A Chapter by MightyMouse

He wakes up disoriented, reaching out beside his head to grab his glasses from where he’s used to keeping them while he’s asleep. He doesn’t feel them, so he gropes around not wanting to open his eyes to look. His weight shifts, and falls onto the floor. The sudden jolt from hitting the floor startles him and forces his eyes open. It wasn’t a dramatic fall, maybe about six inches, but it leaves his heart pounding. Pain spreads across his body hitching his breath. The memories of his fall stampede through the forefront of his mind. He begins to panic as he tries to discern his whereabouts, because he definitely isn’t in a big hole. He tries to sit up for a better view, but the pain in his chest is too much and he falls back down onto the floor. He examines himself. A cast is on his right arm. A piece of cloth is wrapped around loosely around his left, but his wrist doesn’t hurt, so he takes it off. No major injuries are beneath the cloth, so he doesn’t put it back on. His left ankle is wrapped too, though more tightly. He can feel it throbbing so he leaves it alone. His chest is yellow from bruising, and scrapes decorate his chest and arms with ugly scabs. Staring down at his body, it dawns on him that he’s not wearing any clothes excluding a pair of black boxer briefs he never remembered owning. His face reddens wondering what happened to the clothes he was wearing before.

He refocus to scan the area he’s in from his position on the floor since he can’t get up. Unfortunately, he can’t see the details really well since he doesn’t have his glasses anymore. The shapes are there, but they’re a little fuzzy around the edges like someone drew them with water paints.

He can tell his in an RV by the narrowness and length of the space.Towards his feet, the RV is crushed by something, probably a tree. He assumes that’s where the actual bed is, and that’s why he has a bed on the ugly yellow bench that is supposed to be used for eating. The table has been taken out. A bare space on the floor with four holes forming a square is all the evidence left of there ever having been a table in the first place. To his bottom right side is a door that almost looks like a small closet, but he thinks it’s probably the bathroom and at the same time really hopes it isn’t. Claustrophobia is high on his list of fears. To the left of the door is a kitchen area. Cabinets line the ceiling and a counter is beneath them resting on more cabinets, a mini fridge and an oven. Looking up, he can see a space where the driver’s and passenger’s seats dwell. A raised platform separates the seats from the rest of the RV. The underneath of each seat houses small doors Sebastian assumes are drawers. A wall separates the bench from the door. A handrail is bolted to the wall, though Sebastian can barely see it. On his left side above the bench are just windows, and he can see the sun is setting through them. As he watches the sunset, having nothing better to do, he thinks he sees a figure sneaking around outside. The sun has nearly disappeared behind the trees, so he can’t be sure considering he can’t see well to begin with.

His heart jumps anyway and he looks around quickly, searching for anything he might be able to use as a weapon. The only thing he can reach is half of a broken ruler on the floor beside him. He picks it up and holds it tightly in his good fist hoping it will make a good enough knife. The pain his body had felt has dwindled enough for him to sit up. He heaves himself onto the bench throwing an old knitted green blanket over himself to hide his nakedness just in case it’s the person who had helped him.

He waits anxiously for the door to open trying to decide if he should attack or play dead. The door opens before he can decide and he’s left staring at the wall waiting for a head to emerge above it. The RV shakes with footsteps and then a small head does appear. It’s a girl with short white hair. Little droplets of sweat bead and then slide down her forehead into her blue eyes. Her plain navy blue t-shirt is also drenched in sweat and it clings to her small frame. She’s carrying a young boy on her back strapped in with the use of her backpack. She stares at him curiously before speaking. “Really, you’re going to kill me with a broken ruler? It’d be a little more believable if you were standing. Might actually be able to put up a fight, but I can guarantee you would lose.” She smiles a cocky smile at him. Sebastian glances at the ruler in his hand then back at her frowning. “Who are you?”

