abie?" Abie jumps at the voice, then realizes it's Cecelia "Yes baby?" Cecelia smiles, pushes her wheelchair forward and bumps into something. "Oh, Cecelia, a let me help yous." she grabs her chair and steers her over to the rocking chair in the right hand corner of the room. Abie sits, takes another sip. She then pushes the drink to Cecelia's mouth, she takes a sip too. "Was, Mother with another friend of hers?" Abie feels her heart melt with sympathy for Cecelia.

Oh Law, why does the child have to know?

Cecelia was a smart and pretty girl. She could draw and write and talk like it was nobody's business.

Cecelia sat there in her world of darkness, waiting for an answer from Abie, she knew it was a yes though, so why did she ask?

"Abie, can you tell me a story? Like you used too." Abie smiled, remembering when Cecelia had two braids and a toothless grin and sat on Abie's lap just dying for a story. She was a beauty even back then. "okay babe." Cecelia smiled a full tooth grin. "Once there was a lil babe, name was..Hannah, she love to a read them books. One day she could'n any more, she was a so sad, she a lock herself in a room and a never came out. Till one day a handsome boy a came and when she a heard of him she of fell in love, he then one day saw her and he fall in love, so the two love doves a got married. And lived happily a ever after." Cecelia knew this was a babyish  story but who cares? She didn't, she loved the stories Abie told. 

They then heard something break, Cecelia's head whipped around the room trying to hear more. Then they heard a door close and muffled voices saying things like "...oohh..." and "...haha.." Abie heart burned with loath towards Mrs. Moore. She covered Cecelia's ears, but that did no good, Cecelia was crying a small, but powerful, cry. 

Abie couldn't take the noise, she opened the door, a blast of heat hit her but she didn't care. Her shoes made loud stomps. She went across the hall and kicked the door open, what she saw was a mess of man and woman. Abie's anger grew and grew, it crawled up her throat, to her tongue, to her teeth. She could just say sorry and go. 

"Get Out! You Fool! You Sleep With The Mother Of A Blind Girl, You Go Blind!" The man starred at her with his mouth wide open, Mrs. Moore's face lit up with embarrassment . 

Law, what have I done now?




"No! Mother! You Can't!" Cecelia's arms fling forward, she steps out of the wheelchair. "Cecelia! Sit Back Down!" Mrs. Moore's lip stick smears her face. Mrs. Moore turns and faces Abie, Abie kneels before her. Her head hanging in shame, she whispers "Sorry.." Cecelia's eyes are burning with tears that evaporate right when they fall. "No!" Cecelia screams. Mrs. Moore fixes her dress quickly then slaps Cecelia. Cecelia falls hard, banging her head on the wheelchair, Mrs. Moore stares at Abie, she wants to kick her so bad. Abie stares at the ground in terror, she had done it now. Disobeyed. 

Cecelia glares at her Mother or not, she doesn't know, she blind, she makes fists and gets up. She feels around, her head is aching for some reason. Maybe she is bleeding, Cecelia stumbles and falls and hits her Mother's back. "Cecelia-" she turns and Cecelia gains her balance and slaps her Mother back, feeling pleasure dance in her. "I Hate You! You Are Not My Mother!" Mrs. Moore feels her lip, it's cut. Cecelia was wearing a ring. Mrs. Moore stares in horror. Her own fragile daughter was doing the talking?

"Cecelia, y-you don't know what you're talking about..y-you're still-" Cecelia kicks her Mother, Mrs. Moore shrieks. Abie screams for Cecelia to stop, she jumps up and grabs Cecelia's shoulders, she turns her and hugs her. "C-Cecelia..-she sniffs, her eyes and nose red-I gotta go. Bye." she kisses her forehead. Cecelia mouth gaps open. "You Can't! You're my real Mama!" she screams, "No, no, babe, I'm not, you're real Mother is behind you.." "She is not my real Mama! Real Mama's care about their babies! And that's you! R-right...?" her voice shivers in fear. Abie bits her lip from crying more, "Oh babe.." she hugs her tight.

                                                                 To Be Continued.....

© 2017 Lucille

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