The Key

The Key

A Story by Andrea Mouser

Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. 20 chapters Whole book for sale::


Whole book for sale::

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The doors to hell are opening! Demons are wreaking havoc on unsuspecting humans all around the world. It's up to one girl and her angel to collect the Orbs of Humanity. Will her horrible experiences prove that humanity isn't worth saving or will love be enough to save the human race?


"But, Sir, she isn't ready yet,” exclaimed the woman.

"She will have to be ready. Watch her but do not interfere. You know the consequences,” the man replied as he tried to remain calm and unworried, as he watched the scene below him unfold.


"Reports of murders are on the rise all over the world. We remind everyone to remain indoors when the sun goes down and lock all doors. Safety is of the highest priority to governments all over the world. So please, be patient while your local police force deals with the situation," addressed the male reporter.

"This just in, Governor McNolty was murdered this morning at his estate. Along with everyone in the vicinity,” interrupted the female reporter. "Surveillance cameras caught this footage of the murder."

The woman in a cleaning outfit screamed as she ran away from the dark shadow that resembled a man.  The man waved his hand and slashed the woman to ribbons without touching her. The man then looked at the camera and let loose an evil laugh that sent shivers down the spines of everyone watching the scene as the video feed cut off into static.


"I didn't... I didn't realize it was this serious," empathized the woman.

"They are getting stronger and should not be able to attack during the day,” the man said to himself. He turned to the woman, “She is the only one who can save them. I only hope she will be able to rise to the task.”


One ordinary winter morning, a not-so-ordinary sixteen year old girl woke up to the sunshine peaking through her crooked blinds. She sighed as she sat up in her bed, sluggish. She hated waking up; not because she was lazy, but because it meant she would have to endure the horrible people who waited for her down the hall. She closed her eyes, rubbed her temples, and wished that she could be anywhere else.  Procrastinating, she got out of bed slipping her feet into her faded purple slippers and went to the window. Still tired, she opened the blinds so her eyes would adjust to the sun then she forced the window up and open. As she leaned her head out to look at the world below and wondered if anyone would care if she jumped, a bird flew into the window and circled her room.

She immediately screamed and chased the bird around the room with her pillow. The bird landed on the top of her dresser mirror, out of her reach. It was very beautiful she thought, but her alarm clock went off. Scared, the bird flew over her head, gliding close enough she could have reach up and touched it.  She screamed and flailed her arms in the air but the bird was already gone. 

She closed the window, just in time to hear her door open with a slow deliberate creak and then close. She swallowed nervously because she knew who was behind her from their heavy footsteps; it was the same every morning. She also knew it was best not to talk and just let what happened happen. She swallowed back her wild nerves as they jumped from fear. She closed her eyes as her body started to shake; afraid of what was to come next.

"Hey," he said. She stayed quiet, still shaking. Maybe if she ignored him he would go away, she hoped in vain. He stomped over to her and jerked her around. "Acknowledge me when I am talking to you," he yelled slapping her across the face. "You are a f*****g brat who needs to be taught a lesson," he spat, growling with hatred as he grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the bed. Tears immediately sprang to her eyes as he ran his cold fingers along her bare legs with a feather like touch. She whimpered as she looked away. She clenched the bed covers like a lifeline. He grabbed her face forcing her to look up at him. "Don't you ever look away from me. You know you like it," he said before he kissed her neck as if she was his and only his.

"Steven! Jackson! Hurry, you will be late for school,” a voice from downstairs yelled, which interrupted Jackson's kiss.

"Coming, Mom,” Jackson yelled in reply. He glared at her with disgust before getting off her and heading out the door. "We will finish this later, Little Sis," he promised as he walked out of the door with his backpack slung over his shoulder. She cried wanting more than anything to be far away.

RJ knew that she had to go to school, so she rushed to get dressed and then ran downstairs. As she was about to open the front door to catch the bus, her mom grabbed her by the arm. "Not so fast young lady. You need to go get some wood for the fireplace and take out the trash." RJ growled to herself watching the bus pull up. She was going to miss the bus... again.

"I'll do it when I get home, I have to go," she whined to her mom.

"You most certainly will not!" her mom replied. "You get your butt out there right now and do it. Your brothers will wait for you."

RJ rolled her eyes. "Sure, Mom," she said. She finally let go, satisfied with her answer and shut the door after RJ. Steven, the youngest of the three children, stuck his tongue out at his sister as the bus door closed. Jackson ignored her completely. She could not help but frown as the bus left. 

RJ ran straight into the woods behind her house and gathered as much wood as her little arms could carry without spilling onto the ground. She was not able to see where she was going very well but she knew if she brought back any less then her mother would be very angry.

She heard a chirp that caught her attention as she headed to the house; she looked up but saw nothing. A branch fell off the top of the pile as the bird flew over her head, causing her to trip over it. Scattering the branches and twigs on the ground. "You stupid bird," she yelled into the air as she threw a twig after it. There was no way she would make it to school on time now. She piled the branches back up leaving the twigs behind as she ran into the house and set them by the fire. She took out the trash out of the bin on the way out of the house.

"RJ!” yelled her mom as she stepped through the door with the trash in hand. "Start the laundry before you go!”

"Okay mom," she yelled back getting annoyed. She hurried back inside and threw her brothers' clothes into the washer. She started the cycle. "I'm leaving now!"

"What the hell are you still doing here,” yelled her mom from another room. "You better not be ditching school!" RJ shut her mom's voice out as she grabbed her backpack from the front porch and ran down the street to school. She hated her mom. She could never please her. RJ wiped away a stray tear as she continued to run all the way to school. 

Tomorrow... Tomorrow, she would wake up extra early to do everything her mom wanted. Then her mother would not have anything to yell at her for.

Out of breath and exhausted, she arrived at the steps of her school. There was nobody in sight, except for one poor soul. RJ glared at the bird as she walked up the stairs and it stared back at her with its head tilted sideways, as if curious. Once again, the bird's beauty caught RJ's attention, but then she remembered that this creature was the reason she fell this morning. She waved her arms at the bird, "Go away. You, darn pesky bird!" It, with great hesitation, flew away into a nearby tree. "Stop following me," she whined before running inside.

She hurried into her classroom through the back door, hoping she could slip into her seat without drawing attention to herself. Once she stepped into the classroom, there was a huge smacking sound as the teacher slapped a ruler against the white board. "Miss Schlusser!" she snapped, loud enough for the class to hear. "Why are you late again?" She did not wait for a response from RJ. "Never mind. I don't want to hear your excuses. Sit down. While the class watches a movie, you will write a five paragraph essay on how lateness will be the downfall of society." RJ rolled her eyes and sat down; sometimes, she did not understand her teacher.