“Pip. And this here is Jake.” She says, gesturing to the small boy sleeping on her back. “I just found him, and you two are going to become great friends while I look for his brother because if you don’t happen to be the best babysitter in the world, I might just be tempted to throw you right back in that hole.”

“You wouldn’t.” He says tossing the ruler back on the floor. She raises an eyebrow at him. “Don’t think so? What I will and will not do might just surprise you.” She gently pulls the boy from her back and brushes hair from his face. “Good morning, State Farm. Time to get you cleaned up.” She says when he opens his eyes. She puts her backpack down beside Sebastian and takes the boy, Jake, over to the sink in the counter and gives him a quick sponge bath. Sebastian is surprised to see that the sink actually works. “How does the sink work? I haven’t found anywhere with running water.”

“I have a complicating system set up, but I don’t feel like explaining. Just know the water supply isn’t endless, so try and go easy on it. And you’re welcome. I only did it because you’re here.” Sebastian observes Jake as he sits quietly in the sink allowing Pip to bathe him. He looks out of it the whole time and Sebastian wonders if he’s sick. She wraps him up in a towel when she’s done and brings him over to Sebastian. “Now, sit here with, uh…” She looks at him and waits for him to respond. He realizes he hasn’t told her his name. “Sebastian.” He says.

“Ah. Sit here with Sebastian while I get you something to eat.” Pip sets Jake down beside Sebastian and wanders back over to the cabinets. She starts pulling some cans out to make them a meal. Sebastian suddenly realizes he isn’t hungry. “How long have I been here?” He asks apprehensively. “A full week.”Sebastian frowns deeply. “A whole week doesn’t seem right. I should be starving but I’m not. And wouldn’t I have had to…” Sebastian stops his face going pale. He can feel his stomach sink and his heart flutters around in his chest like a bird. “Would have had to what?” Pip asks bewildered. But her eyes spark like she’s had an epiphany. Then she bursts into laughter. She’s laughing so hard she’s shaking the RV and she’s hardly getting air in. Jake is looking back and forth between them. “Why is she laughing?”

“Go ahead and explain it to the five year old!” Pip prompts, finally composing herself. Sebastian’s cheeks have got to be the deepest shade of red. He glares at the floor not wanting to speak. “The answer is yes by the way.” Pip says. “You did have to go to the bathroom, everyday, at least twice, for the last week. And If you think it’s embarrassing for you, try being me! I swear I almost gave up on you.” Sebastian wants to disappear into the bench and never come out again. Pip starts up her laughter again. “I still don’t get it.” Jake has his nose scrunched up in confusion. “Don’t worry about it, State Farm.” Pip says. She ruffles his hair and goes about getting dinner again.

Sebastian studies the small boy while they wait trying to get the embarrassment off his mind.. “So, how old are you, Jake?” The boy jerks and his eyes focus on Sebastian. “Um, I’m five. How old are you?” The question brings a startled laugh from Sebastian. He hasn’t been asked his age in a long time. “Twenty-four and counting, I hope.”

“You’re older than my brother. He’s only twenty-two. How old is she?” Jake asks pointing at Pip’s back as she fixes dinner. Sebastian frowns. “I don’t know, she looks twelve.”

Pip back straightens.“I’m nineteen.” She’s eyeballing him with her hands on her hips. “Oh, she’s nineteen.” Sebastian repeats to Jake trying not to laugh. Pip brings them each a bowl of spaghetti o’s. “I can’t heat them up without starting a fire, so you can eat them cold.” She says, handing them the bowls. “Do not eat like animals, or I’ll take the food away. If you don’t eat slowly you’ll throw it all back up, and I’m not cleaning that mess.” She says sternly, placing her hands on her hips again. Sebastian and Jake both vigorously nod at her until she walks away. Jake leans closer to Sebastian and whispers in his ear. “She’s kind of scary.” Sebastian almost chokes on his mouthful of spaghetti o’s. “Yes, she kind of is.” He agrees smiling.

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