A Chapter by MightyMouse

Sebastian wakes without Pip. He didn’t think it was possible for her to sneak out without waking him up. The RV shakes when it’s walked in, and the door squeaks when it’s opened. But somehow she managed. He stumbles to his feet for breakfast. He digs through the cabinets for something breakfast worthy but only finds soup. He is really starting to hate chicken noodle soup. He opens up a can of it and sticks a spoon inside. Then he brought it back to the bed for Jake. “Hey, Buddy. Here, try and eat something.” He says holding the soup out to Jake. But Jake doesn’t move. Sebastian assumes he’s just sleeping too hard and kneels beside the bed. He shakes Jake’s shoulder gently. “Hey, wake up.” But Jake still doesn’t move.

Sebastian’s heart speeds up as he starts to worry. Jake usually wakes up easily, so this morning is unusual. Sebastian places his ear over Jake’s chest. The kid’s heart is beating, but very slowly. Sebastian’s head is spinning. Pip hadn’t told him what to do for Jake if he didn’t wake up. He didn’t want her to come home and find Jake dead, or almost dead. He shakes Jake a little harder. “Come on, Kid. You’re starting to scare me. Wake up!” But Jake still doesn’t move. Sebastian sets the can of soup on the floor. “I really wish I had a phone. I don’t know what to do for you!” He’s feeling frustrated as he watches Jake’s chest rise and fall weakly. He’s struggling to keep himself under control.

Sebastian knows he needs to keep nutrients in Jake’s system, so he pulls him into his lap and does his best to spoon soup into his mouth. Jake unconsciously swallows the soup, but Sebastian gets more of it on him than in him. He struggles around his broken arm to change Jake’s clothes. Sebastian lays the boy back in his bed and makes sure he’s comfortable, or at least looks it.

The bottle of cold medicine Pip had given him last night catches his attention. He picks it up and reads it, but he puts it back down. It won’t do Jake any good now that he won’t even wake up. “Hang in there, Buddy. Pip will be back soon. She’ll know what to do.”

© 2016 MightyMouse

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Added on September 5, 2016
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I enjoy writing and I want to know if other people enjoy my writing. I live in a house full of seven people, three of them children, thirteen dogs, and ten cats. I have a twin sister with only one leg.. more..

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A Chapter by MightyMouse