She finished her essay before the movie ended and stared out through the window daydreaming, wishing she was running carefree in the snow miles away from her home town. She saw the same beautiful bird outside and laughed to herself, devising a plan. She turned to the front of the class and raised her hand.

"What is it?” asked the teacher.

"May I open the window? It smells over here." As if on cue, the other students sounded a chorus of "ew", despite there not being an odd smell anywhere in the classroom.

"Hurry up,” sighed the teacher. RJ smiled as she walked to the window trying not to draw attention to herself, eyes locked with the bird.  As she opened the hard to budge window, the bird scooted closer on the branch until RJ backed away. 

The bird flew through the window and around the room. Kids all over the room screamed and ducked as the bird flew around, coming close to everyone's heads. RJ tried not to laugh at everyone. She was starting to like this bird. The teacher looked up to see what the racket was. When she saw the bird, she also freaked out and dismissed the class early. As soon as everyone left the room, the bird landed.

"Thank you, Birdie," smiled RJ before she left the classroom, heading towards her next class. 

School seemed to last forever. She did not see her little friend for the rest of the day. She was beginning to get worried about the bird. Did they catch it?

The final bell rang, which came as a relief to everyone except for RJ, who did not want to go home. She wanted to be like that bird and fly away. 

With great hesitation to go home, she got up and headed toward the door. When she reached it, a boy with blond hair made her stop with a startle, not expecting him to be there. Three boys stood in the doorway. "Watch the door," ordered the blonde boy as he settled his sunglasses on the top of his head. His two lackeys walked outside shutting the door.

"Not today, Trevor," RJ said as she attempted to hide her fear. Why did I only attract negative attention?

"Not today, Trevor," he repeated in a mocking tone.  "You always crack me up, Ruby."

"I'm serious. Please, leave me alone," RJ begged as she backed up. Trevor grabbed her arm before she could go any farther. She did not want it to happen again; not by him nor anyone else. However, she knew that she could never escape the two monsters in her life who were responsible for the loss of her innocence.

"Where are you going? Don't you know I think you are beautiful?" he said pulling her close and rubbing his hand on her cheek.

"Please, stop," RJ begged as she held back tears. "Please, let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please...."

"You know that I like it when you beg," Trevor said. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held tight, pulling a few strands out in the process. "I love watching you squirm under my hands." He looked over her from head to toe as RJ tried not to shake. "I love having you all to myself. You know that I'll take care of you, if you take care of me. You wouldn't want to have those losers' hands all over you, would you?" he whispered.

RJ whimpered, she wanted to get away before the scene progressed into something more than just talking.

"Would you?" he said with annoyance in his voice. He pulled her head back enough to stress his point.

"No," she whined in a whisper.

"Good. I promise you that they are twice as bad as I am. They don't understand why I don't mark you as mine," he continued as if he was reassuring her. He eased his hand from her hair and ran his hand up the front of her shirt, "They think I should make it abundantly clear that I own you." He kissed her as if he could not get enough or control himself.

There were two loud, simultaneous thuds outside the door before it swung open. RJ closed her eyes and refused to open them again. Trevor turned around as he pushed her away. She fell hard on the ground.

"Unhand her!" an unfamiliar woman's voice ordered.

She rubbed her head as she got to her feet, she could a high pitch ring in the back of her head. She found herself eye-to-beak with the same red bird.  Confused, RJ continued to stare at the bird for a moment before it flew out through a window that had not been open earlier; or, if it had been, RJ had not noticed it.

Her head rang but she squeezed her eyes shut and shook it off. She needed to get home before her mother yelled at her again. She sighed as she headed home wondering where the three boys had gone and if her brothers made it home.  Even though she hated their guts sometimes, she could not deny her love for them at the same time.

She sighed and reached into her pocket. Her fingers wrapped around an object inside and she clutched it, as if it was a lifeline. She breathed a sigh of relief before she pulled it out of her pocket. She wrapped the chain around her neck. If she had lost her key, she would lose the one connection she had to her dad. She sniffled clutching the key before she inspected it. She could tell it was antique from the rust but that it was also well taken care of over the years.  She remembered, with acute clarity, the day her father finally gave it to her after years of begging.


"RJ listen to me, I know you are too young to understand but I need you to hold onto this for me. Don't ever lose it. It is very important. I trust you to make the right decision," said her dad kneeling in front of her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just give me it! Pwease!" RJ whined. Her dad sighed placing the key in her hand.

"Please Ruby, promise me," he said, as if he was entrusting her with his life.

RJ frowned. "I promise, Daddy."

He smiled at her, "Good girl."


RJ's dad did not live much longer after that. She had been too young to understand that he had cancer. He lived longer than the doctors expected. She supposed she should have been happy with the extra time they had with him, but it did not stop her from being angry. He had left her all alone. Her mom made her do everything now and lost her temper over the smallest things, including the fact that RJ looked a lot like her dad. Her mom told her often that she wished RJ would have died instead.

Her brothers also started treating her different. Steven, her little brother, had decided that their mother was right and it was RJ's fault their dad died, he too in his own way was evil like her older brother. 

Jackson, her older brother, had started treating her as if she was disgusting and only there to serve him. She had a feeling that the monsters that were her brothers had always been there and that their father's death had released them.

She was all alone in a world that hated her. She wished every day that she could have died right along with her dad, but fate had held her here. She could never bring herself to commit suicide. She told herself that it was her dad's way of keeping her safe since he was not there to protect her.

A familiar chirp came from above; it was that same bird. RJ smiled up at it thinking to herself that maybe this bird was another sign from her dad that he would always be there to protect her. Maybe, she thought to herself, the bird is dad.

She tucked the key in her jacket and ran home. A glimmer of hope shined in her eyes. She made it home out of breath, dropping her bag on the couch she hurried to her room and opened the window.

"RJ! You are late! Hurry and start dinner!" yelled her mother.

"Yes mom!" RJ tried not to let her mother dampen her mood so she set herself to the task of making a simple dinner consisting of green beans with macaroni and cheese that she stirred chunks of leftover ham into. To hurry herself along, she hummed the tune of her dad's old lullaby as she cooked. 

"Dinner's ready!" she yelled before she hurried upstairs to her bedroom to see if her bird had visited her yet.

"Oh, hi, RJ," said her little brother as a slow smile inched its way up his face making him look sinister. "Is this your little birdie?" he asked, turning around to face her. He held the struggling bird in one hand while he stroked its head with the other. RJ could see the bird struggle against his hands to escape. He stared at the bird, "You know, it would be so easy for me to squash this little thing... like a grape."

