Darkness Calling

Darkness Calling

A Poem by PoeticFury

This is a poem from one of the other sites that I post on, so I hope you all like this, and it feels good to be here


When I am living, and clearly alive how is it that all is see is black.

Why is it that I can't see nothing, yet my eyes are open wide.

I have been here before.....

I have been invited....

I have walked out on it, but I end up in it again with each step I take.

Maybe I should not try to fight it.

I hear them in that one place screaming my name. Reminding me of my past.

Its weird how they are the only ones to know what it truly was.

Maybe I should go back since they are the ones that seem to give me any form of love.

Blood...... did it help?

In a sad way too?

Yes it does.

My eyes don't hurt from the light.

So what if I am focus on watching and seeing one thing...... one color.

Give me a black notebook.....

may him/her read his/her deathnote, and let me try and save them if I can.

We are down here together I will do my best to understand you sister.

I love you too brother.

In here we are all the same....

we are in the same place.

How is it that we are able to get along here better than earth itself.

Life tried to take breath away from us, and get us six feet under cover.

We are not crazy we are not suicidal.

We are not insane...

We are here for each other.

We are just tired of being along. Being paid no mind and idol.

I see this door those voices and their calls get louder.

Join us...

be here again with us.

A unique, helpful, yet stronger, and demonic higher power.

Behind the door I know what lies.

Unless something has changed.

A place for us.....

away from the hurt.

The pain....

the struggles that lies.

We don't always think of death.

We don't have to be put in a class of gothic, emo, or whatever.

Did you ever think if we just want people to know us? Our names?

You say poetry is for the weak.

Cause you the one that cant speak.

You say we kill ourselves with knives, blades, and guns.

You talk about us, but we have the will to hold on.

Knowing in reality you the one who wish that life was not like this.

No one is truly strong.

We all break down....

Though you feel life has passed you the hater up, and now you have missed.

In the end you talk about us.

I know....

we know....

what we are, and how we feel.

You may not know what we are about.

So you try us....

test us......

to get in our minds...

then you are afraid to.... to get in our minds, body, and souls.

Cause you may see something that might just freak you the hell out.

So stay out...

this is our home...

the darkness is our light.

We don't have daylight....

this is our battle...our fight..

Rather we win or lose.

Seeing this life falling apart before our eyes is the one thing that we know is not right.

Problem with it?

You stay in this hell that you call life.

We will be in our own place that is life for us.

Now I have to go... may your mind.... let my mind rest in peace.

Even my body one day....

Darkness calling”



© 2011 PoeticFury

Author's Note

feel free to let me know what you think guys

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This is really good. A very powerful, poetic piece with a lot of emotional strength and rawness. The darkness in it is also very provocative and makes this an excellent piece. Good job~Keep it up! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on April 14, 2011
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