Anthropomorphic Anger

Anthropomorphic Anger

A Poem by Maddi

In the moment before I'd been so calm
But just now, words had spilled like water boiling over
And I couldn't deal with it anymore.

At first, it was just anger.
Like leaving food out for the strays, then
They slowly move into your house. Just like her.

Soon, she was growing. From temperamental
Tantrums to full on psychotic attacks.
She'd gotten bigger and her host was getting smaller.

I was shrinking away and her flames were roaring.
Nothing could stop her, there was nothing she wouldn't burn.
And the hatred for those who'd been so dear,
Would roar away in the furnace too.

But I wanted out.
All this hatred and detesting,
I needed to get away from it.

So I put soil on my flames slowly and steadily,
Locked her in that cage in my chest.
It hurt at first, her heat like a heavy coal in my heart.

Gradually, she calmed down.
Years eaten up by her glowering flames.
Then one day, words spilled like water boiling over,
And it all gushed out.

She's there in the shadows, in the back of my mind,
Under the table, in the dark of the night.
I'm getting desperate; she's always there,
But the drink and the drugs won't flush her away-

Instead, my anger just sits on top of me,
And let's me slowly suffocate to death.

© 2017 Maddi

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Added on March 12, 2017
Last Updated on March 12, 2017



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