Dogbal Mission at the Movie Theater

Dogbal Mission at the Movie Theater

A Story by NoArrangedMarriage

The Bad Dogs have been ruining the theater! Only Waffle and Sandwich can help - with a new friend. But Waffle must focus, but she's just thinking about learning facts!




The Bad Dogs ruined the “Big Wolf-Ancestor-Sized TV”, as Waffle called it.













Dogball was a usual name for a group of dogs, so they removed the extra L, making it “Dogbal.”




















Waffle and Sandwich had to help!

“I’ll catch the Bad Dogs,” Waffle said, “and you just save the theater TV.”




















Waffle crashed into Sandwich’s work. He didn’t have much progress, anyway. “I’ll help you instead,” Waffle said. She felt really warm seeing everyone watching!





















“How much did a movie cost in the Great Depression? Were they invented?” she asked.

“I’m Mikey! During the Depression, movies cost about twenty-seven cents,” Mikey said.

“Ooh,” Waffle said, pulling away from Sandwich. He wanted to get going!

















“In 1907 you could watch a film at a Nickelodeon theater for five cents. In fact, that’s why it’s called a “Nickel-odeon,” said Mikey. “During the ’60s, it cost a little less than $1 to catch a movie!”

“Wow,” Waffle said. “We really must get going!”

















“In 1980, it cost $4.00 to go to a movie. Any ideas?” Waffle said. “Let’s charge the Bad Dogs 4.00 for all that meanness.”



















“Now it costs $10 to go to film,” said a Bad Dog, jumping out. “So just charge us ten bucks!”

While the first air-conditioned movie theater was built way back in 1922, the first cup holders didn’t make it onto cinemas until AMC Theaters introduced them in 1981.




















The Bad Dogs paid 4.00 angrily, and Waffle tied them up.

“Go to your family!” Waffle said. Mikey helped them fix everything!



















Waffle thought about everything she’d learned. How much movies cost… The third-grader even learned that five cents made a nickel.



















“Let’s watch a film!” said Bone.

Pancake and Sunday agreed, too. “Mission at the movie theater completed!”

And so they watched a cool movie called “Cinderella.” The brand-new one made in 2015, that is!




















© 2015 NoArrangedMarriage

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Added on August 6, 2015
Last Updated on August 6, 2015