A Poem by Mrudula Rani

Midday sun made every thing broil without pity under his realm.
While the lunch hour traffic inched towards destinations with anticipation.
Kids from schools with their heavy backpacks, headed for their apartments
for the noon meals.
Their tired hungry faces stared at the elevator doors as if willing them to open,
The social and service-elevator were both, at every run packed full.
In the lobby small talk flowed among neighbors with restless definitions,
While the girls spent time checking themselves in the mirrored wall.

As the elevator stopped at the landings like a welcoming committee
greeted the aromas of hot meals!
On the first floor "Moqueeca-de-peixe" wafted in, I could almost discern,
the ingredients; sweetpeppers, tomatoes, and fillet of fish simmering
in coconut milk!
The smell of fried potatoes, welcomed the little girl
who stepped out of the elevator holding the nanny's hand, grinning!
From the fifth floor the "Baiam-de-dois" tailed,
All the way to my destination, "frango assado" and "Fajoavada" fallowed
with concern
As I unlocked the door and stepped inside, soon
I had an incredible urgency to have coffee and Icecream!

© 2018 Mrudula Rani

Author's Note

Mrudula Rani
Moquecas-de-paixe is a dish made with fish fillets and layers of onions, sweet peppers simmered in coconut milk. Served with plain rice.
Biaiam-de- dois is mixture of dry beans and rice (northeast of Brasil is famous for the dish)
Frango asado is roasted chicken.
Fajoavada is mixture of assorted meat cuts and beans cooked with tomato paste and spices. And served with plain rice.
All the above dishes are always accompanied by "farofa"; dried ground caçava root, looks a lot like cream of wheat.

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Man! You are making us hungry for the feast. We are also feasting on your words. I like how you are sharing cultural moments with your readers. Very educational. It will help the tourists better when they travel to your destination. All thanks...
Are you sure you are not a travel agent...lol
Just kidding.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Mrudula Rani

9 Months Ago

No iam not a travel agent my friend, thanks for the compliment. I wanted you experience my world a l.. read more
Sami Khalil

9 Months Ago

You are very welcome...

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Added on February 25, 2018
Last Updated on February 26, 2018
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Mrudula Rani
Mrudula Rani


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A Poem by Mrudula Rani