Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Mehameha

Primitive Culture


The circle moon pushed it's way above the rolling blackness of the elms, dividing earth from sky. Sharak preferred the moonlight to the blinding sun. The colors pleased his senses. The shadows seemed less separate. The world felt more as one, leaving only rhythms in the night to dissuade unwelcome motives.

Yari had followed Sharak. Her black hair gleamed in the moonlight. She watched him slip past the tender saplings and disappear towards the pile of large moss covered stones. His steps did not disturb the quiet chirpings of the nearby frigget. As she weaved through the saplings she peered toward the hidden boulders and realized Sharak was strangely missing. Where could he have disappeared so quickly? Like a skimmet, he was there, then in an instant he was no more.

From behind, a hand clasped across her mouth and she felt her back pressed suddenly against a strong body. Before she could move, her arms were pinned against her chest. She struggled but could not free herself from his powerful forearm. She felt her feet lift from the earth.

"Hahahaha." Sharak pierced forth with delighted laughter. Slightly releasing her, she spun in his arms with a look of displeasure, yet pleasing to his eyes.

"Don't you ever..." Yari tried to finish but quickly melted into his tender lips.

Lifting her knees Sharak pulled her sideways to his chest never parting his lips from hers. He glided to the base of the hidden boulders. Stooping to one knee he placed her body slowly across the fresh green moss. Falling to one elbow at her side he stroked her cheek and smiled, his eyes filling with the colors of the circle moon.

The crickers were never disturbed. They began to join the increasing cadence of the lover's hearts. Soon Yari could not hear them at all as they became a part of the whirling madness. Sharak lifted her shoulders from the moss pulling her to his chest, pressing her lips into his. He nudged his taut stomach closer as her breasts brushed his chest. Sliding his hand behind her lower back he raised his hips over her slender thighs.

She felt her passions climb pushing the circle moon higher with each breath. Sharak could no longer contain his desires. The doggins began their howling with increasing crescendo. Yaris wrists and fingers grappled across his back seeming to move without command. Soon all the senses became one. Desires yet to be named could not ignore or escape the rapture. As the doggin's howls blended to unison, Yari quivered and Sharak shuddered into the soft shadows of the circle moon.

"Wake up!" Kavik sharply bellowed kicking Sharak's foot. "We need to cross the river before light. The Ugarin are close behind."

Sharak slowly threw his arm back grasping his blanket with it. He raised himself to one elbow. Reaching to rub his eyes, he realized it was just a dream. " Kavik?"

"Yes, little man?"

"It is pleasing to see that as you have gotten older your timing has got better."

"What do you mean?" inquired Kavik.

"Never mind." Sharak sighed sinking back to the ground.

"You waste time! We must hurry!" Kavik insisted as he disappeared over the bank.

© 2016 Mehameha

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Added on July 31, 2016
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