Oh Vanity of Vanities

Oh Vanity of Vanities

A Poem by Maddi

The vanity sits on her dresser.

Sunlight sparkling, iridescent rays;

Glimmering, glittering rays of hope.

Reflect around the room.

She looks into her vanity,

Her glossy curls of vibrant red,

Glow like claret wine.

Her deep hazel eyes,

Lined with dark pencil.

Her bright smile, teeth glinting

Like tiny pearls.

Her reflection scowls back.

The reflected world is not so perfect.

Her hair hangs limp and depressed,

Eyes devoid of emotion,

No smile shines from within.

Maybe this vanity shows the truth.

The real person on the inside.

Oh vanity of vanities, you show us you we are.

You remove the façade we set up,

Destroyed my self confidence,

By showing my true colours to me.

But the girl's reflection is different.

It's not just depressed, its aggravated

by the lack of beauty in her monochrome, virtual world.

So the reflection jumps out the mirror and pulls the girl inside.

Suddenly the reflection is voluptuous,

Hair glossy and glowing.

The reflection grabs the lamp and smashes the mirror with it,

With the girl inside.

The reflection doesn't mind seven years bad luck,

It worth it all in the end.

© 2016 Maddi

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Wow!Well done..this definitely spoke to me

Posted 2 Years Ago

Great poem. Well done. The description of the character brought her alive before our eyes.
The visualisation is brilliant. The wording is also apt and well-placed.
Congratulations on the First Position. Truly deserved :)

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks! (:
Wow! This is amazing! I love this so much, your descriptions, the tone, your words! What a crazy ending.
"The reflection doesn't mind seven years bad luck" , I love that twist of superstition, It really completes the ending so perfectly.
Great job!!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Did I make you crack your laptop screen? :P

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