She tried to reason with him. "Steven, please! Please just give me the bird! You don't wanna hurt it."

"Why is this bird so special that you need to save its life?" he asked, still petting it. The bird stopped struggling. RJ became worried that it might have died.

"Because... Because it’s..." she was not sure whether to tell him it was dad or not.

"Steven! Jackson! RJ! Get down here for dinner!" yelled their mother, since no one had made it to the table yet. The bird bit Steven, making him release it and flew out the window.

"Little f****r!" cried Steven in pain. "I'm gonna kill it the next time I see it!" He glared towards the window.

"Please don't," RJ said as tears filled her eyes. 

Steven turned his cold eyes to her. That same slow deliberate, wicked smile crawled across his face as he stepped up to her. "Fine. I’ll have to settle with you. I’ll be back." He slammed his shoulder against her as he walked out the door. "Coming Mommy!" he yelled back to her as if he was a sweet innocent little kid before he headed down the stairs.

RJ wiped away a tear and shut her window. She immediately regretted leaving it open, but at least the bird seemed all right.

As RJ reached her door to go downstairs for dinner, Jackson walked by. "I'll see you later, Sis," he winked. RJ shivered as she watched him go downstairs. She wondered if she could sneak out after dinner but she knew the possibility was slim. She waited for Jackson to go down before she did.

Sitting at the table, she looked around at her family. Jackson sat next to her, but did not acknowledge her. Steven glared at her from across the table. At the end sat their mother, looking at her with sad, hateful eyes. RJ frowned; she could not make anyone happy.

"Ruby, your teacher called. She said that you were not only late to class, but a disruption to their learning environment as well. Now, I've talked them out of suspending you, but I expect more from you, God knows why I even did that... Stop being a burden to your family."

"Yeah, RJ!" Steven said drawing it out as if she were stupid.

"Steven, eat your peas--I mean green beans," their mother chided with a small smile.  She turned back to RJ. "I don't expect much from you, but you need to learn to get your chores done and be at school on time."

RJ rolled her eyes while her mom was not looking, "Yes, mom."

"I heard some kids got beat up today outside of RJ's last class," said Jackson as if it was no big deal, around a bite of ham.

Her mother immediately turned toward RJ, "Did you hurt those boys?"

"No! Of course not!" RJ cried.

"Don't raise your voice at me!"

"I've never hurt anyone in my life!" she sniffled.

"RJ. I'm tired of your lies. Go to your room right now!"

"But what about dinner?" she asked.

"What about it? We are going to sit here and eat it all while you go to bed," she said as Steven scooped her food onto his plate.

"Dad would have never let me go to bed without dinner," RJ muttered. The table got quiet as both of her brothers and mother stared at her. After a moment, RJ's mother stood, walked around the table, and slapped her.

"Don't you ever talk about your father in this house again, you stupid brat," she yelled. Her mom whispered under her breath, “I never loved you.” RJ growled to herself before she went to her room without saying a word and flung herself on her bed, muffling her cries. I never loved you.


"I'm sorry, Sir! I just... I couldn't bear to see her get hurt!" cried the woman trying to make the man see the right in her actions.

"It's too late for sorry. I warned you about showing her your true form! I hope you understand the consequences," said the man watching the horrifying scenes growing in numbers. "Time is running out for Earth. Bring her to me in two days' time. Until then, you are not to intervene under any circumstances."

"Yes, Sir," she said feeling defeated.

"They are stronger this time around. That is the only reason I enlisted in your help. You are the only one who can help her see that humanity is worth saving because you are her soul-mate."

"Yes, Sir," the woman repeated, feeling downhearted.

"Report back to me in the morning," the man said.


After crying into her bed for a while, RJ dried her tears and changed into her pajamas. She stood in front of the mirror and stared at herself.

She was somewhat short, standing at only a couple of inches passed five feet, and had a slender build. She had long flowing black hair, which she ran her fingers through absentminded. Her sky blue eyes were bloodshot from crying. She had light freckles that went from cheek to cheek, and used her nose as the bridge between them. Her perfectly proportioned lips turned down in a permanent frown. Her slender neck had a slight bruised from this morning.

She grabbed a white ribbon off the mirror and tied it around her neck in a bow to hide it. She took off her necklace and placed it against her heart. She was wearing a white vintage looking knee length nightgown with sleeves that hung off her shoulders. The dress laced up the back and had ruffles at the bottom of dress. Her fingernails had specks of fingernail polish from the last time she painted them. She wore white ankle socks on her small feet.

She sighed sitting on the bed. RJ did not think that she was pretty and only saw a cold and broken heart in her pain-stricken eyes. She stood up and pulled her gray sweats off of the mirror and pulled them on under her dress then sighed climbed into bed. Hearing her stomach growl, she turned over turning off the light and covered up. She set the necklace in the drawer of her nightstand. "Goodnight, Dad," she managed to whisper before she fell asleep.

It was close to midnight when she heard her door open. Was it Jackson? Or was it Steven here to kill her? She was afraid to find out. She took in a deep breath and tried to go back to sleep. Her door shut as she heard the floor creak as her brother walked closer. He flung her blankets off her as car drove by letting the dim yellow light  dance across her slender body.

Jackson smiled at the sight of her. He was holding some rope and duct tape. "I'm tired of you fighting back," he said. He tied her hands and feet to the bedposts so that she lay there, spread-eagle and open to him after he yanked her sweats off. He duct taped her mouth, squeezing her face too hard. "You deserve this, Little Sis. Don't you?" he asked, his voice vibrated with rage. RJ whimpered trying to break free. "Shut up, B***h! Take what you deserve!" He slapped her. 

She held back her tears. She did not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She closed her eyes as she tried to block out reality and waited for the torment to be over. She hoped by some small miracle that her father would burst through the door and rescue her.

RJ watched her brother leave the room to go to the bathroom. She had struggled enough that her ties were loose enough for her to get free. She sat up, careful to be quiet for fear he would hear. She ripped the tape off and headed to the window.  She needed to escape. She stood there for a minute feeling wobbly and sore. 

She took a deep breath before she climbed out the window and down the tree, thanking God that the tree was so close to the house. She looked up at the window scared that she had not escaped in time. She ran, as fast as she could. She knew he would be after her soon and needed to hide but where, everything was so open around here with no place to hide. She scanned the area and spotted her bird. "Help me, Daddy? Please?"

With that, the bird swooped down from the top of the house, and came within a few inches of RJ's head before it flew into the woods. A thankful grin spread across her face as she ran behind the house but it was soon wiped away when she heard the back door of her house slam shut. RJ looked for the bird, hopeful, but was unsuccessful. She let out a quiet growl and dodged between the sparse trees. She refused to stop until she was in the thick of the forest.

