Sound Current

Sound Current

A Poem by Siddharth Roy



What a Beautiful World, with all its Joys and Sorrow, Light and Darkness,

Universally Balanced, Sun complementing the Moon, All the Ying and Yang,

Everything Perfect, even the Darkest Part of the Cosmos, well Equilibrated,

Perfectionist’s Play, played beautifully in The Divine Will, The Sound Current.


Somewhere in Grand Universe, tiny mote of Dust suspended in Sunbeam, Revolving,

Bluish-White Planet, covered with Blanket of Cloud’s, The Place called Earth, Evolving,

Thousand’s Civilization’s came, Thousands have Vanished, Still it Roll’s, never Dissolving,

And, you came too, thou shall be Departing, try to be more Loving, Hate need be Fading,


The Play Goes on, with all its Twists and Turns, A very Beautiful Poetry written by ONE,

End’s where it had Started, Rhyme’s with the Unrhymed, Having Seen Countless Sun’s.

Just try not to reason with Intellect & listen that Secret Voice, for Mind there is None,

String’s when got Pulled off, nothing stay’s, Same Box goes the King’s and their Pawn’s.

© 2016 Siddharth Roy

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This was poetry to my heart, mind and soul. Let alone eyes and brain. Exceptional beauty held within this tight bundle of heavenly artistry.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Siddharth Roy

3 Weeks Ago

This is one odd poem i think. Not something i expected from myself. But thanks for the appreciation .. read more
An excellent ode to our Earth, Life and everything in it.

Life, indeed, is defined by balance. Every action has its opposite reaction and every journey, song, birth, cycle, all that we can surmise, has its own conclusion. Whether we are guided by the "One" or guided by our choices and own destiny is a matter yet to be determined. For in our end we will most definitely have our answers.

A very philosophically musing write. Nicely conceived.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Siddharth Roy

9 Months Ago

You got it, Mate. Yes, life they say is the best Teacher. I myself have gone through a period of Dep.. read more

9 Months Ago

Well, i hope you overcome your adversary and come out wiser and happier on the other side.
liked every word of it :) It is beautiful :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Siddharth Roy

1 Year Ago

Thank you again. Hope you got the essence if it. =)
*Welcome to "Pure Rhymes" Thanks for joining, great to have you...!*

An ever-expanding look into the ethereal reaches of space, time, music and gods... But am I a pawn, or a box in a play... Always on repeat... Astoundingly magnifying... A well equilibrated verse...

Posted 1 Year Ago

this is good.......
nature has balance.......if you are finding an are not looking close enough.........
great message.....
good job!!!
i really like it!!!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Siddharth Roy

2 Years Ago

You are Spot on my Friend. Yeah, It's all about the Perspective. The Dualism. Everything is already .. read more
Pushkar Prabhat

2 Years Ago

you are could also be a ski......and we can just glide........... :D :D
Siddharth Roy

2 Years Ago

Oh Yeah, I hear you! It's just a Song that came up to my Mind. Lol.

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Added on September 2, 2016
Last Updated on September 3, 2016


Siddharth Roy
Siddharth Roy

Delhi, India

One of the greatest moments in anybody’s developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is. — Norman Vinc.. more..

Aaryan Aaryan

A Poem by Siddharth Roy

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