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Shall we read a story?

Hello. Sorry, no visitors today. Oh, what's that? A story? Well, now. I do love a good story. How about something with a lot of chases and explosions? No? Well then, how about some rabbits? I know this great tale abou- no to that as well? I see, I see, then I know the perfect story. Don't worry, there is a rabbit or two if I remember correctly.

Now, a long time ago, on a little island you've never heard of in an ocean you could never pronounce, was a village of little importance. On the outskirts of this village lived a farmer, the farmer's name, Wae, son of Grey, son of Thon, son of Gil, son of so-on and so-forth. Now, I guess I could point out where the island is on a map, but it would just be in the middle of an ocean. In fact the only feasible map was drawn by the most intelligent man in the village, Wae's father, Grey. Unfortunately, Grey, while very smart, was not that much of an artist.

Wae's father's father's father's father's father's father worked the farm all the way back to the Dark Times. I don't have to tell you about the Dark Times. You know, back when those "Scholars" fooled around with forces beyond their control, shrouding the land in ash that lingered above the clouds blotting out the sun. Ash that quick;y turned the snow with no sun to warm the land. Snow that withered crop and culled livestock. Forcing men and kings kneel to those with food. Yes, those Dark Times.

Wae's family has worked the land since such turmoil, but how much longer can he hope to work the land when the snow and ash has long cleared? When there is little need for such an old family of farmers? Well then, let's find out.

© 2015 Matt G

Author's Note

Matt G
Felt a bit clunky. Still shaking off the rust.

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Added on December 13, 2015
Last Updated on December 13, 2015


Matt G
Matt G

Red Lion, PA

I write incredibly infrequently. Often get distracted by responsibilities at work and abandon writings. I apologize if I abandon something you are enjoying. more..

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