Finally she stopped. RJ pressed her body tight against a tree and held her breath. She concentrated on the sounds of the forest and listened for any hint that her brother had followed her. It was only once she was sure that Jackson had not followed her that she exhaled the breath she held. The forest was dark and dreary and made for a great place to hide, however it was impossible to stay quiet because of the dry leaves, rotten sticks, and countless twigs. While the moon was high and bright in the sky that night, under the thick trees it filtered down to a dim light that left the forest with a gray and somewhat smoky glow. Through the dull light and the shadows of the twisting trees, the forest seemed so alive, yet dead. The naked trees seemed to be twisting out, reaching for her.

"Don’t be stupid," she whispered to herself. Her body was still pressed against the cold rough bark. She could hear a wailing carried in the wind and, with it, the sickening stench of rotted carcasses. She frowned unsure which was scarier, her brother or the forest. The bird flew to a branch above her head, chirped then flew deeper into the forest. RJ took a deep breath. The forest had been a lot nicer and welcoming during the day.

Peeling her scrawny body from the side of the tree, her feet dragged her abused body further into the darkness to hide deep within the trees. The eerie sound of the wind howling through the trees made RJ shiver, but nothing was more frightening in that moment than the large branch that crashed to the ground behind her. Terrified she ran as fast as her feet could carry her. 

She stopped, out of breath. Her heart was beating fast as she tried to calm down. The night was heavy and humid; it created a layer of fog that tickled her bare legs. There were so many sounds in the forest; there was an owl in a nearby tree, but it was the rustling sound behind her that let loose a sob of frustration in RJ and made her run again.

Exhausted, she was ready to give up and let Jackson catch her. She was on the verge of giving up and letting him catch her. She looked back to see what was following her and tripped over a log in front of her. She fell forward and hit the ground hard as her sleeve caught on a branch and tore off. A gust of wind brought a new wave of fear and goosebumps as she heard the howl of a wolf in the distance. RJ scrambled back to her feet and propelled herself forward. She urged her tired feet and legs to keep going. She would not die tonight, not from a wolf or her brothers.  She wished that things could have been different and that she would have ran away long ago and never come back.  She wondered if she should do that now.

Finally, she reached a clearing.  She stepped on a branch as she stepped with a light foot into the clearing. She howled from the pain. "Why? Why me? What did I do to serve this?" her voice croaked as she yelled up to the heavens, though she was really asking herself. She gulped back the tears that threatened to fall before sucking in her breath and screeching in desperation.

Dropping to her knees RJ brought her arms to her head, cradling it as she pressed it to the moist ground of the clearing. She curled up on her side finally able to let the tears fall. RJ sobbed and rocked until she fell asleep.


A strange tickling on her shoulder jolted her awake. As she sat up, she heard the flapping of wings and groaned.  "No," she grumbled as she pulled herself to her feet. She tried to brush off the dirt and debris from her nightgown but only managed to make a bigger mess of it. The brightening sky made her heart sink. "I am in so much trouble." She dragged her frozen feet as fast as she could through the woods. Shadows stretched and danced over her body until she finally reached the edge. 

A hopeful smile appeared on RJ's face as she reached the house. The sun was not all of the way up yet, letting her know that it could not be later than seven. She knew her mom would not be happy knowing she had been out all night.

She stopped to gather as much wood as she could carry and hurried into the house. RJ lit the fire, swept the floor, washed the dishes, and started the laundry before she made everyone a breakfast consisting of potatoes and eggs. Feeling satisfied with herself, she hurried upstairs trying to be as quiet as a mouse. 

She stopped outside her door. Would Jackson be waiting for her? She gathered her courage and opened the door, as she let out a breath of relief. He was not there. She hurried and grabbed her school clothes, shoving her muddy nightgown deep within her laundry basket to hide the events from that night.

She ran as fast as she could to the bathroom so no one could see her in her underwear. Once inside she meandered in the shower, letting the water wash away the dirt, her worries, stress and her fear. She rinsed her hair trying to get rid of all of the leaves she did not know had resided in it. Once she thought she was turning into an old lady with her prune-like fingers, she turned off the shower wrapping a light yellow towel around her. 

She peeked out into the hallway and saw no one. She scurried into her room shutting the door. "Hello RJ," said a familiar voice from inside. RJ did her best not to scream.  Jackson was sitting on her bed, where he had been waiting for her.  "Look at me." RJ looked at him trying not to show her fear as she pulled her towel tighter around her body. What will he do to me knowing that I ran away?

Jackson was a few years older than she was. He used to have dirty blonde hair before dad died; now he kept it shaved off. He had deep blue eyes and faded laugh lines from their younger years. He was wearing a buttoned up red plaid shirt with blue jeans and tennis shoes. "What, Jackson?" she asked, scared of what he wanted from her this time.

Jackson looked at her with a brief look of sadness before standing up and walking toward her. She moved to the side, as he got closer. "I miss dad," he mumbled to himself before walking out the door. RJ stood there dumbfounded. She was not sure what had just happened. She stood there for a little while before getting dressed into her school clothes. She sat on her bed staring out the window at the bird that had become a permanent character in her life.

The bird tilted its head, examining her. She seemed to always wear blue jeans and a baggy shirt; paired with an old sweater. The bird wondered if there was some way it could help her get her confidence back. RJ opened the window, leaning on the windowsill she asked the bird, "Dad, what am I going to do?" She heard a rustling outside her door and shut her window. She hurried downstairs to eat breakfast with everyone else.

Everyone ate, silent for once. When Steven and RJ locked eyes, he ran a finger across his neck; he was still plotting his revenge. She was not quite sure why he hated her so much. It could not only be because he thinks I am the reason dad died she thought. Maybe he was just evil. 

She scarfed down her meal, but her mother still left the table before anyone else. Her unusual silence may have been because it was the anniversary of her husband's death. 

RJ went to swap the laundry over; as she finished up, she could hear her mother crying in her room. RJ felt helpless but she wanted to help somehow. She opened the door, hesitating,  and walked to her mom. Placing her hand on her mom's back she whispered, “It will be okay, Mom."

She clenched on to RJ’s wrist and looked at her. "John?" she mumbled to herself through tears.

"No Mom, it's RJ."

"RJ?" her face changed from sad to angry as she squeezed her wrist more. "What are you doing in here!"

"Mom, it’s okay to be sad. I miss dad too," RJ said with tears in her eyes.

