Chapter 4 Runaway Love

Chapter 4 Runaway Love

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

Why is she running away and will she get the guts to do it?


   cChapt. 4 .Runaway Love. By.MissSkyeGaisha


Everything was starting to become more bright, I was starting to see the sun again. Skyler and I were awesome together.We were the perfect team. It was a sunny day in kansas. As it always was. Skyler had slept over and I could feel his warm brown eyes stare me down. I opened my eyes and looked into his, at that exact moment we became one. Later that night Skyler decided to take me to a house party a "FRIEND" of his was throwing another "FRIEND". So I decided what was the worst that could happen. We arrived around eight - thirty that night. I had on a blue tank top and my leather skinnys. My black pumps made me look slightly taller. "Hey,erm...Sar...I gotta something." He stuttered. I nodded and sat on the near by couch. Skyler had disappeared behind the waves of people, right beside me were these teens giving "CPR" to eachother. I began to laugh. My favorite song had just came on,so I jumped up and began to dance to the song alone. After about 15 minutes of dancing alone I decided to go find Skyler. I rushed through people and bumped into a few, but I made it to my destionation. I guess. Skyler was shooting himself in the arm with some sort of needle,his veins practically popped out his skin. My eyes boggled in disbelief.I tried to get closer to hear the conversation."What about that sarah chick?"A guy asked. "She's so clingy,its like annoying. She's all about attention and kissing. I wish she would just wake up and smell the weed." I heard skyler say. The boys laughed and I ran away crying frantically. I remebered my promise to Skyler and realized I did make a promise I could absoultely not keep and it was tearing me apart from the inside out. I ran all the way home. I begin to write suicide letters. Then I burned them. I had figured out what I had to do and that was to Runaway and never come back.

© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Ignore Grammar and Rate ,Review tell me what should happen next.

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Added on March 21, 2010
Last Updated on March 21, 2010
Tags: runaway, romance, comedy, heart, teen, suspense, enthusiatic



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