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Pip groans and rolls over burying her face in her pillow. She feels like a train wreck lying on her cot. She doesn’t know how long she’s been asleep, but she senses it’s been a long time. Pip huffs annoyed and sits up throwing her legs over the side of the cot. The concrete floor is cold on her bare feet. She examines the room she’s in. It’s huge, like an airplane hangar for the army. The her right, long, ugly green curtains on rods separate what Pip assumes are more cots. The room has been turned into a makeshift hospital. Her cot is one of only six that doesn’t have a curtain blocking them. These six cots are raised up on a sort of stage so she can see everything. A desk is to her left. The rolling, black chair is empty and pushed up under the desk. A very old, bulky computer is on top of the desk, lots of green and red and blue wires dangle out of the back of it connecting it to an equally old and bulky tower. The computer reminds her of a bomb. “Boom!” Pip mouths mimicking an explosion with her hands and giggling to herself. She stands slowly, babying her fragile body. The events of the past few days fly into her thoughts erasing the moments of annoyance at having to get out of bed and the giddiness of pretending the computer was a bomb. Her heart speeds up and she has the sudden urge to run. She needs to see how everyone is doing.

She quickly sits back down and stuffs her feet in her boots. “She’s up again.” She hears someone holler. She frowns in annoyance but ignores the voice. She stands back up, too quickly. Dizziness overwhelms her, her vision blackening momentarily, and she falls to the floor. Small hands grab her arms and helps her back to the bed. “You aren’t ready to get up yet. You’ll never heal if you keep trying to leave.” Pip’s vision refocuses on the face of a young girl, maybe in her early twenties. It’s the girl from the cell who asked her why her name is Pip. “Have I tried to leave before?” Pip asks confused. The girl nods. “You get up every hour or so. You must be exhausted. I didn’t think you would remember, though. Are you coherent enough to remember right now?” Pip frowns. “I think so. What is your name? I didn’t ask before.” The girl smiles. “Penny. And I sure hope you remember this time because you’ve asked my name every hour too.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s alright. But really, you need to lay down.”

“No, I have to go see everyone. I want to see how Sebastian is doing, and Waya, and especially Jake. And I want to see everyone else. Like those bully twins and the italian man, and the doctor. Where is everyone anyways? I don’t remember a whole lot after I attacked everyone. Just everyone agreeing to stay here with me and getting Jake. Did I fall asleep on the ride home?”

“Yes, they carried you in. And everyone is fine. My grandfather is asleep. He’s been tending to everyone for almost two days, so you’ll have to wait to see him. Sebastian is busy trying to teach the twins what kind of glasses he needs so they can go find him some, though I’m not sure they’re getting it. They’ve brought him the wrong kind eleven times already. I have no idea where they’re even finding them, but I told them to just grab as many as they can to make it easier on themselves. We’ll have one heck of a glasses shop when they’re through. I’m not sure where Rocco is, but he’s probably with Opal. It’s their anniversary today. And Waya is…”

“Waya is with Jake and we’re coming to visit.” Waya says entering the room through a door behind the desk Pip hadn’t noticed until it was opened. Jake is in his arms clutching Nibbles, his stuffed monkey, in his arms. His glasses are crooked on his small face, and he’s dressed in an adult size blue t-shirt. His bare feet are just visible under it. He still looks tired, but Pip can tell he’s at least eaten. He smiles when their eyes meet. “It’s good to see you awake.” She says genuinely glad to see him. He wiggles from his brother’s arms runs to her, his small feet slapping the ground quietly. The noise almost makes her laugh. He climbs into her lap wrapping his small arms around her neck. She grimaces, but quickly composes herself before he can see. “Thanks for finding my big brother.”

“I told you I would.” She hugs him back until he lets go. He stays in her lap and Waya comes and sits beside her on the bed. Penny smiles at all of them and politely dismiss herself. “Okay so, her grandfather is Dr. Milo, right?” Waya nods. “Yes, why?”

“She said a few names I don’t recognize. Rocco is the italian right?” Waya nods again. “Who’s Opal?”

