Life AFTER Death.

Life AFTER Death.

A Poem by Maria

This is for the AFter LIfe Contest.


            IS HEAVEN FOR REAL
                Who am I to say, if it is or it is not.
   I have not seen it,                        aside from the heavens above.
          The Sky is full of clouds               and color, and I wonder
       If heaven could be the same;                         Angels live in Heaven,
or so I was told.  The Bible, talks about a                place, that exists, beyond
       our own wildest DREAMS,                     and once we die, we go to either
   HEAVEN or HELL.  Many have opinions,                            of both these places,
           Some even say, HELL, is EARTH.                                       I am not to argue, 
     If you believe or not, what I          do know,          is          that I DO BELIEVE.

                                             Life on this earth, 
  Can be very short. Some are not even born,        before they pass away.
     Others, if lucky, can grow old, before moving                 onward to a new dimension.
   Life after DEATH, is a much discussed                          TOPIC, and many 
        Say this and that,                                                 but no one can ever AGREE,
                 To what is real and what is NOT.   Some say it is a DREAM, others call 
                         it a FANTASY, and who am I to say, it is not so?

                                                                 to take
                                                                  And it
                                                                  Not Ma-
                                                                  tter, if 
                    If young or old, poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy. When its time, there is no
                    escaping your DEATH.  So, if you are still walking, upon this EARTH, make sure
                    to LOVE and CHERISH each minute and second, that you have on THIS EARTH. Love your family, and your enemies. If facing trials, and you feel, alone, go and 
                      seek the Light of HOPE and do NOT give UP; If you fall, get back up, and make 
                      sure to LIVE and EXPERIENCE LIFE, as much as you can. If you have any LOVED 
                       ONE that has already left, do not fear, for they still LIVE in your memory and 
                                                               in your heart.
                                                                I have not 
                                                                seen the likes
                                                                of HEAVEN, yet
                                                                 I know that
                                                                 my MOTHER is
                                                                  there. SO I
                                                                   AWAIT to go
                                                                    to her, once
                                                                    my time comes.
                                                                    I have not 
                                                                    seen HEAVEN, but
                                                                     I have dreamed 
                                                                     of a place, full
                                                                      of WONDERS and 
                                                                      Beauty, that has 
                                                                      not been seen, 
                                                                      Here on EARTH.
                        We all shed tears, for many reasons, but if so, make sure, you do it, knowing
             that the ONE you have LOST, knew how much YOU LOVED them, while they were still ALIVE,
          And BREATHING.  Create MEMORIES; that will LAST in your HEARTS, forevermore and make the best
      OF your situation, and never give up, or stay put. FOR there is much to discover and do, while on this planet.
         So, after DEATH, what comes next, that is what many WONDER... I have dreamed, of a place, full of 
              MUCH GLORY and LIGHT.  And in this place, there REIGNS PEACE and LOVE.

                                               Many are gathered there, and within this PLAZA,
                                             FAMILY and FRIENDS are gathered there. EACH
                                              one greeting, another one in LOVE, and JOY 
                                              can be seen, in everyone's own EYES.  PEACE
                                               Is over abounding in this place, and our BODIES
                                               definitely are not the SAME, as what we have
                                               here on EARTH.  I have seen my MOTHER, walking
                                               down a path, surrounded by trees and birds are 
                                               fluttering about. A young boy, is with her, no more
                                                than 7 years of age. He is my brothers son. The ONE
                                                that was never born, ALIVE; He is with my Mother
                                                and they both seem to be very HAPPY and HEALTHY.
                                                    So, regardless of your BELIEF, I know that my Mother
                                          is looking forward to the day, in which we shall 
                                            meet again, and I will work on accomplishing my 
                                             own goals, for now, and wait patiently for my own
                                              time to come, in which I pass on from this LIFE to
                                               the NEXT.  And for those, that have had a brush with
                                                DEATH and still LIVE; I hope that they can share, what
                                                 they have been able to see or experience on their end.

              I look forward to the DAY, in which, I can reunite, with my MOTHER and other family members, that 
                have already passed on to a new LIFE.  EVEN though their bodies lay underground, rotting away,         their souls are no longer                                                                                              on this earth.
               So, I long for the day,                                                                                            In which we can
                                  REUNITE, and be TOGETHER ONCE AGAIN; All SORROW AND SADNESS shall be
                            F      O      R         G        O          T          T          E       N

                  Once my time                                                                                          For all that seek
                  comes, I shall                                                                                           Life after DEATH
                  Embrace Death                                                                                          know that it is
                  And beg him to                                                                                          there. Like a 
                  Take me away.                                                                                           Passageway, as
                   If I am mourned,                                                                                        the ONE shown
                   so be it, but I                                                                                              in Harry Potter
                   will no longer                                                                                              when SIRIUS is
                    worry of it.                                                                                                 killed by BELLA
                     And I look                                                                                                   And just as Harry
                     forward to                                                                                                   heard the VOICES
                     seeing my                                                                                                     of those that were
                      MOTHER                                                                                                       on the other SIDE,
                      once again,                                                                                                   I BELIEVE it shall
                       and being                                                                                                     be for all of us
                       able to                                                                                                          as well. So its up
                        EMBRACE                                                                                                       to you and no one 
                        her once again.                                                                                               else. 


                                            FOR     INDEED    THERE   IS    LIFE      AFTER       DEATH


© 2017 Maria

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Added on August 23, 2017
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Fairfax, VA

I write from my heart, soul and mind. Sharing both past and present trials, that I have faced and or am facing. I believe strongly in God and the Bible, yet I respect everyone's views. I myself am no.. more..

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