And love is not one of them

And love is not one of them

A Story by yuhee

One morning she woke up thinking about all of her priorities and sadly, love isn't one of them.


She keep on asking herself when did everything started. Before he was nothing but a mere student, a mere acquaintance. But why? Why the hell is she having such feelings? She keep on telling her mind that it's just a delusion created her longing heart or perhaps it might be an illusion of wanting to find love. 

He is a sweet and charismatic boy next door. The one you would love to pamper. A good boy who always listen to her discussion and even asking questions she knew she could answer. Whenever he would see her at school, at street and even at home, he would surely greet her. That was just a simple camaraderie between the two so how did it turn 360 degrees all around?  It was just one day she find herself waking up feeling giddy because he was on her dreams. It was also just one day that among the sea of crowd she could find herself looking for his face. She would also secretly wait for his greetings for every chance their path would cross and be extremely happy to his every "Hi Ma'am" or every time he will call her "Ma'am Ma'am!" just to get her attention when she's busy walking heads down. She would find herself silently cheering for his run. She would also find herself feel a swell of pride whenever his mother would seek help for her or tells how his child would praise her as his teacher. 

Yes. She is his teacher. If you think there's a sharp pang in her heart at such word, no, there's such no thing like that. She is a teacher and as a teacher she knew how to live the expectations and responsibilities put on her shoulders to carry. Yes she's a teacher but her heart always reminds her that at the end of the day she's still a woman. Right there, the fight between brain and heart begins. All day and night the two would argue and she remains passive. Until one morning she woke up thinking about all of her priorities and sadly, love isn't one of them. And because of that she already draw a line between them that will constantly remind her not to cross farther. Yet she still allowed herself to fall deeper till she gets buried with the feelings she harbor for him.

© 2017 yuhee

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what happens next :) curious..

hope she doesn't get into trouble ;P

i have posted a story today, do check if you get time :).. story writing am not too sure , the way to express even if i have the story within me.. more difficult than poetry rambling.. :) i feel

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on September 7, 2017
Last Updated on September 7, 2017
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Altschmerz. Jouska. Nodus Tollens. ツ A pretty average girl with complexity and madness inside. Expressionism is ❤ I write to express. I like reading Dan Brown's, Mitch Albom's, Lauren .. more..

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