Half Moon Lute

Half Moon Lute

A Story by MPYuHee

'Thou seek me not in the land of white, yet love bind us tightly that thee noticed me not.'


For the sake of her, he withstood the piercing of a thousand swords. For the sake of her, he willingly gave up his years of training just to save her from death. And just for her, he is willing to extinguish his life just to see her unharmed. Everything he did was for her, she who was so pure and delicate like a newborn crane still not able to flap its wings and fly. And even this cost his life he never regretted once. Even he only has one life, sacrificing it for the woman he loves the most already worth a lifetime. As long as she is alive then his death worth it all.


Silently, she stood there watching life goes and pass by with aching heart. Her presence unnoticed by many but she was just right there waiting. Hundreds of year had past as she clawed her way to the top to become immortal just so she may see his reincarnation. She did not care for her being, for without him, she was nothing. Alas when she finally able to meet him, her heart broke. Why? It is because the man who became her reason to live, the man who solely had her heart for the long time, the man who made her endured all the pain and suffering to get the eternal life just to be with him once again no longer recognized her. Though the truth hurt her more any knife could, she watched him as he grew up into a young man under her ever watchful sight, never once revealing her presence other than the first time she saw him when he was a kid. Yet memories fade like how winter will come into end to give way for spring. Thus she held no hopes that he would remember her. But that was fine, as long as she could still watch out for him and keep him safe just how he did way back then. This time it’s her turn to shed blood. This time she would protect him so she continued watching from afar she never know, that he too, watch out for her in the distance.


'Thou seek me not in the land of white, yet love bind us tightly that thee noticed me not.'


© 2017 MPYuHee

Author's Note

Somehow I've been into Chinese music coz they are reallllllly good. So yes this is inspired of one of the music entitled Half moon lute.

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Added on November 6, 2017
Last Updated on November 6, 2017
Tags: story, music, chinese music, love, myth, tale, reincarnation, immortality



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