For on a canvas once bare

For on a canvas once bare

A Poem by Magdelena

With love we can change all that's within if we just let ourselves see into ones soul...


Baby you came to me shy and bare

Your heart open and tender, painfully so
I held you, took you deep within me
Like a painting of fine art, I used my brush.

Strokes of many colored hues, I did then bring
Upon a canvas of white, you began to appear
A thing of beauty. Delight for ones eyes to see
Little by little I brought forth what I alone felt
My eyes seeing the hidden you, your love
That you tried so hard to hide behind, keep
Deep inside for fear of release, of pain?
Yet I kept on..Knowing your hues were special
Your love needing the warmth it so deserved
Each stroke brought out another trace of need
Each loving color brought forth desires held too long
Each movement took you further into your truth of you.
Now lies a canvas of bright, whirls surrounding all
Blending together to form one of distinction
Of purity and brightness of special quality.

I stand and stare..

Then smile...
For on a canvas once bare
Stood meaningless color
Now stands grandeur and love
Deep passion of lovely hues.
For you have become this canvas
And this canvas has become you. 

© 2013 Magdelena

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That was incredible. I always find it is hardest to think of an ending to a poem, and this really hits your message beautifully.
I love the image of the beauty increasing as the painter sees more into the person, as an initial view is just the surface and has no meaning or emotion, but when the body is filled in with all the truth about who they really are it becomes that 'deep passion of lovely hues'
Well done!!!

Posted 4 Months Ago

Intriguing piece, how love is used as art, painting away with each stroke layers of fear and pain. Passionate, just as an artist is for his work. You were able to build up strength and bring out true beauty.
I loved the image I got when reading this.
Excellent work!

Posted 4 Years Ago

This poem is very sweet to me, a story of love and finding out who you are with the help of others. I especially love the last line, "For you have become this canvas/And this canvas has become you." because it simultaneously enforces the metaphor used throughout the poem and gives the painting a physical form, like through the whole relationship the speaker has actually painted what they thought of their lover. Very nice work, made me feel content!

Posted 4 Years Ago

"For on a canvas once bare

Stood meaningless color

Now stands grandeur and love

Deep passion of lovely hues."

A very good poem...:)...............

Posted 4 Years Ago

I see someone bereft of color, they were taken in and loved and cherished which made them bloom and glow. Lovely thoughts, Maggie! Angi~

Posted 5 Years Ago

For on a canvas once bare
Stood meaningless color
Now stands grandeur and love
Deep passion of lovely hues.

For you have become this canvas
And this canvas has become you.

LOVE THIS! Such a beautifully penned poem, honest and heartfelt. One of my favorites!!

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thanks so much for such a fab comment... Hugs my friend.. xo

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