I did HURT someone!

I did HURT someone!

A Poem by MC (Aurora)

Past is not exactly a past... This poem is a past.


We have our own pains,

Everyone has their own pain,

Neither I nor you,

Know where it pains exactly.

Just it pains!


Does it pains in your chest?

Or even deeper than your Heart?

Does the deepest ends in your soul?

Or is there still something deeper than the deepest?

Do you know where does the bottom lies?


I don’t know, I don’t want to know,

Because, I did hurt someone,

This is my confession.

But would this confession,

Heal the scar the other heart got?


Why I was mad at another soul?

Why I was unconscious of it’s pain?

Have I lost my conscience?

How I went so rude today?

Why I forgot my limits today?


I was burning in anger,

That really caused burns on my heart.

I burned myself for I was so weak,

To feel that I have the worst pain within me,

Forgetting that there are more painful pains.


What could be more painful now,

More than losing your own self,

In the eyes of another?

What could be more painful for the another,

More than losing a friend, whom he admired!


I regret, I want to burry myself,

Somewhere in that deepest corner,

Where it pains the most.

I must regret for my wrong deeds,

Because the word “SORRY” isn’t enough.


Forgive me if you can,

Be kind to me if you can,

I don’t know what went over me,

Just  I know is, I am a worst friend,

Who doesn’t deserves you anymore.

© 2018 MC (Aurora)

Author's Note

MC (Aurora)
I am going to meet this person again... I agree, I did something really wrong but truly I never wanted to...

I want to be reviewed!

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i really empathize with this, you did a wonderful job describing the feeling of inadequacy and depression

Posted 4 Months Ago

No one means to hurt anyone. We as humans, being broken and proud in a way, always looks at our own pain and suffering, unknowing of our own words we speak or shout or curse. You are strong and very wise for admitting and opening up about this. Lovely poem. From the heart. I loved it. I love how you leave the reader wondering where pain truly comes from. Beautiful. I hurt someone before too. We all do. We have been hurt by others. Pain makes us say, feel, do beautifully corrupted things. Lol I hope you understand Everything I say. Much love,

Posted 5 Months Ago

Your poem goes on & on & on . . . but this reflects the way the tortured mind also goes on & on & on. I don't find it to be very entertaining to watch someone beat him/herself up for this long over something that seems to be over-dramatized . . . that is, I think this narrator is beating him/herself up too much for this situation, the way it is presented here, it does not convince me that such self-torture is justified. By the time we get to the ending of all this moaning, we are not clear what has actually happened between the two in this relationship. I'd like more clarity on what when wrong instead of so much moaning about how bad the situation feels. I guess some poems pour out feelings & some poems tell a story. I prefer to know more about the story details, I guess! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

the pain is in your soul,and you wrote it very well

Posted 5 Months Ago

It's like an open letter to yourself. Who you are inside and out. All of you basically. Heartfelt, honest and raw. Painful and sad even. But you are being true and sincere with who you are. And that speaks volumes. Bravo for your in-depth sentiments about yourself.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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MC (Aurora)
MC (Aurora)

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A Poem by MC (Aurora)

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