Brenda the Breakdown van has an adventure


Brenda and the large brown cow.


Brenda and the garage man are helping a little grey car which has stopped working. The Little Grey car had stopped working in a narrow country lane.


The garage man is talking to a man in a big hat. The man in the big hat is the driver of the little grey car. The garage man lifted up the bonnet of the little grey car and started to mend the engine.


Brenda loves the countryside. Brenda loves listening to the birds singing. Brenda was happy watching a pretty Butterfly when she noticed a large black and white ‘thing’ coming down the lane.


“Goodness me.” Said Brenda, “I wonder what that could be.” The very large ‘thing’ coming down the lane was Mable. Mable is a large brown Jersey cow. Mable had escaped from her field and was enjoying a gentle trot in the countryside.

“Parp Parp.” Said Brenda, trying to warn her garage man about the big brown cow. The Garage man and the man in the hat didn’t seem to hear her. Brenda said it again, much louder.

“PARP PARP PARP.” Said Brenda. This time the garage man heard her and lifted up his head to look at Brenda.

“I wonder why Brenda is Tooting her horn so loudly?” said the Garage man.

“Oh dear he’s looking the wrong way.” Thought Brenda, then she had an idea and started to flash her bright orange warning lights.

The Garage man was surprised and the man in the hat was surprised.


Brenda said “Parp parp parp.” Again. The man in the hat turned around just in time to see Mable the cow trotting towards them down the narrow country lane.

“Goodness me.” Said the man in the hat, “Look there is a large brown cow trotting down the lane. The garage man and the man in the hat moved around to the other side of the little grey car. As Mable trotted safely by, she said. 

“Moo moo, how do you do?” and then Mable continued to trot happily down the lane.


“Well done Brenda.” Said the garage man.

“Yes, thank you Brenda.” Said the man in the hat. “We might have been hurt if you hadn’t warned us.” Brenda flashed her orange lights and gave a little “parp parp.”


Quite soon the garage man had fixed the little grey car. The man in the hat was very pleased. As the man in the hat drove away in the little grey car, the garage man waved bye bye.


The garage man said. “Brenda, we must find the farmer and tell him about the big brown cow.”

“Parp.” Said Brenda.

The garage man drove Brenda to the farm. The farmer was very pleased to hear about Mable.

“Mable is my prize Jersey cow.” Said the farmer. “She gives me lots of lovely creamy milk.”

The farmer set off on his big green tractor and Brenda and the garage man followed behind.

Soon they found Mable resting under a tall tree. Mable was happy to see the farmer.

The farmer tied a piece of string gently around Mable’s neck. The farmer held on to string as he drove the tractor slowly back to the farm.


“Well Brenda we’ve had a busy day.” Said the garage man. “I think we should go home now.” He said.

“Parp parp.” Said Brenda as she drove happily down the lane.


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Added on February 20, 2017
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