“Rocco’s wife. She’s the woman who asked if you were okay after Tommy chained you to that wall. How are you feeling by the way?” Pip frowns and moves her shoulders a little. “I’ve been better. But the pain isn’t as bad as it was. It only burns a little now. Before it felt like I was the leading undefeated champion of the world’s worst sunburn.” Waya starts laughing, and it makes her laugh too. Jake laughs along, though Pip doesn’t think he actually knows why. He’s probably just happy to hear his brother laughing. “How about the rest of you? You were in a fight with thirty three full grown men. And, no offense, you look just like you were thrown from an airplane without a parachute, as Sebastian kindly put it.” Pip sighed. “Again, I’ve been better. But there’s no permanent damage, so I’m fine. Stop asking.” Jake reaches up and taps her shoulder, so Pip looks down at him. “Are you going to go away now?”

“No, sweetheart. I have to feed you and all the other men now. I promised I would.”

“But I know how to feed myself. See? Like this.” Jake mimics eating with a spoon. Waya and Pip laugh again at his adorable innocence. “Not like that. I have to find food and bring it back.” Pip explains. “Like a momma bird?”

“Yes, like a momma bird.” Waya agrees and ruffles his hair. “Let’s go for a walk, Little Dinosaur. I’m sure Pip would love to stretch her legs.” Pip stands slowly fearing she might get dizzy again and puts Jake down. “Yes, I would love to.” She starts for the door with Waya and Jake following her. “By the way, I would like to know what I said to make everyone stay here, because I have no idea. It felt like I was saying a bunch of gibberish.”

“Well, I can assure you, you haven’t come close to the world record on inspirational speeches.” Pip frowns and punches him in his arm. “Ouch!” Waya laughs and rubs his arm. “You asked me!”

“I asked what I said, not how stupid I sounded.” Pip crosses her arms. “Well, you didn’t sound stupid, but I think everyone decided to stay here because you stood up to Tommy the way you did. And because you did it after being chained to a wall of nails for a night, and beat them all up right after. It was kind of scary. What kind of fighting style did you practice before?"

“Well, none. I wasn’t ever in any kind of fighting class. Where you?”

“Yes. I’ve been in several martial arts classes since I was about six.”

“That’s great, maybe you can teach me how to do it properly. And we’ll cross our fingers and hope I won’t be fighting thirty full grown men again anytime soon. I think that was a once and a lifetime thing and I’ll never be able to do it again.”

“How did you do it by the way? If you didn’t have any kind of training.”

“No idea. I saw a lot of it in movies, but if I had to guess, adrenaline. I didn’t do it without getting the crap beat out of myself in the process. I just wanted to get out of there.”

“I’m sure you did. I wanted you out of there.”

They walked out of the makeshift hospital into a long hallway. The same hallway Pip had fought in. She decided to name the hallway Pug Row as in the definitions of pugnacious- fond of fighting, and row- noisy quarrel or dispute. She thinks it fits just fine. As they pass the room where the prisoners had been held, Pip peeks inside. Shelves now line the walls every foot until they’re about four feet off the ground. The nails and chains had been taken out. It’s been transformed into a weapons store room, though a very measly supply of weapons were stored there. One shot gun, three pistols, a long stick that looks like it used to be a broom handle, and swiss army knife are the only things in the room. “Where are all the weapons? Does everyone have a gun, or a knife?”

“No. Every weapon there is here, is in that room. The twins kept their gun and machete, Opal and Rocco have my gun, and I have my knife. We’re sort of acting as guards since we have such a small number of weapons. Nobody around here actually knows how to use them anyways.” Pip frowns. “Well, this is completely unacceptable. I’ll have to change that. For now, I want this room locked. We don’t need children wandering in here.”

“Jake’s the only child here, and he knows better. Right, Jake?”

