Unseen Voices of Torture

Unseen Voices of Torture

A Poem by Neeeks!

I sit here on this bed,
In a room still so strange,
Listening to the voices,
That echo in my head,
All the voices,
I had long forgotten.

Yours is there too,
Amongst all the whispers.
It's screaming,
Making it hard to hear the others,
All but my own.

The sun is shining through the window,
Staring me in the face.
My head is throbbing,
My eyes are burning,
From tears that stain my face.

Amongst the screaming in my head,
I can hear the pounding,
So loud on the bedroom door.
You're out there,
I can hear you now,
Begging to come in.

But you can't--not with the dresser in the way.

You say you're sorry,
You beg forgivness,
But the damage has been done.
Your intentions were good,
But your dedication was not.

Emotionally dead,
And physically dying,
The damage has been done.

Tell your parents,
I'm sorry for the mess.
I won't be here much longer,
You don't have to worry,
I called someone.
They'll come,
They'll take me away.

You can wash away our memories,
Like you'll wash away the stains.
But I'll keep the memories,
And I'll always bare these scars.

But don't worry,
I won't be here much longer.
I won't cause you any pain,
I'll take it with me,
Every piece of it.
You can live like you did before,
Before we met that day.

You're pounding louder,
Your screams,
They're growing desperate now,
But I know it's all pretend.

I realize this now.

My body is burning,
As I stare into the mirror,
It's all so clear,
In black and white.

My body is numb now,
But my heart is still breaking.
I can feel it shattering,
Piece by piece.

You swore you loved me,
You promised me eternity.
Where you lost faith,
In those three words,
I doubt I'll ever know.

Maybe you never had faith in them,
Maybe it was all charade.

But I'll never forget.
And while you move on,
I'll dwell in the past forever.

All my hopes,
The promised dreams,
Torn from my hands,
Right in front of me.

The sun is still shining,
But not for me.

It rains and thunders in my world now.

You were my sun,
But I got too close.
I trusted you,
But I got burned.
My sensitive wings,
Forever burned and frail.

I'll never fly high again.

As I stare out the window,
My body becoming weaker,
I see a car pull up.
People jump out,
Before it's even stopped.

I told you they'd come,
You don't have to worry,
They'll take me away,
To a better place.

Their promises are real,
Yours have proven false.

I can hear them in the hallway,
You're arguing,
Saying you can help me,
But it's a lie.

I look around the room.
Clothing everywhere,
Holes in the wall,
The broken mirror.
You did a good job,
If this is your idea of helping.

Just let them take me,
I know they can do it better.
I left them for you,
And they still came,
Came when I needed them most.

Let them take me now.

You'll never see me again.
I'll erase your emails,
Delete your number from my phone,
And burn the letters.

I'll give back everything you gave me.

I know you won't want the pain back,
So I'll keep it.
Keep it as a reminder,
A memory.
Just please,
Let them take me away.

Every second I sit in this room,
Another piece of me dies.
Now I'm begging you,
Not for an apology,
Nor your sympathy.
I just want to leave.


© 2010 Neeeks!

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Incredible imagery. Your artistic words ring through with emotion. When I wrote the poem "To My Mother" this is how I felt, I just couldn't spit it out on the page. Very Very well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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This is really great. You pulled me into the poem right from the beginning and the emotion throughout was powerful. It came across perfectly. Great structure as well. Keep it up.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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when they steal the wheel pop the tire

Posted 8 Years Ago

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This poem is amazing. Your words of disappointment were powerful. No wasted words in this poem. I like how you ended the poem. Take all the pain to leave you a reminder of the pain and disappointment. A outstanding poem. Thank you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Pine Ridge, SD

Hello, the name's Echo, but my friends refer to me as Neeeks, Echo-Neko, Echo-chan, Neko or Neko-chan... You get the point. I'm twenty-one, a vegetarian and have been writing for almost nine year.. more..

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