"How dare you tell me it’s okay!" she yelled standing up. "How can you miss him! You took him away from me, you B***H!" She slapped RJ hard across the face. "Leave me alone!"

RJ ran from the room crying, hurt physically and emotionally. I didn't take dad away. RJ gathered her stuff together in time to make the bus for once. She sat there trying not to cry as it headed for school. She sat alone listening to the shenanigans of the bus riders. She peeked over the bus seat at her little brother in front of her. Steven was scribbling a picture of two stick figures. The one labeled 'Steven' was in the process of killing the one labeled 'RJ'. She sunk back into her seat. She did not want to be alone with that boy. He scared her more than Jackson and Trevor did.

She hugged herself wanting to crawl under a rock and die. Would Trevor and his friends be there today? They weren't the ones who got beat up, right? RJ did not know what to think so she tried to focus on something else. 

The first thing that popped into her head was her mother yelling at her that she took their father away. RJ frowned. They had been planning the trip for months. She did not know he was sick. RJ liked to think that if she'd known, she would not have gone on the trip with him.


"RJ, wake up," whispered her dad shaking her, so he did not wake anyone.

RJ shot up like a rocket, "I'm here!" Her dad laughed to himself as she fell back down trying to go back to sleep.

"Come on sweetie; we have to go now if we want to beat the traffic," he said as he stood up.

"Where to?" she mumbled half asleep.

"The lake house, of course."

She threw off her blankets and stood. "The lake house!" she cried out, ecstatic.

Her father shushed her. "Don't wake your brothers," he said with a sad smile.

She hurried to get ready. They were gone before sunrise.


Her dad had always loved taking her fishing for the weekend. They had not been in a long time. RJ clenched her eyes shut to hold in her tears and let out a little whimper. Her dad died on that trip in her arms. She understood why they blamed her for his death. She blamed herself too. She tried to remind herself that it was not really her fault. She  looked out the window trying not to cry in front of everyone. She wiped away a stray tear and wondered to herself whether that bird was really her dad or not. Maybe he could give her a sign that she was not to blame and that everything would be okay.

RJ hurried off the bus with everyone else. Once she stepped off the bus the kids behind her, pushed her. "Move faster Numb-nuts!"

The crowd parted and there stood Trevor followed by his posse. "Don't touch my woman!" he bellowed, moving closer. The kid behind her ran away. Trevor wrapped an arm around her shoulder as if her was showing the world she was his, which caused her to shiver in fear. He had never made it publicly clear that she was his. It scared her. RJ looked around meeting Jackson's eyes. He shook his head and walked after Steven who was running inside with his friends. "Come on, Ruby, let’s blow this joint; these losers are cramping my style," he said as he pulled her towards the parking lot.

"No," she whispered to herself, as she tried to gain her courage. She stopped standing her ground making him look at her, vexed. She took a deep breath before trying again. "No. I will not go anywhere with you!" she yelled trying to get away but he only held his grip.

"You don't mean that Ruby," he smiled caressing her cheek thinking of the things he wanted to do to her. Trevor was not a bad looking person. If his personality had not lacked kindness, she might have had a crush on him. All the other girls did; they loved his short curly blonde hair and his well-toned muscles. However, RJ saw past his cocky grin to his possessive nature. She was afraid he would make her be with him forever. She was afraid she deserved it. She decided to stand up for herself. Somebody had to. Right? The bell rang as the rest of the students made it into their classrooms, leaving them alone.

"I do mean it! Get your hands off of me you possessive jerk!” she yelled at him. He laughed patting her face as if she were a dog.

"You think I'm possessive?" he asked. RJ nodded unsure if she should have even opened her mouth. He smiled then pushed her towards his two friends, with such force that it knocked her off her feet and sent her backwards. "You heard her! Let’s show her how possessive I can be!" He laughed as the two boys grabbed her arms. He stepped closer. "Maybe I'll let you two join in on the fun." 

He turned back around and headed to the back of the school. The boys carried her by her arms after him. She kicked and cried to no avail. They carried her to the equipment shed that was in the farthest of school.

Trevor pulled out a cigarette as he leaned against the side of the shed. He pressed the filter end between his lips, a smirk growing around it as he pulled out his lighter. He tilted his head to the side and cupped a hand around it, covering his face momentarily as he lit it then shoved the lighter back in his pocket. Taking a drag on the cigarette, he watched RJ as if he wanted to read her mind. Finally taking the cigarette out of his mouth holding it at chest level while he stepped towards RJ. Before she even had the chance to say anything he pursed his lips and blew the smoke out on her face.

One of the boys let go of her and opened the shed. "You really should quit smoking."

Trevor laughed, "You think?" He eyed his cigarette almost as if he could not fathom the idea.

"I heard it was bad for you. Like really bad. Shortens lives," chimed in the boy still holding her.

Trevor smiled taking another drag of his cigarette, "Ruby, you don't want me to die do you?" She thought long and hard. Yes I do.  Rot in Hell. 

She knew what answer he wanted. She also knew she really did want him to die, so that she would be free from his cruelty. She had taken too long to answer. The person behind her tightened his grip and shook her. 

Trevor stepped closer as the other boy disappeared into the shed. ""Do you?" RJ gulped shaking her head no. "Good. Hold her still," he smiled with a devious plan plastered to his face.  The boy held her tight as Trevor pulled out her hand. "My sweet Ruby. I need you to help me quit," he said trying to sound as sweet as possible, staring in her eyes and stretching out his fingers as he took her hand into his. He tugged her hand up then turned it so it was palm up in his. With his other hand, he twirled the cigarette and pressed it between his finger and thumb. His hand gripped hers tighter as his other hand moved to press the lit end of the cigarette in to the palm of her hand stubbing it out with as much pressure as he could.

RJ’s eyes grew big and watery as the burning pain engulfed her hand. She tried not to scream, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip to stop the sounds from escaping. The pain seemed to only grow. She opened her mouth in agony, her breath getting caught in her throat as he shoved the butt in her mouth and used his hand on her jaw to push it closed. 

"Come on Ruby. I don't like being mean. Do me this solid and help me quit. Eat these... Eat these so I won't die," he said shaking the box in front of her. She let the tears fall, moving the cigarette around her mouth so the warm end did not hurt her. It tasted awful and she scrunched her nose. Her hand was still in excruciating pain, but she tried to ignore it. "Be a good girl. Don't spit it out. I want you to put all of these in your mouth until I say that you can spit them out," he took the box and smacked it onto her hand causing her to yelp in pain. She cried, not afraid to show him her weakness. She did not want to do this. She tried to fall to her knees but the boy behind her held on with a bruising grip.

