The Unknown

The Unknown

A Story by MaestroSheeple

Two parallel vertical lines that will never meet, stumble across each other as they distance into the horizon forming a small dot. It will rise up as the long hand clocks past 6. At the same time a change in size will be visible to the naked human eye like witnessing a beautiful woman undressing shoulder after shoulder; sweet, gentle and soft. The dark black will lighten to an explosion of crimson red, yellow, orange and eventually all the primary and secondary colors. Your five senses will tingle as your eyes stutter to its bliss and oblivion. Never will you imagine the beauty of this insanity. Now contemplation will occur, are you more aroused or just concerned? Revealing the mystery doors right in front of your eyes yet no keys can be seen. Sort of like the feeling of achieving your biggest dreams but realizing that its no more. Now you must have thought this is going nowhere, the writer’s out of his mind? Well you’re right, I don’t even know what I’m writing about imagine what the readers will think. Fooled you, we do things for a reason the choices we make just differ. The powers of the unknown, its there but you just don’t know it. Sit down, relax and imagine, imagine the colors that you’ve never seen, the texture that you’ve never felt, the emotions that are not expressed, the flavors you’ve never enjoyed, the sound frequency that cant be heard and now think about it. You will never know!

© 2013 MaestroSheeple

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Added on November 27, 2013
Last Updated on November 27, 2013



Amsterdam, Europe, Netherlands