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A Story by Makrix Mottle

The mists on the plains contain unknown horrors

As I sit here, scrawling these words on this parchment, I cannot imagine that anyone who finds this story will believe the account retold on it's pages, but I urge you, take these words into consideration.

Legends of unknown horrors wandering the late summer fog of the plains near my hometown go back centuries, but are generally accepted as old world lies to scare children, yet it is still somewhat of an unspoken taboo to stray away from the community and into the fog. Alas, such things do not stop a daring soul from traveling into the unknown. Whether it was courage or stupidity that drove me to come to the decision to go into the fog on that fateful night I will never know, but it doesn't matter.

It was on a Tuesday evening that the events began and concluded. I was sitting upon a rock, looking out at the fields. It was some time around nine P.M. that I saw the mist hanging low in the distance. I stood, stretching slightly, and began to approach the fog. It was tinted light blue, and seemed to stretch for miles. I approached the edge of the thick vapor. It came to my waist as I stepped in. As I walked, the fog grew around me, soon enveloping the whole area, rising far above my head. I could not see, I was completely disoriented. My breathing became heavy, I was growing tired, but I would not stop. I continued to wander, when I began seeing shapes moving around me. At some point, I heard a screech behind. Pivoting on my heel, I turned to see what was behind me. I saw a dark figure darting through the air, with what seemed to be shreds of fabric trailing behind it, shrieking a chilling scream. It swooped towards me, revealing a ghastly decayed face, eyes seemingly ablaze with hellish flames. It darted back up in the air, and out of sight, I could however hear its screams in the distance, getting consistently quieter. Another thing ran by me, glowing a shade similar to the mist. It was humanoid, but rather hunched. It darted by once more, before turning back and tackling me to the ground, Its thin skin glowing palely. It had small, black eyes, a hairless head, large, bat-like ears, and a small mouth with thin lips. It opened it's mouth to reveal huge, sharp fangs with multiple rows of yellow teeth seeming to go down all the way into it's throat. It lunged at me, attempting to sink it's fangs into my throat. I dodged and rolled away, throwing the thing to the side. It scampered away. I continued, shook by the recent encounters. The fog seemed to thicken. It was at this time that I came upon what brought truly to the brink of insanity. What lay before me in the mists, was a pit, an unfathomable distance deep, and seemingly a mile in width. Extending from this pit, was thousands of black tentacles, writhing in the air, dripping with an unknown substance. Hundreds of cat-like eyes lined the tentacles, spiraling towards the center. From the pit also came the fog, it's glow highlighting the dark mass in it's center. One of the tentacles reached toward me, wrapping around my legs, it tripped me, causing me to fall to the ground and black out. When I awoke, my legs, arms, and chest had severe lacerations, on my neck were two small holes, dripping with blood. The mist was gone, the creature in the pit was gone, but the pit was not. In front of the pit was a gravestone, with the name scratched out. The years reading 1416 - 1590.

I then went back home, still shaken from the night. I let my wounds heal, and began writing this. In the time it took for my cuts to scar, my left hand has turned a pale shade of blue, glowing slightly....

© 2017 Makrix Mottle

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The first sentence was a great hook to get the reader involved and to get the reader involved into reading further on.

You have penned some great image writing with this piece you have posted up. I loved how vivid it all was. I can see that you have spent time with creating the creature that lives in the mist and I can appreciate the details which you put into making this piece come alive in the minds eye. I would love for you to follow this up, as you have left it in such a way that many questions need to be answered.

Always been a fan of your work, always will be.


Posted 6 Months Ago

Makrix Mottle

6 Months Ago

Thanks! I really enjoyed writing this piece. Your comments always make me happy, thank you

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Added on June 30, 2017
Last Updated on June 30, 2017


Makrix Mottle
Makrix Mottle

I have always wanted to be an author, but have never thought I was really good enough to be successful. Once I finally got enough courage to share my writing, I got mostly good reviews soooo, that's g.. more..

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