RJ looked up at Trevor as tears spilled from her eyes. "Please, Trevor," she begged. She looked him in the eyes and tried to see past the shield he had up. She hoped that he would see how wrong this was, but she could only find more hatred in his eyes.

"Do it, Ruby," he urged. "Save me."

The boy behind her moved his hands so that he still had his grip tight, but now she had more movement in his arms.

"No..." she whimpered.

"No?" he cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head, shocked that she was  still fighting back.

"No," she replied with more confidence.

He put on his sweetest voice and moved his lips to her ear. "You are mine, Ruby. Mine. Do you know what that means?" He lowered his voice, talking with a growl now. "It means you will do as I say or you will get punished." He pulled his fist back and slammed it forward landing it in the center of her stomach. 

She tried to curl up but could only manage leaning forward before the boy behind her pulled her back and yelled, "Eat!"  

Her hands were shaking as she opened the pack and took one out. She broke it in half and held the two pieces together. Her lips parted and she pressed the pieces between her lips joining the soggy butt that was against her cheek. Taking out another one, she did the same and used her tongue to push them around her mouth.

The boy behind her slapped her over the head. The loud sound caused Trevor to scowl at him. "Chew," the boy ordered. She looked over her shoulder then back at Trevor, unsure who was really in control. He nodded agreeing blindly with his friend. 

She chewed, scared of what would happen if she did not.  It  became soggy as her mouth filled with the vile taste of tobacco and nicotine. The longer she chewed, the stronger the taste became. 

Unable to continue, RJ gagged and sputtered. She threw her head forward as she spit the cigarettes out. "I... I can't!" she sobbed. Trevor grabbed her arm by the elbow and dragged her inside the shed where the other of Trevor's crew was seated on a mat in the center of the room. Most of the equipment was against the walls, except for a tumbling mat on the floor with two benches on either side. 

The boy sitting on the mat held pieces of rope taken from the tennis nets. His lips curled at the corners in an evil grin as he thought of what was to come. This boy had short jet-black hair and was equally as muscular as the other boy was. Trevor was the smallest of the three. This boy's name was David Reed. The other boy was Mark Wahle, she remembered. She scolded herself for thinking of useless things at such a crucial time like this one. She needed to get out of the shed before the unthinkable happened, or they closed the door. 

She wiped her eyes on her sleeve then tugged her arm away from Mark while talking with David about family members they had lost to smoking, left him distracted. She then flung her arm  around Trevor's shoulder, her other arm wrapped around his neck resting lightly on his shoulders so that her hands hooked together behind his neck. "Trevor baby, I only act up because I love you... have you never heard that saying before, 'You hurt the ones you love'?" Her fingers gently tickled at the back of his neck as she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. 

She hated what she was doing but if it meant that she would stand a chance of getting away then she had to try. She pulled her lips back from his and reluctantly placed little kisses along his jaw and up to his ear. Her lips parted and she tried to swallow the lump in her throat to whisper, “I want you, Trevor. I want you right now but you alone. Please don't share me with them." She frowned at that last part. She knew the other boys were far more violent with women. "I only want to be yours." She thought back the disgust she felt as she began to grind her body against his, provocatively.

Trevor turned his head towards the boys on the mat that had joined to sit and stare at the sight unraveling before them and yelled, "Out. Now!"

"But...What about our plan...," complained Mark.

"I don't need it. Out," yelled Trevor getting frustrated.

The two boys  pushed themselves up and scuttled out of the shed. RJ kissed softly down his neck letting her tongue flick across it before stepping back and letting her arms drop to her sides. She nodded over to the mat on the floor with her best fake smile she could muster, "Lay down?"

"Sure, beautiful," he said before kissing her hard. He watched her unsure whether she would run as he walked over to the mat and lay down. She moved over and knelt next to his hips. "Close your eyes," she said biting her bottom lip, hoping her plan worked. He closed his eyes, expecting her to be a good girl and please him. Instead, she pushed up off the floor, swiveled on her heels and ran. She ran to the open shed door and out.

"NO!" she screamed as Mark and David grabbed her by each arm, who to her surprise, decided not to go far and were still standing on either side of the shed door. They lifted her up and carried her back with her toes barely scrapping against the floor. Inside, Trevor tapped his foot. He looked angry as he waited for her. He stood by the mat with the ropes in his hands.  "Take her jacket off," he ordered with a steady unnerved voice. The boys followed his order before dragging her over to him, shoving her on to the mat. Trevor tied her feet to the bench at the bottom of the mat, while David held her top half down.

She heard the scratching sound of the metal door closing. She  sat up enough to see Mark closing the door. She cried trying to pull away from Trevor and David but David held her fiercely to the mat so she could not sit up any more.

"No! Anything but this! Please!” she cried as she tried to wiggle out of their grips. The light from a small plastic skylight in the ceiling was enough to see clearly.

"Behave yourself, Ruby,” said Trevor quietly. She cried openly in response.

"I told you. Trevor, it's time to mark her as yours. That way she knows who is boss," Mark said.

David stood up letting Mark take RJ's arms and tie them together to the bench above her head, "He is right. You should have done this sooner. Now she thinks she can defy you without consequences."

Trevor let go of her once he finished tying her feet to the legs of the bench. Once again, she found herself open to attack. Thinking long and hard he finally said looking up at David, "What do you suppose I do? What did you do with Angela? She behaves nicely."

"Yeah, you did wonders on that b***h!" said Mark touching RJ's face making her shiver. 

"Please...,” she whimpered desperately, knowing her cries were hopeless. She let out a loud scream in hopes of someone hearing her and coming to save her but hand over her mouth cut it short. 

"Shut up," Mark growled at her. "David, we need to tame her like Angela. For the sake of the group."

"Well you need to mark her as your own then. Let her and all the others know that she is yours and only yours," he replied, his famous sadistic smile spreading across his face.

Trevor’s lips mirrored David’s as he moved over her squirming body. The squirming was soon stopped as he moved to sit on her hips, keeping her still as his hands rested on her shoulders. He ducked his head down and forced his lips roughly upon hers in a harsh kiss before letting his head swoop down to her neck.

"Mine," he growled to her, his hot breath hitting her ear. "Mine," he repeated as his lips pressed to her neck covering it in rough scratchy kisses. Her fingers wrapped around the rope tied to her wrists, her eyes locked onto the small ceiling light as he sucked at the base of her neck until a dark purple mark were visible. "Whose are you?" he demanded, his face now centimeters above hers forcing her to stare at him.

