A Chapter by MightyMouse

Waya lays on the floor and stares at the shape of the new girl, Pip, as she stands chained to the wall with the help of a small sliver of light coming in from under the cell door. Tommy had chained her in between himself and Opal. He sits up after a few hours when he can feel her blood beginning to soak his jeans. He squirms uncomfortably at the thought of blood all over him. He glances worriedly up at Pip knowing she can’t stay there any longer or she’ll bleed to death. He scoots closer to her trying to ignore the feeling of blood as his hands slip. He scoots over until his shoulder is against her leg and looks up at her face. Her eyes are open and staring in deep concentration at the cell door. Waya looks back and forth between the door and Pip. “You’re not going to get that door open from the inside.” He whispers. She tilts her head towards him without taking her eyes off the door. “How far will your chains allow you to go?”

“Not to the door. I’ve tried.”

“I don’t need you to reach the door.”

“Where do you want me to reach?” Pip wiggles around and Waya realizes she’s trying to kick off her boot. “Do you have something in your shoe?” He asks. She nods her head. “Do you think you can help me get it off?” Waya awkwardly unties her boot and pulls it off attempting to keep his chains quiet. He doesn’t want the guards to think something’s going on and wake everyone up. “Dump it out.” Pip demands. “Awful lot of trouble for a pebble in your shoe. I’d be more concerned with the nails in my back if I was in your place.” Waya mumbles as he tips her boot upside down. To his surprise, a pebble isn’t what falls out of her boot. “You have an entire lock picking kit in your shoe!” He exclaims almost too loudly trying to stop the small clinks of the metal lock picking tools as they bounce to the ground. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to use it would you?” She asks hopeful. “I found it a couple of days ago. By luck really. It was under the mobile home I’ve been staying in. It was covered in so much dirt it looked like a rock, but there was a snake and I had to climb under the mobile home. Otherwise I never would have seen it at all. The actual case is still at the mobile home. It wouldn’t fit in my boot while my foot was in it.”

“Good thing there was a snake.”

“Yeah, it was a pretty good snake too. Sure beat chicken noodle soup. I’m so sick of chicken noodle soup.” Waya picks out the tools he’s going to need to free Pip from the wall of nails and stands as quietly as possible, cringing as his chains drag along the ground. He can barely see the locks. “So you actually know how to pick locks? Do you think you could teach me sometime?” Pip asks. Waya chuckles quietly. “Sure, but not right now.”

It takes Waya what feels like hours to unlatch one of her arms, though he thinks it’s probably closer to about fifteen minutes. The blood on his hands keeps making him lose his grip and drop the tools and light in the room made it difficult to find them. He feels his chest lurch every time he hears the plink of the tools hitting the ground, but he doesn’t think it’s loud enough to alert the guards. At least nobody in the room has woken from it.

When he finally hears the latch click, he sighs in momentary  relief. “One down, one to go.” He whispers and pulls her arm free. She grasps his arm with her free hand to help hold herself up while he starts with the other. “Sorry it’s taking so long.” He says. “Current conditions are proving to make this difficult.”

“It’s okay. Don’t rush. You’ll draw attention that way.” Waya nods as he struggles with her next arm. The latch clicks faster than the other and he almost shouts with excitement. But it’s short lived. The guards are moving around in the hallway. Waya doesn’t think it’s time to turn the lights on yet, so he wonders if something is up. Pip stands straighter. “Put my other arm back. Then put that kit back in my boot and put it back on. We don’t want them to know I’m free. It’d be bad if the rest of you aren’t free yet.” Waya agrees with her. If she’s discovered without her arms chained down, they’ll discover the lock picking kit and then they’d never get out. So he quickly puts her arm back in the chain. Then he shoves the kit back into her boot and wiggles it on her foot just as the door is flung open and the lights are turned on. Waya sits back against the wall and acts like he was just rudely woken up like the rest of the prisoners throwing his arm up to block the light from his eyes..

Everyone in the room are rubbing their eyes and grumbling like they do every morning when the lights are turned on. “What’s the big idea?” Penny complains. “I just fell asleep.” Many of the prisoners grumble in agreement, though Penny claims she just fell asleep every night.

Waya fixes his eyes on Tommy as he stands in the doorway. “This should be good.” he mumbles under his breath. He glances to his left and shares a look with Opal and Rocco. They must suspect something is up too. Both their faces are set in serious expressions. They all turn their faces back towards Tommy.

Tommy stands in the doorway with his hands behind his back. He’s nicely dressed in blue jeans and a button-down blue t-shirt. He has a smile on his face, contradictory to yesterday. “Sorry to wake you up early. It is five o’clock, so it’s not much earlier. I needed to speak with all of you.”

“What is so important it couldn’t possibly wait another hour?” Rocco asks throwing as much venom into his words as he can. Tommy doesn’t seem to notice. “Glad you asked. You see, I’ve told my story to all of you. With the exception of you three.”  He explains running his eyes over Rocco, Opal, and Waya. “But I’m sure you’ve heard it from everyone else. I’m here to offer all of you a deal. Help me find my wife and daughter, and I’ll let you out of this room. You’ll be free to wander around wherever you wish. You don’t even have to stay here with me. You can go live elsewhere, as long as I hear from you at least once a week with a report on the search for my family.”

