I think I'm afraid of being alone

I think I'm afraid of being alone

A Poem by M

I think I'm afraid of being alone 
It's kind of ironic that I fear that 
Seeing that I am always alone 
I think I'm just afraid of the fact that one day
There will be people around who will look at me and turn away
Pretending that I do not exist
Maybe that's my fear 
The fear of being forgotten 
But I believe my fear goes far deeper than that
I fear that all the words that I write will be all that I have left
Maybe that's what I'm afraid 
Being left alone with my words and my mind  
I'm afraid of being alone and no that doesn't just mean having no one around
I'm afraid of being lonely in a room full of people
I'm afraid of the feeling of being alone more so then the very action of it
I have a lot of fears and maybe it's based on my childhood traumas
I spent hours locked away in my room as everyone laughed and talked in the living room
Left with nothing but my mind and my words and my loneliness
I think that's when my fear began to take form
The feeling of despair and discouragement 
I think what I'm afraid of is going back there
To that deep depression
Maybe my definition of loneliness is different then yours
I think I'm afraid of being alone 
And no not just being left behind  

© 2017 M

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Added on July 7, 2017
Last Updated on July 7, 2017




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