To the stars and back to you

To the stars and back to you

A Story by yuhee

Someday, we will be together again as group of stars in the night. A birthday letter for my father.


Dear Papa,      

       There are lot of things I want to tell you but if I do, I’ll be spending thousands of papers to write it all. So instead I just opted to make it short.

       Happy birthday Pa! It’s the 18th birthday we celebrated without you. We can’t afford to have such grand party nor a cake all we can do is to send our heartfelt greetings by lighting a candle and offering flowers on your grave. But this time I want it to be different so I decided to write you a letter.

      Pa even though many years had passed, I still and would always miss you. I may have few memories of you but every single space of my heart is filled with your presence. Despite of knowing that you are already dead, I still can’t stop myself in shedding tears everytime I remember you. And despite knowing that you will never come back to life, a part of me hopes that when Easter would come where they say all the dead will rise, I’m hoping that I would get to see you. And when Christmas comes, I find myself writing a wish to Santa Claus to bring you as a gift despite knowing the fact that he was not real. But now I’m getting older, I finally understand that I will never ever see you again though stubbornly I can’t deny that a bit of me still hoping for a miracle. You may never come back yes that is indeed true but I know and I believe that you are always with me watching me as one of those sea of stars that twinkling and blinking in the night sky. I believe that you are there and everytime you are happy you shine brighter and when you are sad, you dim a little.

        Pa, you became a star together with the others that lit up our night when the sun decided to sleep. Because of you, the darkness I once very scared of when I’m a child is not scary anymore. Whenever I find myself lost in the darkness, I would only look up and think that you are there among the billions of millions of star watching me and everything will be alright. Ever since then, I came to love the night and it became my solace. For only in the night I could feel you closer.

       Pa continue watching me up there and if you see me being astray, help me to find the way. It will be a long time and you might be very lonely but please don’t get tired on waiting because someday, we will be together again. All of us will be together as group of stars that people would always look at night.

I love you Pa. Always and forever.

© 2017 yuhee

Author's Note

Today is my father's birthday so I decided to write for him.

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oh ! this made me cry and weep...

mmmm i know how it feels...
i lost my dad too few years before... guess we will never stop missing them...

your Pa. will smile reading this

Posted 11 Months Ago

Heart touching. I get emotional easily and reading anything about fathers makes me melt. This came from your heart, I could feel it.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on November 2, 2017
Last Updated on November 2, 2017
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