Catch Me

Catch Me

A Poem by Nish Nish the Fish

A "Slam Poetry" exercise from my poetry class.


Catch Me

I really need you to catch me,

Cause I’m treading in thin air,

I really need you to grab my hand,

                Cause I’m drowning in your stare.

                I really need you to realize that we make the perfect pair,

                And I don’t care, I really don’t care,

What you dare to do with all that wit, or what you wear, I don’t care.

                Take me out of my despair, cus im hanging in midair, and I’m scared,

                                Im so scared…


I really need you to catch me.


                Cause you’re so hypnotizing,

                You’ve got those mesmerizing eyes,

                And that laugh �" so inspiring; that spirit �" so exciting,

And that red, velvet tie, so enticing. How many chances do I have?

                Three strikes and you’re off, to college, to life, to Germany, you’re flying,

Spreading those incredible wings, experiencing the amazing,

Leaving me behind, floating,


I really need you to catch me.


                Cause I’m hanging on to a slippery bar,

                Clinging on to a hot, dreamy star,

                Wondering why you have to go so far away…

It’s not fair, its really not fair,

                I remember when we sat in your car, and we talked about war, and society, and ignorance,

                And that time we didn’t actually study for bio, cherished three hours at Starbucks, talking about Plato, and our philosophical scars,

                I remember when we skipped school and flew to Mars, those solar winds were strong, but we trapped them in a jar,

 and I hope you keep it forever, cause one day when you open it, they’ll send you to me,

                And we will drift together…


Unless of course you catch me,

                Then I could to teach you French, and you could teach me how to live,

                And we could play tennis on No Fun Day, and make fun of Rebecca Black on Thursday,

                And I wouldn’t have to cry on graduation day, cause I’d be caught in your arms, and your smile and your hair.


                But all of that’s a blur, and I’m a whole lot of unsure,

                And im trying not to move or stir, cus if I do I’ll be falling for sure,





And I really don’t wanna lose sight of you, or your smile, or your hair or your eyes,



I really need you to catch me. 

© 2011 Nish Nish the Fish

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This is so, so beautiful,
I think this the kind of poem that would take anyone back to that first love feeling,
Pure and innocent,
“I’m a whole lot of unsure” love that line (unfortunately there will be a whole lot more, LOL)
But hay what do I know?
Great job, well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I really like it! I love the placement of the words, especially the "down, down, down" part.

Posted 7 Years Ago

absolutely beautiful

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow. A really powerful burst of sense of longing and yearning, and 'twas conveyed very well. Great romanticism was displayed here as well. Love is very powerful. I think the most powerful thing on Earth or anywhere else. Very well done :)


Posted 7 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on March 26, 2011
Last Updated on March 26, 2011


Nish Nish the Fish
Nish Nish the Fish

Kansas City, KS

I feel this deserves an update..seeing as i'm no longer 16 ;) Well, of course i still love writing poetry, I'm actually in a poetry class right now! It's dandy.. I like the color red, alot. I C.. more..


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