I Will Fix it Now

I Will Fix it Now

A Poem by The John Fredrick Carver

New Way Approach


'Where do we start,' he will say, 'I'd really like to talk

About this just to get it off my mind at last.'

'I suppose he'll try to talk about religion

Why doesn't he just give up? I am not going back,'

She will think. So they will talked about nothing pretty much

Until finally he'll gets the chance he had been waiting for.

Well, we are what we are!” he will say with a smile, “I mean-?

We are what we are inside ourselves but there's more.

Our environment is what it is too,” he will continue quite sure,

When we do wrong it's not us doing it so who is the blame?

Us or those in our environment? I mean everyone has limits!

And environments all have limits and we limit ourselves.

When we push the environment too far it's trouble-”

I agree but if we're right we have the right to do it,”

She will say as he quickly replies, But you're wrong.

It's not right but I think we have to be responsible.

I mean, do we have the right to tell anyone what is right?

I mean we are what we are and when pushed too far

It is not us doing it but them making us do it-”

She tried to interrupt but he persisted with his thought,

It's the same way with them.” She fell silent.

If we push them too far it is us doing it

To ourselves because they are just doing what they do,

Being what they are just like we are. It's not rights.

The only right anyone really has is the right to be wrong

For the good of others and to be right for them too.”

But I believe we should be punished when we do wrong,”

She will say, “But why?” he will ask, “When it's not us doing it

But them causing us to do it since we are what we are

And that we can't help but do and there is only one right way

And we can't do anything about it; we're the way we were made

Just like our environment is the way they've made it.”

She will reply, “I believe we make a decision

To do it or not and therefore we are wrong or we are right.”

He coughed and replied back, “You're like God on this, you know?”

Like Adam took what she gave him because she gave it to him.

It was automatic. Him being what he was he take it.

But God says he decided to take it and therefore sinned to death.

But if he took everything she gave him and that's what he did

Because that's what he was then he didn't do it. She did.”

Are you saying that if someone rapes someone

It isn't their fault? Because, they decide to rape them.

And that's wrong.” But he replied, “If he wants her so bad he can't stop-”

Rape has nothing to do with sex in most cases.

Up to ninety percent of rapes-” He asked, “What caused it?

He had limitations and those limits were somehow exceeded.

She had limits too. What caused her limits, precautions,

Or vulnerabilities to push him beyond his.

They think of raping someone and it takes them beyond

Their limits and they create a situation to do it.

That's where it starts a thought and what's the likelihood

For someone to think a thought that doesn't come

From somewhere? I mean if it never was who'd think it?

And if they did would they being what they are be able to resist it?”

She shook her head in disbelief. “There is no sin.

God made us what we are. He allowed the environment to be.”

But God will reply to him, 'If you do wrong you can't be.

I made you. If you can't do it I will. I did it.

You will grow to be like me whether you die or not

If you are in error which leads to being wrong I'll fix that.

I'll fix it whether you want it or not. It's in me.

Even if you don't want it and die rather than change

I will fix that and raise you and make you one of me in the end.

So be very careful what you do. You will wish that you did.'

© 2017 The John Fredrick Carver

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Added on November 7, 2017
Last Updated on November 7, 2017