Uneven Triangle

Uneven Triangle

A Poem by Melissa Hamilton

'Tell me now... What should I do?
Tell me how... which path do I choose?
Do I go left, or do I go right?
Do I stand to lose this fight?'

"Just follow your heart - it will lead you true
I'll be here to help guide you through
I won't push and I won't shove
But you should know, you're the one I love"

""You tell me one thing and then another
Your pain has spread - it pulls me under
If you stay, then I will wait
But if you leave, it'll be too late""

'My heart is lost and in shattered shreds
I feel you both pulling at my threads
I want to stay. I want to go.
I wish that I could simply know.
My bleeding heart is split in two
My veins run dry and my lips turn blue
Who can save me? What will be left?
Put your lips to mine and give me breath.'

"I will save you - you come first
I'll give you breath til my own lungs burst
I'll keep you safe, I won't let go.
Give me a chance, and then you'll know"

"I'll try to change if you'll just stay
But I won't survive it if you stray
I'll put you first, I swear I'll try
I've messed this up and I don't know why""

"I know you are afraid of this
But if you need just one last kiss
I will be here - I will wait
I will let you choose your fate
You're stronger than you'll ever know
So if you need it I will go
I will do all I can
I will give you all I am"

'Darling, please don't make this harder
I cannot choose - I see no farther'

"I will be here no matter what
No matter how you end this rut"

""You are selfish and this is cruel
You make me look like a simple fool
I want you here but this is dumb
You are making me feel numb
Could you please just make up your mind
I'm growing restless of this bind
I need my freedom - I need your help
I need you to ease this painful whelp""

'Do you not see the pain you cause?
Can you not see your sunken claws?'

""This is not my fault - this is yours
You have caused this flood that pours"" 

'And so I cry in waking hours
And in my sleep my mind's devoured
For I cannot leave the one that hurts
My weakness leaves me in the dirt
And I cannot choose the one with light
My fears and darkness take my sight
So I bleed - I'll wait for death
Or for the one who will give me breath.'

© 2018 Melissa Hamilton

Author's Note

Melissa Hamilton
For those who might find this confusing...
This is about a love triangle between a woman and two men. She is confused and cannot choose which man she wants most. The different quotations and colors show the different dialogue

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I have no words.....my voice is in my awe!! Well done!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Melissa Hamilton

2 Months Ago

Thank you!

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1 Review
Added on February 1, 2018
Last Updated on February 19, 2018