Her lips trembled unable to speak the words that he wanted to hear until a sudden blow to the top of her legs by David forced a weak "Yours" out of her mouth. She could not see who hit her. She could see David's face through the dark room and dim light. She thought she saw his eyes flicker red, but it was so fast that she wondered if she had imagined it.  Trevor sat up straight and let his fingers play with the bottom of her shirt.

"Oh Ruby. It didn't have to happen this way. You only had to be a good girl but now look what has to happen. We have to teach you a lesson. You only had to behave." He gathered fistfuls of her shirt in his hands and  ripped it open. The clothes she wore were always baggy, hiding her body beneath them to help give her that tiny bit of confidence that she needed so badly. She felt more vulnerable than ever as he ripped the sleeves away and completely removed her shirt. 

Shame crept up her face as the three boys gaped at what she had so carefully hidden. She let her eyes look back to the light in the ceiling as she tried to ignore the grunts and growls of Trevor as he ripped her shirt away. David pulled down her pants slipping an ankle out of the ropes to pull her leg out of the pants before putting her ankle back into the knots. He did the same with her other leg, throwing her pants across the shed.

David knew what had to happen next and stood up to grab Trevor’s jacket that was slung on the floor. He took the lighter from his pocket and knelt back beside Ruby’s legs. Mark sat at the top of her wishing he could join the action. "Trevor. We will need your lighter for this part." Trevor immediately turned around, so that he still sat on her hips but now faced her legs. RJ had become still underneath him. She stopped fighting back because she knew her torture would only go longer if did not. 

Trevor took the lighter that was thrust towards him with a frown but even when David nodded towards his sloppy handmade ring, he still did not quite understand. "Brand her, here." David’s bony finger pressed against the pale skin of her upper thigh causing RJ to flinch. The steel ring was perfect for what he was about to do. It was one that he had made with his Dad over a summer vacation. It had three raised letters: T A A. Trevor Alexander Arlen. He hooked the ring on his finger between the second and third knuckles. He then flicked the lighter awake and put the flame to the ring and let the fire heat the letters. 

It took a while, but RJ enjoyed the momentary quiet. She knew things would only get worse, but she still held onto the shred of hope that Trevor would see that this was wrong. She pictured herself far away from the shed, somewhere safe and warm at her dad's side.

The ring glowed read and Trevor dropped the lighter between RJ's legs. Before the metal could cool down, he thrust it against the spot David pointed to. It took a while for her to recognize the pain but then all of a sudden it was searing through her body. 

She let out an ear splitting scream as the hot ring burned through her skin. Once again, Mark's hand, now wrapped in a scrap of RJ's shirt, covered her mouth to muffle the sound.  She clenched her eyes shut as tears fell from them, trailing into her hairline and hitting the mat below her. She tried to buck Trevor off her hips but he only put more pressure down to keep her still. The stench of burnt hair and flesh filled the shed and caused Trevor to finally pull the ring away. RJ's muffled screams turned into whimpers and sobs as the stinging pain continued to course through her body. Mark's hand never left her mouth. Trevor was in awe at the mark he left on her body. Now the world would know that she was his. Only his.

A soppy wet sound broke the almost silence and snapped Trevor out of his trance. He looked back to see Mark with his head to RJ's, lips mashing against hers. Trevor let out a possessive growl as he turned back around on her hips. He shoved Mark away and kissed RJ roughly. As he kissed her, his hands slipped between their bodies, searching for that area between her legs. RJ squeezed her eyes shut. Her bruised hands kept tugging at the rope above her head. She felt dirty and disgusting but could not do anything except let it happen. She tried to concentrate on her hands on the ropes, ignoring the pain of the ropes on her already bruised wrists. Counting the strands above her head in a meager attempt to distract herself to what was happening. RJ's eyes closed again. Why? she thought. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? She shoved those useless thoughts away and tried to focus on memories of her time with her dad in an attempt to fight away what happened next.

Trevor was providing soft possessive kisses all over her body. She could not help but picture Jackson on top of her. RJ cried and struggled again, which earned a slap to the fresh burn. She was unsure which of the three of them had hit her because the pain caused spots to form in her vision.

David growled, "Give me a turn. I'll show her what she is missing."

Trevor glared at him feeling the pointed meaning of his words. "Fine!" He leaned down and whispered, "I am going to let them have you so you understand how lucky you are to be mine and not theirs." He ran his hand along her cheek and throat before he cupped her breast and pinched her n****e. "Maybe, you'll learn to obey." Trevor looked at her not wanting to leave her. He sighed running a hand through his hair and got off her and pulled on his pants. 

He picked up his lighter and walked outside not wanting to see her with other men. He closed the door behind him before he picked up the cigarette box that was sitting abandoned outside. He sighed as he pulled the last one out. He lit the end taking a shaky breath in before tossing the box away. It had to be done, he thought. I did warn her. He paced outside of the shed and wanted to go back in and have her to himself. He sighed before he walked back to the door. "I'm going to class," he yelled to the boys. "I trust you to teach her a lesson. I'll see you soon." He looked at the door once more, as he tried to fight the urge to stay before he  left.

Inside, RJ let the tears stream down her face as the two boys fought over who should ‘teach’ her a lesson and if they should change her position. RJ tried to beg them to let her go but they had shoved her underwear in her mouth and tied a piece of her shirt around her head so she would shut up. RJ watched above her at the skylights wondering if anyone would notice they were out there. She watched as the bird flew helplessly and wildly above the shed. She looked away. Dad was not going to save me, she thought. Maybe the bird was not even her dad. Her tears renewed she sobbed helplessly as the boys moved her. Once they untied her feet she kicked as hard a she could, catching David as hard as she could while clueless Mark untied her hands. Angry, David grabbed her by the shoulders and banged her down against the bench causing her to go limply unconscious.


“Please! Please let me save her! I cannot bear to see her beaten like that! She doesn’t deserve to have those brutes all over her!” cried the woman on her knees.

“My child,” the man said putting his hand gently on her head reassuringly, “You know as well as I, that it needs to happen. It is her fate. This has been set this way for a very long time. You cannot ask me to alter her fate. If I do, all her preparations were for naught. She will not be ready for what is to come. If we interfere there will be dire consequences for the human race.”

The woman looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “Maybe we are wrong? Maybe we still have another year at least?”

“I am afraid not my dear. We have 14 days exactly from today. Lucifer intends to take over the world if the door to hell is not closed. By the way they are gaining strength they will not easily give up. This is something that they have planned for quite some time. Please, just go to her and bring her here in the morning when she wakes.”


Tears in her eyes, RJ ran as fast as she could through the school holding her jacket tight against herself so no one saw her naked chest. She had managed to find her jeans after she woke up but not her bra, shirt or underwear in the dark shed. She had obviously been unconscious for hours.  She was relieved that she had managed to pass out in the middle of the pain Trevor’s lackeys were administering to her. 