“That’s ridiculous! You kept us locked up, some of us for weeks, and now you’re just going to let us go as long as we report to you? If you’re trying to build an army or something, why didn’t you just say that when we were brought here? And save this prisoner stuff for people who actually deserve it.” Waya yells. Most of the prisoners stare angrily at Tommy and mumble their agreements. “Well, I could have done that, but I didn’t really want to. It wouldn’t have been any fun. So, leave if you want to. Never come back if you don’t want to. I’m letting you out of here regardless, but if you’re planning on running, just keep in mind that you only have a week before I send someone after you.” Tommy’s threat makes Waya squirm. He knows Tommy has hundreds of men at his disposal and there’s no way this group will escape if Tommy wants them dead. Maybe another group, but not this one.“I don’t care if it’ll get me out of these chains. You’re a cruel son of a b***h. I won’t help you after what you did to Pip.” Opal exclaims with enough conviction that everyone in the room nods in agreement, their faces turning from curious to angry. Waya is pleased to see the room against Tommy. There might be hope for them after all. The twins step closer to his back. “Ever so loyal bodyguards.” Waya whispers under his breath.

Tommy walks further into the room smiling at Pip. Waya notices that Pip has her head bowed and her eyes closed. She’s either ready to pass out, or she’s putting up the impression that she’s been defeated, but Waya suspects she has something planned either way. He just hopes it isn’t going to get them all hurt. “Suit yourselves. I don’t regret what I did to her. She’s not as innocent as she wants you to think. I’ve met plenty of people like her.” Tommy is standing in front of Pip now. He reaches out and lifts her chin towards him. Waya watches her eyes flutter open miserably, like she’s too weak to care. “You were easy to break.” He says still smiling. His eyes shift downwards and his smile fades. “Your shoes untied.” He states. Then he turns his attention to Waya. “What’s she got in her shoe?” He asks angrily. “Why would she have something in her shoe?” Waya stampers. His heart speeds up to a million miles a second. He tries to keep his face as innocent as he can. He wants to know how in the world Tommy would come to the conclusion she has something in her shoe after just a few seconds in front of her. “I’m not stupid! Her shoelaces were nice and tight last night. What are you two up to?” He screams furiously taking a step back and shifting his eyes between them both. Waya looks frantically at Pip. They’ve been found out, but she hasn’t lifted her head and doesn’t look worried at all. Waya is starting to worry she might actually be about to pass out and she’s not just putting up an impression. Tommy grabs Waya by his t-shirt and pulls him to his feet. “Answer me!” He yells in Waya’s face. Spit splatters in his eyes. He rubs them and straightens up trying to pull away from Tommy. The wall stops him though. Despite being almost equal in height and build, Waya feels like Tommy could tear him to pieces, especially in his current state. “Take your hands off of him.” Pip demands looking up slowly. Her face is a mask of deadly calm Waya stares back and forth between the two. He’s caught between relief that Pip is still relatively okay, and fear that Tommy is going to kill him. Tommy smiles again knowing he’s struck a nerve. “Alright.” He says letting go of Waya’s shirt. “Sorry, I guess I’m getting a little carried away. We’re cool right?” He taps Waya on the shoulder like they’re good friends. Waya stares at him wondering if he has bipolar disorder. “Of course we are. I shouldn’t just assume you’re up to something.” Tommy admits getting angrier with each word. His hand tightens on Waya’s shoulder and Waya cringes already feeling Tommy’s fist before it collides with his stomach. Waya falls to the floor clutching his stomach. He flinches as he sees Tommy’s fist coming down again.

Pip flings herself from the wall catching Tommy’s arm inches in front of Waya’s head. Tommy gasps in surprise. Pip pauses just long enough to let Tommy get a good look at her and then slams her knee into his stomach knocking all the air from his lungs. She brings her elbow down on the side of his face sending him flying into the floor. Tommy is knocked unconscious. Waya watches as the twins come to Tommy’s rescue. They’re on top of Pip before Tommy’s body hits the ground. One grabs her arms and pins them to her back. She clenches her teeth together, Waya assumes so she doesn’t scream. The other twin is in front of her with his fists raised. Pip kicks her feet into his chest surprising him and sends him tumbling into the wall. The twin holding her arms is sent into the opposite wall and loses his grip. Waya continues watching as Pip wiggles away from him and turns around with a kick to his face. The other twin tries to jump on her back, but she steps backwards catching him by his collar and slamming his face into the wall. The twins are left in a heap on the floor beside Rocco and Opal. More men are rushing into the room. There’s too many for Waya to see everything that’s going on. He can hear the grunts and gasps of the fighting men and the yelps of the prisoners as they get stepped on. Every few seconds, he sees someone fall to the floor unconscious. And then the fighting is moved into the hall and Waya can’t see it anymore. The sounds of fighting fade as it moves down the hallway away from the cell. The prisoners all stare at each other wondering what to do next, though no one says anything. And then Waya notices the keys on Tommy’s belt. He wiggles them off and unlocks his chains. He quickly moves around the room unlocking everyone else as well. “Does anyone remember the way out of here?” Milo asks. But everyone shakes their heads and mumble amongst themselves about which way to go. “Hold on. Does anyone hear that?” Rocco asks. Everyone shuts up and listens. “Hear what?” Opal finally asks exasperated. “Exactly. I think the fighting stopped.”

He says it just as Pip appears in the cell doorway. “It’s safe to come out now.” Her words are slurred and she’s covered in head to toe with blood. She takes a step into the room, and then her eyes roll back into her head and her legs give out. Waya reaches out and catches her just before she slams her face into the floor.

© 2016 MightyMouse

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