My Last Duchess Response

My Last Duchess Response

A Poem by Maddi

This is just for my English lit assessment


And then, mumbling

From behind the ebony drape

Till audible speech is heard and the curtain pulled back.

"And here, my Last Duchess."

He caresses my painted skin,

Like he once caressed my warm cheek.

The man in front of me,

Swarthy and toad-like

No doubt an ambassador for my old duke's

New prey. They sit and stare at my flushed face,

My parted lips; the flowing gown surreal and flowing

Like how it was when painted.

Those days of sunny warmth and gentle breeze,

Where my benevolent smiles hid no secrets

That My Duke feared they did.

He simply did not understand, how simple

Pleasures can make life joyful; no money

Can buy you happiness.

First he tried to teach me, show me

How a stiff upper lip and condescending nature,

Would make him 'stoop' low enough to accept me.

I would have none of it, 'twas not in my nature to do so.

In being kind, I blemished his


I blemished his pride, I would not be his slave.

So his under men sent me to my grave.

© 2016 Maddi

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Added on November 28, 2016
Last Updated on November 28, 2016



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