She cried out as she fell to her knees on the sidewalk in front of the school. She shook, scared and hating herself. She should have let Trevor control her. She would not have had to suffer that. She felt sore all over. She felt too weak to get home but she knew she had to. She gathered her strength and slowly stood up, feeling sore from head to toe. She felt relieved that she had managed to pass out in the middle of the pain Trevor’s lackeys were administering to her. In order to teach her that very viable lesson that she indeed was no longer her own person but their personal slave. She shook her head as she stumbled down the sidewalk, unsure if she had ever been her own person. She wiped away a stray tear.

It started to snow, which sped up her progression home as she put a little more strength into each step. She pulled her hood up over her head and hoped that it would snow enough so that it would swallow her whole, although she doubted that the even the snow would want her. Finally, she made it home. She waited outside, afraid to go in the front door. She hoped her mother would understand.

Inside the door, stood her mother tapping her foot annoyed.  Her brothers sat at the table eating leftovers, not saying a word because they knew their sister was in trouble. Only Steven glared at her, Jackson made no effort to look at who had come through the door. 

"Where on God's green Earth have you been?" her mom yelled as she spotted a hickey on RJ's neck. "Boys, go to your room!" Her mom grabbed her arm as Steven ran upstairs,  into his room. When RJ didn't answer, her mother jerked on her arm. "Answer me!" she ordered. RJ's jacket fell open and revealed her naked chest scattered with more than a dozen bruises. Disappointed, Jackson glared at RJ before he shook his head and sauntered up the stairs. RJ stood and stared at her mother, shocked at the older woman's reaction.

Surely, RJ thought, her mother would have understood. She felt like something had formed in her throat, hindering her ability to talk. She frowned shaking her head unable to cry anymore. She did not understand why her life was turning out this way. She was sure that if her dad had seen her like this he would have immediately hugged her and then hunted down who was responsible. 

Her mother stood there staring at her, disgusted and ashamed. She let go of RJ's arm. "Is this what you do all day?" she screamed. She pulled her hand back before she slapped RJ across her face, leaving her daughter with a burning red mark. "You're nothing more than a filthy w***e!" 

RJ whimpered and felt like her heart was breaking into several pieces. She wanted to yell to her mother that it was not her fault. As her mother continued to scream, RJ was sure that the neighbors could hear her. "I am beyond ashamed to call you my daughter!"

RJ stood there and tuned her mother out as she tried not to lose her temper as she wanted to. Her mother was furious and  turned around to head to her room, unable to look at her daughter a second longer. On the way, she grabbed the light on the nightstand and threw it at the wall causing it to shatter. RJ flinched as her mother slammed her door yelling, “F*****g S**T!”

RJ took a  few deep shaking breaths, trying not to break into two. She made it up the stairs once again, clutching her jacket closed.  Reaching the top of the steps, she trembled trying to hold in her tears that threatened to break free. She felt her knees wobble as she tried to make it to her room. A little concerned her door was open she cautiously walked in flipping the light switch on. 

Immediately a knife came soaring past her head hitting the door frame. Eyes wide she turned back to her room from the knife. “Darn, I missed,” frowned Steven standing up slowly from her bed. An evil smile grew on his face as he walked closer. “Don’t worry, Sis. You won’t be so lucky next time.” He put his hand on her shoulder shoving her hard into the wall as he walked past, “See ya tomorrow, W***e.” 

RJ shut the door as she dropped to the floor. She put her hands over her mouth and tried to hold back the tears. She trembled and the tears finally broke free with a vengeance. She knelt on the floor as she held her head in her hands and sobbed. Her mother's words circled around her mind in an endless loop, which only refueled her tears.

Her heart felt like a ball of fire, burning in her chest and her throat. Her eyes hurt and she felt weak. She stood up and walked to her mirror to look at herself. She dropped her jacket to the floor and stared with tears in her eyes at the bruises against her white skin.  I deserve this.

With fresh tears in her eyes, she walked to the window and pulled it open. She leaned on the window sill and wiped away the tears. “Dad, I miss you,” she whispered to the air. She frowned as she listened to the wind. “I still hear you sometimes, telling me it will be okay. It’s hard being without you. I'm afraid, Daddy. Steven… I think Steven is going to kill me… I need you, Daddy. Where are you?” She took  a deep breath before she closed the window. She climbed into her bed, holding her knees up to her chest as she cried herself to sleep.

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Author's Note

Andrea Mouser
The doors to hell are opening! Demons are wreaking havoc on unsuspecting humans all around the world. It's up to one girl and her angel to collect the Orbs of Humanity. Will her horrible experiences prove that humanity isn't worth saving or will love be enough to save the human race?

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I am a 3 week old writer, so I don't have any constructive criticism. But I know a good story when I read one, and this was awesome.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 3 Years Ago

Andrea Mouser

3 Years Ago

Thank you! The book will be for sale the 22nd!!!!!
and from what I read it will do well

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Andrea Mouser

4 Years Ago

here's the book trailer :)
An interesting idea, and some good character development. The opening needs some work -- The Murder Tolls, in capitals, should be murder tolls; "everyone in the vicinity," for example, doesn't quite gel (with bystanders in the vicinity, with a large crowd gathered round) etc., If something is written as a report, it needs to sound like a report. My advice would be some good editing from a person who is good at this sort of story.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

Andrea Mouser

4 Years Ago

This has yet to be updated with the edits, but i assure you. it HAS been fixed :)
I'd go with love saving the human race.
What i'd say is this it's not necessarily just humans it's Lucife-liar as well who've caused this.
He chose to bring about the destruction of humanity and he alone is ultimately to point the golden finger to....
This was not the choice of the The divinity of natural order.
It seems to turn that way yet it isn't what it always appears to be.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

Andrea Mouser

4 Years Ago

Lucifer has his reasons for wanting humanity to perish
or is it that something has gone horribly wrong with divine order?

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

hmm? Not sure how to reply to this book seems to connect to whats happening to the world.
Whic.. read more
Andrea Mouser

4 Years Ago

the graphic parts end after chapter 4. You are missing something. youll find out in Chapter 4
Andrea Mouser

4 Years Ago

18 days left of the giveaway! and til reveal when the book will be published
click that you a.. read more

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Andrea Mouser
Andrea Mouser

Sacramento, CA

If you review The Key, (currently editing). I will review one of yours. i dont accept read requests. but if you message me what you want me to read. i will read it. Im 22. I love animals. I enjoy.. more..


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