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Dear Whomever

Dear Whomever

A Poem by M

Dear Whomever,

                           Is this alright? That I write to you in this way. I don't know who you are, only that you exist somewhere in this great big world. You exist in my heart and in my mind and I see you in my dreams. I don't think that we will ever meet each other and for some reason that's okay with me. I wish I could tell you everything about me and I wish you would understand me. I don't think anyone will though. I'm a complex person with far fetched dreams and ridiculous expectations in life. Maybe that is why I'm so dissatisfied with what life has given me. I'm overly sensitive and attach myself to people easily but at the same time I'll push people away. Maybe that's why I'm so lonely. I don't understand people in the least bit and if I'm honest I don't really care to. Maybe that last line was too cruel to say to you. Then again you may not exist and these words will never be seen by anyone but me. 


© 2017 M

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Searching for the Spiritual Spouse, he lives so far, and so close. someone you cant touch, but you know he is real. Im getting some flash backs here.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

I don't think anyone has actually understood it in that way before, thank you for seeing it.
Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

1 Year Ago

Thats because we are writing to the same people, you should take a look at the Chronicles of a Spiri.. read more

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Added on May 21, 2017
Last Updated on May 27, 2017




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