For the One He Once Loved

For the One He Once Loved

A Story by yuhee

A letter of Romeo for Rosaline. A letter of closure.


My sweet Rosaline,

Those days with you were my happiest. I learned for the first time what love is. You were my light that kept me from being swallowed by the dark. You were my everything that makes my world so bright.

I could recall the one time we decided to break some rules just to see the starry sky. There we watch, laugh, held hands and kiss for the first time. We were perfect like a puzzle can't be completed without each pieces. Everyday was a bliss. I can't imagine it will end until fate decided to play her trick.

Swiftly like a wind, she teared us two. I tried to fight for the sake of us but little did I know, you had already given up even before the fight could even start. You easily threw away that sliver of hope and left me without saying a word. Saying I'm hurt is an understatement but most of all I felt betrayed. Why? Tell me, why did you left? Why did you give up when we can still put a fight? I want to know why. You said love could conquer all but why is it ours so fragile it crumbled on its own? Was that a lie all along?

Soon I was succumbed by the great pain and was about to gave up life until I met her. She, who unlike you didn't shine the brightest. Unlike you, who were the sun, she was the moon. You two were total opposites like day and night. She is someone that wasn't my type but oh how playful the goddess of fate, I fell for her on the first sight. Then that was when I realized that we were just not made for each other, that we were not meant to be. Perhaps God had other plans for us which we had missed because we were so blinded for we were so in love back then that we couldn't see.

Oh Rosaline, I didn't hate you because I couldn't bring myself to but because I don't want to. You gave me so much happy memories I can't forget. Taught me things I will always cherish. You had been a part of my life for so long and no matter what, you'll stay as it is. I did not regret everything we did. My only regret was I wasn't able to convey to you how thankful I am to meet you and to be able to love you and be loved by you.

But dear Rosaline, there's so much in life so you must go on even it means you have to move on.Thank you for being with me like how we used to be. Our relationship might have change but our bond will never fade. Thank you for still loving me though I'm afraid I couldn't requite. I pray to God that you may find your happiness that you can't find in me. That you may find the love you deserve. Thank you for all Rosaline.



© 2017 yuhee

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Response of Romeo??

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Thank you for being with me like how we used to be. Our relationship might have change but our bond will never fade.

:) so beautiful...if only the ones it was written for could appreciate it :) ..nicely done dear..

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on September 3, 2017
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