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A Poem by yuhee

A blind poet writes about the girl whom he only saw inside his mind. But was she, in truth not real?


Streams of memories flow down along Xin’an River
What I see are series of picturesque reflection of you
Both our happiness and sad days replay like a movie
And yet I seem can’t remember
Or did I just feign to forget?


A blind poet keeps writing of his love

Page after page filled with endearment

Like it was really him who spoke

Yet not a single thing was real


Even the sun bids goodbye and the moon rises

His aged hand won’t stop stroking

Overflowing with emotions he can’t contain

The words he wants to tell

Was it really from him?


Like the eclipse that stunned the world

My meeting with you also stunned me

Though the wisterias are in full bloom

Their beauty paled in your comparison



Reliving that enchanting moment

As if it really happened in the past

He writes about the girl

Whom he only saw inside his mind


Eyes shone like of that stars in the night sky

Her smiles so blinding like the sun itself

Right then I know I am doomed

I instantly fell


Every scenes that he picture out came from his head

A giant story book that tells a fairy tale of a long time ago

That it almost make him believe it was true

But is it?


Drowned in the sweet delusion he made himself

The poet continued writing all day and night

Never once he stopped for if he did

Surely that girl would vanish


Under the weeping willow was our tryst

We hug and held hands like there was no tomorrow

Afraid that it will be the last time

So we seize every chance like catching fireflies

Soon the candle was about to burnt

But even so, he will keep on writing

And as the pen carved the last word

So did his last breathe


Upon closing his now tired eyes which can’t see

Flashbacks begin to show one by one

A picture of him and the girl

Both of them were happy and so in love


Standing right on his front was the girl

Who he thought was just a figment of his imagination

Extending her hands asking him to hold

But how could he see her when he was blind?


 But Fate always make fun of humans

The more you love, the more she become cruel

And just like the rushing water of Xin’an

She took you away from me


A flower that has yet to bloom

Perished under the violent river

What was left is a written sonnet of love

And a young man who grieve and wail

Rain started to pour from his blind eyes

As the lost fragment has finally been found

The girl whom he write his poems for

Was the very same girl he did love in the past


Not accepting the death of his lover

He turned their memories into dreams and wrote it

All the words, all the scenes in the poem were his

It was all the blind poet’s story and promise


Along the autumn winds and zephyr

A lone man whispered through his prayers

Vows, promises and wishes to the Gods

And for the love he forever lost


Even a thousand years will pass

Even we would live a thousand lives

Only you and you alone will my heart seek

So while waiting for the couple Xian He to reunite

And for the moon and sun to become one

I’ll keep on singing these thousand love songs

Until in my next life, I meet you again 

© 2017 yuhee

Author's Note

Just inspired from a chinese song....

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Added on October 17, 2017
Last Updated on October 17, 2017
Tags: love, lost love, poetry, sadness, sorrow



XII, Philippines

Altschmerz. Jouska. Nodus Tollens. ツ A pretty average girl with complexity and madness inside. Expressionism is ❤ I write to express. I like reading Dan Brown's, Mitch Albom's, Lauren .. more..

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