I Kissed A Girl

I Kissed A Girl

A Story by M.E.Lyle

A letter to Katy Perry


I Kissed A Girl

(A letter to Katy Perry)

Dear Katy,

It seems odd, but I think we have something in common...so it seems. I kissed a girl and I liked it, but then again, I'm a guy.

That part we don't have in common.

So tell me, what guy doesn't like kissing girls? Okay, okay, let's not go there, if you get my drift.

I think the girl liked it too, I mean, she didn't throw up or anything like AmyBeth did last year. I have to be honest, poor AmyBeth was a victim of horrific circumstance.

I had been experimenting with chewing tobacco, you know the dip stuff, just to see if I liked it. My face turned green and I got sick, but not before kissing dear sweet AmyBeth.

There was still some tobacco residue left in my left cheek when I laid that kiss on her. Poor girl just couldn't take it.

Needless to say, I never messed with tobacco products ever again. It's just not worth losing a girl over.

But this other new girl...WOW! She's something special.

 I only wish I knew her name.

I planned on asking her, but it's hard to kiss and ask questions at the same time. It's kinda' like the tobacco thing, a real conundrum.

Heck, I don't even know what that means.

I was so dazzled by the kiss, all I could do when it was over was stare off into space. I was in some sort of a coma or something.

When I came out of it, the coma, she was gone.

I suppose I should tell you how all this came about, but honestly I couldn't say. There was a lot of rum and cola going around so I don't remember much.

All I can tell you is, one minute I'm sitting on the couch minding my own business when suddenly, for some strange reason, this beautiful brunette sits on my lap and kisses me passionately.

Everything went blank after that.

And so, here's to you Katy Perry, I too kissed a girl...AND I LIKED IT....NO...LOVED IT!!!

It's a crazy world.


Andy Nomoly

© 2017 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

Just when you think your tank is empty...this happens.

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I suspect a Katy Perry song has something to do with this, but I don't know any of her music. Irregardless, I found this quite interesting and entertaining. Funny, too. That skoal spit would make anyone gag.
And kissing girls? Yahoo, that's fun! A very good and clever one, my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Great fun story! When I looked at your profile it really belies your age (I'm 65 going on still young enough for a girl on my lap and a kiss!)
Well done,

Posted 1 Year Ago

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