Where I'm From

Where I'm From

A Poem by Guardian Of The Lost

If I said I was from the realm, where anything is possible while that controller is in my hand, would you know where I’m from?


Where I’m from, I punch out and head home. The cool night air brushes gently against my face as I speed home in my 5.0 Mustang. She roars like a lion fighting for his life as the pistons chug ever so vigorously until I get home and put her to sleep.


Where I’m from, I walk in the dark, calm house and smell the yummy scent of popcorn. Walking hastily to my room, like a mouse to food, I sit down and power on that plastic interactive paperweight. I pick up the controller and start playing. As I walk around this dank, depressing world I see visions of true beauty off in the distance.


Where I’m from, it’s kill or be killed. If you’re not on your guard you will be swiftly defeated by the lost souls of the undead. If you don’t have patience and perseverance you will definitely fade away into ash. And oh how ash yearns to be flame again. We ache to feel that everlasting ember inside that fuels and empowers us. The warmth of the fire nurtures and guides us like the sun. Praise the sun.


Where I’m from the bodies are stacked high after I walk in a room. The death toll rises as I clean the blood from my blade and trek onward towards the Twin Princes. The putrid stank of molten flesh singes my nostrils as the bodies burn and the fires rage on like a thousand warriors. The smell is so rank it tastes like burnt rubber and rotted flesh.


Where I’m from, the wretched cries call out like millions of trapped souls clawing to be free. As I proceed toward the giant double doors, I open them and step into the church, where my real test begins. A giant figure crawls across the floor from behind the alter and draws his sword. He lunges toward me and swings his ghastly weapon with such might it knocks me down. As I get up I feel a sense of warmth, like when a loved one embraces you. I look down to see his sword has pierced my chest and I cry out “God Damn It! F*****g cheating a*s boss! F**k this game!”

© 2018 Guardian Of The Lost

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Added on March 8, 2018
Last Updated on March 8, 2018