A Chapter by MightyMouse

Jake knows something is up, but he tries very hard to pretend nothing is wrong. All the men fought with each other a lot, and that had scared Jake, but they don’t any more. Now they ignore each other, and they ignore him. Jake had asked Waya where Pip was over and over again, but he never knew. He kept telling Jake not to worry about it, but Jake still did.

Jake is sitting on the floor playing with Nibbles and Velcro, his velociraptor. Nibbles is afraid of Velcro, so he hides inside a box. Velcro is outside of the small box trying to get in. “Let me in! I just want to play with you.” Jake says in an attempt at a deep voice for Velcro. “No, you have big teeth and claws and I’m afraid of you! Go away!” He says in a high pitched voice for Nibbles. He makes Velcro jump around the box while Nibbles sits inside afraid. He sighs after a while and puts his toys down. Waya and Sebastian are both asleep, but Jake is bored. He tries to wake them both up, but the both just grunt and roll around. Waya tells him to go to sleep too. “But it’s day time, Waya. Can’t you wake up and play with me?” He asks. “I want to play dinosaurs.” He roars and hops up and down. Waya starts snoring.

Jake’s little shoulders sag. Waya is too tired to play with him. He takes Nibbles from the box. “Well, Nibbles, I’m bored.” He complains, holding Nibbles out in front of him so he can look at the monkey’s face. “Let’s go see if we can find Pip. I miss her. She’s supposed to be our Momma Bird, but I don’t think she wants to have babies any more.” He carries Nibbles by one of his arms as he leaves the room.

He searches every room. Most of the men are asleep, but the ones that aren’t yell at him to go away. He saunters down the last hallway on the second floor still feeling very determined to find Pip. He jumps every couple of steps making his shoes light up. He likes watching the colors dance on the walls. He’s paying too much attention to his shoes because he runs straight into a door. He runs into it so hard it makes him fall down. “Ouch!” Jake rubs the side of his head were he hit it on the door. “This is the balcony.” He explains to Nibbles. “I’m not supposed to go out there. Waya doesn’t want me to fall.” Curiosity is waging war inside him. “Waya isn’t here. I suppose I can at least peek and see if Pip is here.” His little arms are barely long enough to reach the handle. Stretching on the very tips of his toes, he grabs the handle and pulls. The door isn’t locked.

Jake squeezes through the opening covering his eyes from the sudden brightness of the sun. Blinking several times and rubbing his eyes, Jake finally regains his vision. The balcony is as long as the building, but this is the only door. A white concrete ledge blocks his view. It’s too tall for him to see over. He looks around for something to step up on, but there’s nothing. There is however, to his surprise, Pip. She’s at the farthest end of the balcony staring down at the ground. She doesn’t see him. He hollers her name, but she doesn’t turn around. “Maybe she can’t hear me. I’ll just go over there.” He smiles excitedly and runs to her throwing Nibbles to the ground. He has his arms wide open, excitement building as she gets closer and closer. He’s only a couple of feet away, but she steps up onto the ledge. His smile wavers. He knows that’s not very safe, so he runs faster hoping to make her come back down. He stops just below her. “Pip?” He asks. And then she plummets to the ground.

© 2016 MightyMouse

Author's Note

Ahh, the end of this chapter. Who's going nuts?

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A Chapter by MightyMouse