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Mary Beth and the Giant

Mary Beth and the Giant

A Story by M.E.Lyle

"Hey stupid, where did you get those ridiculous clothes?"


Mary Beth and the Giant

Mary Beth was a smallish girl, barely four feet tall and weighing in at a mere 55 pounds. She was a very stylish little girl, keeping a nice appearance about herself. Today she wore her newest outfit, a pair of light colored pink jeans and a soft colored pink top to match. She was in the middle of her third grade year at Rosecrans Intermediate.

Bobby Henderson stood in stark contrast to the tiny Mary Beth. He was five foot six inches and weighed a hefty 145 pounds. Amongst his classmates he was known as THE GIANT.

Bobby was a mean spirited boy, pushing everyone around. He especially enjoyed picking on the weakest members of the class.

Today it was Mary Beth's turn.

During recess he snuck up behind her and gave her a violent shove that sent her sprawling to the ground. Her left knee hit a rock, tearing her new jeans and putting a gash on her knee.

Looking at her, Bobby snickered,

"Hey stupid, where did you get those ridiculous clothes, from the Wal-Mart discount counter?"

Mary Beth clinched her teeth, fighting back the pain to her knee, and to her pride.

She refused to allow herself to cry.

She stood slowly, turned and walked slowly toward Bobby and with fire in her eyes, glared at him.

He had a funny sneer on his face, but it only lasted a moment.

Mary Beth, with finger nails ready, lashed out at the unsuspecting Bobby, cutting several deep slashes across his face.

Blood gushed everywhere.

Her friends looked at her in awe and disbelief.

Bobby screamed, "She's scarred me, I'm injured. Somebody help me please," but nobody had sympathy, no one except Mary Beth.

She put her arms around him and walked with him to the nurse's office. Not a word was said between the two.

Mary Beth was suspended for two week.

Bobby never bothered anyone ever again.

© 2017 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

Sometimes you just have to fight back.

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I hope Bobby had a little scar to remind him not to backslide. When a kid, I scuffled and wrestled all the time, but getting into an actual fight was something I avoided and really didn't like. Pin a medal on Mary Beth for her bravery. A good one, Mike.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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