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Waya has been in and out of consciousness for days. He vaguely remembers eating, and trips to the bathroom, but he kept sleeping again, so he doesn’t know much about where he is, or why he’s here. He let’s his mind wander back to the meeting with Opal and Rocco and the walk back to Jake. They were almost out of the city when some guys came out of nowhere. He remembers putting up a fight, but there were too many of them and he was knocked unconscious. He didn’t wake up for the first time until he has here. If only he knew where here was. He runs his eyes over himself, but it’s too dark to see. His t-shirt feels crispy, like something thick had spilled on it and then dried. His legs are numb so he shifts them out in front of himself. He’s tied down to a metal ring on the floor. It’s dark in the room, but a small sliver of light shines through under the door enough for him to see other shapes he hopes are humans in the room with him. He counts out eleven human shaped shadows. Most of them are laying on the floor like they’re sleeping, or maybe just unconscious like he had been. “Is anyone awake?” He whispers tensing for an attack if the shapes were zombies. Not expecting a verbal answer, Waya nearly jumps through the roof when he gets one. It’s a familiar voice. “About time. Everyone’s been wondering when you’d wake up long enough for a decent conversation.” It’s Rocco. “How long have we been here, Rocco?” Waya questions in a hushed whisper.

“Maybe five days. It’s hard to keep track of the days in here. The lights don’t work and there aren’t any windows. But they at least give us food ever once in awhile. I saved you some.” Waya hears something scrape across the floor and it bumps his hand. It’s a plate with a few bits of stale bread and something he thinks might be raw fish. “I’ve always hated sushi.” He complains in disgust, but eats it anyways. He hadn’t realized how hungry he is until Rocco mentioned food. The angry way his stomach clawed at him had him ignoring the slimy taste of raw fish as it slide down his throat. He winces and clears his throat wiping water from his eyes. Waya uses the stale bread to wash down the taste of fish, but it barely works. “Yeah, the food sucks, but at least we’re not starving.” Rocco says.

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Author's Note

I didn't add a lot to this chapter. I seem to be having a hard time picturing details for this scene, so an suggestions are welcome.

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Added on August 20, 2016
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A Chapter by MightyMouse