A Poem by The John Fredrick Carver

The old age and the new.


He brought him home from the hospital

He lay him in his crib with his wife there standing by

When she left he pulled his foreskin back to see what they did

It was a little infected and he was disgusted.

That night he was having a nightmare when he

Touched his son and hugged him and stroked him and fondled him there

It was so horrible he was awakened.

God tried to bury the nightmare in his subconscious

But his mind had arranged that he thought in terms of the dream

He had never had a homosexual thought

He had never known a sexual leaning toward kids

He was not even gay or a pervert in any of his ways.

He never thought of God again if he had before

He ignored his only firstborn and never said a thing

About his dream to anyone but himself

He thought he was that he in the dream was and he died

He fell away and didn't come back to his mind

His spirit died. He was in hell all the time

He was on earth and even when raised by God

He fell away a moment later to hell.

He paraded a little likeness of his son to be seen

By him and caused him to feel like he never felt but once

In a dream knowing he had his soul in a bind.

He molested him. He had sex with him in torment.

He beat him and when he healed he beat him again

He made him drunk. He made him feel high. He filled him

With joy then he broke his heart. He showed him his wife

Having sex with an man and chopping his body to pieces.

He led him to believe God hated him more than he did

Himself as he described the beauty of heaven

Causing him to think he was talking to dear loved ones

But he caused them to hate him and despise him and to torture him too.

Then his mind died. His soul was dead and his spirit dead.

When he heard the truth of the New Age in God

God raised him, a baby, a new mind, a beloved son of Mine

Bubbling over with laughter and staring in God's eyes full of love.

God loves them more than anyone else ever to be

Saved forever. Holding them. Hugging them. Playing with them.

Looking into their eyes continually.

He cannot get enough of him and never will he try.

He was a Father to his son and raised him to be

A great god in God saving them both the only way.

His son became a God and was absolutely God-like.

He left God to create a world in his mind like earth.

In the end he saved them all even his devil.

He was perfectly sane like God and always will be the same.

© 2017 The John Fredrick Carver

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Added on November 7, 2017
Last Updated on November 7, 2017