“Right!” Jake squeals happily. Pip smiles at him and ruffles his hair like Waya had done earlier. “I know you know better, but I don’t intend on you being the only child here forever. We have room for lots more people.” Waya worriedly opens his mouth to say something, but Aaron comes running up to them then. He’s panting and bends over his knees looking like he’s trying to inhale the floor while he holds his hand up asking them to hold on a moment. He finally stands back up. “It’s good you’re awake. We have a huge problem.” Pip and Waya glance nervously at each other. “What’s the problem, Ronny?” She asks, afraid to know the answer. “My name’s Aaron.” He states. “I know. I’m going to call you Ronny. I like giving names and nicknames to people and things. You remind me of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, so I’m calling you Ronny. Now, what’s the problem?”

“You’ll have to come and see. We haven’t told anyone else yet. We don’t want everyone to panic.” Pip can feel her heart racing. She really doesn’t want to know, but she’s the leader of this place right now. She knew she was signing herself up for some horrible tasks when she did it, so she obediently follows Aaron wherever the problem is. Waya hands Jake off to someone Pip doesn’t recognize and follows along as well.

Aaron leads them up a three flights of stairs before he opens up a door leading out onto a balcony. The italian man, Rocco, and his wife, Opal, are out on the balcony looking down at something. The twins are also there and another man Pip doesn’t recognize. They all turn when Pip, Waya, and Aaron come through the door. “Oh, good, she’s awake.” The unknown man says, staring at her. “Who are you?” She questions. She wants to get to know everyone as quickly as possible. “General Ulrich Nico Williams, Ma’am.” He says saluting. He’s a tall man, similar in build to Waya. He’s older though. Around forty or so, and his age really shows on his face. He’s clean shaven, and his brown eyes are very focused. He’s staring at a spot just above her head like army men are supposed to do for some reason she doesn’t quite get. He’s dressed in all army clothing, like the one’s the twins wore, except he has his suit deck out in pins showing things like his status and awards. “Don’t call me ma’am. It makes me sound all girly. And if I were you, I’d take off those pins. Makes it entirely to easy to grab and throw you.” She says remembering seeing him in the fight. She had used his accessories as handles and used him as a weapon against some of the other men. General Ulrich flinches and covers his pins. “If you don’t want us calling you ma’am, then what should we call you?” Nova asks stepping forward. “I don’t know, call me Pip. It’s my name. Or sir if you really can’t.” After an awkward silence, Pip finally decides to speak again.

“Is anyone going to tell me what the problem is?” Everyone glances around nervously at each other, and then part giving her space to walk to the edge of the balcony. Waya follows along beside her as she peers over the edge.

They’re on a small hill. Large rocks litter the ground protruding from the vibrant green grass. The mountains are far in the distance. A fence surrounds the building, though Pip still doesn’t know how big the building is, or what kind of building it is. The fence is probably about eight feet tall, and barbed wire is looped around the top. The landscape is beautiful, but Pip hardly notices it. On the other side of the fence, capturing her attention, making her heart race faster than it ever has before, is a hoard of at least a thousand Pests. They’re standing as still as their trembling bodies will allow, glaring into the fence with manic eyes. Pip can feel her body turn to ice as they scream in unison and slam themselves into the fence. The fence topples to the ground and they’re marching their ways right up to the building. The sanctuary is no longer safe. Pip turns and bolts for the outside doors screaming to the people who follow her from the balcony to close and lock them all. Pests can’t get through the locked doors.

Pip finally makes it to the furthest door. The one she was dragged here through. It’s wide open, and Pip is face to face with the hoard. She stands frozen. Time slows around her. The hoard shuffles closer. Reality sinks in as she realizes she’s just doomed so many people. They have no hope of getting out of the building, and not enough food to survive long. She grabs the handles of the door and pulls them quickly shut locking them together. Bodies slam against the door in rage, but they’ll never make it inside. Pip curls into a ball on the floor. She’s gasping for air as she tries not to cry. She can’t do this all over again. She doesn’t have the courage to start over again, doesn’t have the courage to watch these people die. She screams as her past come tumbling down around her.

© 2016 MightyMouse

Author's Note

Boom, end of chapter. Betcha never thought Pip had such a tragic past. Don't ya just wanna know what actually happened??? Mwahaha!!! You'll just have to wait.

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A Chapter by MightyMouse