A Trade Between Siblings

A Trade Between Siblings

A Chapter by NoArrangedMarriage

“Ahyoka!” Gali called. Gali was nine years old and her sister was getting dressed. She looked at her mother Yona.
“Etsi,” she said, “will you always be our etsi?”
Etsi smiled at Gali. “Always!” she said.
“Then why wasn’t our first father always our apu-apu?” asked curious Gali.
“He deceased in a stickball game,” said Yona. Quickly she told them that their new apu-apu was fine. “Just enjoy what you have, even if it is titi.” Yona ate up an ear of corn. “Until this new apu-apu finally passes on.”
“Thinking titi thoughts!” scolded Ahyoka. “Thinking titi thoughts!” She rushed out of the tepee. She looked up. Gali was really up a tree!
“Gali, get back down here!” yelled Ahyoka very loudly, forgetting the young baby was sleeping. “Even your three younger brothers aren’t as wild as you! And of course Tayanita isn’t wild, and I’m not wild.”
“But Older Sister,” begged Gali. Etsi, please, I beg you!
“Get down here now!” said Ahyoka. She was being quite serious lately, and Etsi and Tayanita hadn’t noticed. Of course, only curious and adventurous Gali noticed? A very mean and serious tone in Ahyoka’s eyes, talking, and body movements.
Hialeah, another sister of Gali, came by. “Tayanita told me to tell you, Gali and Ahyoka, that your arguing is waking up Etsi’s baby!”
“What?” said Etsi. She quickly rushed into the tepee. “Look what you’ve done, Gali! Your wildness woke Salali up!”
“But it wasn’t me!” said Gali. “It was Ahyoka who was screaming at me so loudly she woke up the baby.”
“You be quiet, don’t argue, you foolish girl!” said Etsi. “Must I call Whip Woman?”
Gali sighed. She came back down. “Ahyoka…!”
“Just be quiet,” snapped Ahyoka.
“What is wrong with you?” yelled Gali. Quickly the baby screamed and wailed.
“What’s wrong with you, running around wildly, climbing trees, knowing the baby’s trying to sleep!” said Ahyoka.
Ahyoka sighed. She went into the tepee.
“You! No more of your craziness!” said Etsi. “You will stay in the tepee all day every day, Gali! You’re just too wild!”
In the tepee? Forever? Etsi, how could you do this to me? Gali thought. Don’t you love me? Sadly Gali walked to the tepee. How unfair was this!
“Will you help me please? Please? Please? Get me out of this tepee for at least one sun!” begged Gali.
“Fine,” said Ahyoka.
“Why’ve you been serious?” asked Gali.
“Because I’m in love,” said Ahyoka, “and I don’t know how to impress Yonaguska. He’s strong, wise, tall, handsome, fast, a good hunter...” Ahyoka sighed happily. “And I want to marry him, and I’m upset because when I serve him food he doesn’t even look at me!”
“Do you look at him?” asked Gali.
“Know, I’m too shy,” said Ahyoka. “I know I’d fall into his arms if I looked at him.”
“He’s in love with you, too, he told me,” said Gali. “You two will marry, I’m sure. You both can dance with each other at courtship dance! Then you guys can dance and kiss and fall in love and get married! What a romantic dance it’d be!”
“Yes,” said Ahyoka. “In return for the wonderful idea, I’ll help you leave the tepee. It’ll be like a trade. The idea for a chance of outdoorsy mischief, just like before.”
Ahyoka must really be in love with Yonaguska, or she wouldn’t just give in like that! Love can get the softest out of us! thought Gali. “Thank you, Ahyoka. I’d wonder how to repay you, but I think I already did.”
Ahyoka smiled. “Come on, let’s sneak. Etsi’s not here, she’ll never notice.”
Of course, how could Gali say no? Suddenly Ahyoka blushed and looked away. That was a sign of Yonaguska being near! There he was, cooking. He was wearing blue with a long braid. He saw Ahyoka and quickly looked away.
“See?” said Ahyoka. “He looks away quickly.”
“That’s a symbol of him being too madly in love to talk to you, of course!” said Gali.
“Yes, it means he loves me. The next moon is courtship dance, where me and Yonaguska can dance, kiss, and fall in love like you said,” said Ahyoka. Gali quickly climbed a tree.
“Huh?” said Ahyoka. “Gali!”
“You said I could climb one,” said Gali. “Didn’t you? Remember you must repay me somehow for being so helpful!”

© 2015 NoArrangedMarriage

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Added on September 16, 2015
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