The Beginning of WW1

The Beginning of WW1

A Story by Michael(C)

The origins of the first great war.


World Wars

By: Michael(C)


Prologue/Author's Note

Our world has had a history of which has had mass bloodshed. The causes of these massacres have varying reasons. The two World Wars however, seem to be the most memorable today. For example, when I tell you to think of a major war most will think of World War Two. Less will think of the first world war but it is still well remembered. I myself enjoy studying historic events and some reading may only be reading for an A on their exams. If you are however, like me and enjoy studying history then remember the fun in learning about these wondrous events. If you have a spark for the learnings of history then let that spark grow. I myself am still in my younger years. I have learned to let the spark come out into a mass flame that consumed me in research. You too may end up letting this spark grow. If so then me and you are alike. Some authors have a mild fear of younger and newer writers coming into the picture making them all but irrelevant. I however see a lack of new historians coming into the light. I want my writings to inspire a new generation of history “geeks,” to rise. I want to have history remembered throughout time. This text is not meant to spark ideas of tyranny it is to teach of some wrong doings of others. This is meant as a file of what not to do. If history is not learned from then we will only repeat ourselves for all time.


World War 1: The Beginnings.

The first World War was started with a singular bullet. You read that correctly. The catalyst for the first World War was a small rounded piece of lead. You may be wondering, how does a single bullet start a mass war? Very easily if I may explain. The prince and princess of Austria were on tour when they were assassinated. Austria had a firm belief that the assassin was a “Serbian Nationalist.” Thus they declared war with Serbia. Little did they know, they had just caused a mass chain reaction. Russia wanted in. They wanted to come in and help the Serbians. But, Germany told Russia that if they came in to support the Serbs, then Germany would strike against them. On July 30th, Austrian guns began to fire. With the Serbians looking towards Russia for help. Russia, who was not planning for war wanted nothing more than to sit and watch. But Russia owed Serbia from the Bosnian crisis only 6 years prior. So the Tsar agreed to help and only wanted to put troops in Serbia. When his men told him that was impossible with the Germans, he ended up mobilising troops in more places than intended. But Russia had a friend much closer to the Germans. France. However, the French were weak at the time, they would help. Germany saw their weakness and looked back to their 10 week victory over France in 1870. Germany also saw that it would take time for Russia to mobilize. They estimated 6 weeks. So Germany came up with a master plan to deal with the French called the Schlieffen Plan. It required 90% of the German military. They would heavily attack Parris forcing the French to back out of the war. But there was a fatal flaw with their “fool proof,” plan. France did not enter the war but Russia was mobilising. The Germans began to fear their own safety, with the chancellor even asking if they were in danger to his general. His answer was a frightening yes. So Germany took matters in their own hands. After Russia began to mobilize, the Germans declared war. They then fabricated a tale of french bombings in Nuremberg, using this to declare war with France. France then followed through and prepared as germany rolled closer. Then we have Britain. Britain offered to stay neutral in this conflict if they held off and left france alone. The germans attempted to agree, but it was too soon too late. The Schlieffen Plan was still continuing but, there was another flaw. They needed to pass through Belgium. They began peaceful and simply asked to run troops through their borders. They declined. They made a poor choice as the next day, germany invaded belgium. Germany also made a poor choice as britain had signed an agreement to help Belgium in the event of invasion, back in 1839. Britain demanded germany to leave or else be removed forcefully. This made the germans flabbergasted. They did not expect war from “a piece of paper.” With an already bad relationship, the germans stayed and moved onward into france. The brits had no choice but to declare war with two agreements on the line. It is crazy to think that two small countries fighting over an assassination would lead to Russia, France and Britain all after Germany and Austria.

© 2017 Michael(C)

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Author's Note

I know my capitalization for countries is a bit off.

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So why you critize others for same mistakes.? You know just asking.

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