All in Me

All in Me

A Poem by Schizophrenic Poet

Complete destruction against your will was with him

When he decided that he did it right

And righteously protected all of his from her

She is not and never will be again to her plight.

That destruction according to your will was in him

They are deceased but not completely destroyed

Surrounded by his presence that bears no tears

Waiting for that to call them back like an android.

It was their decision and done by their own hand

Many have died by their own decision to sleep

And then to allow their mind not to be in that end

They have all been raised but the two in the dreamless deep.

Many died to be self-tortured until they slept

Along with those that believed they tortured them

And were believed by them to have been victims

With both of the sides wrong; twice dead, ahem!

The dead loved but not even one loved him much

And would not change their minds concerning their deeds

They were all completely destroyed then raised again

Alive and unable not to be good like their needs.

There was revulsion and brutality,

Conceit, self-importance, ego, defiance, mistakes,

Planned error, intentional harm, dislike, hatred

Deception and all its many kinds of flakes.

They ignore, barely acknowledge, snub, shun,

Pay attention to, take interest in, are fascinated by,

Are drawn to, liked, preferred, longed for, embraced,

Kissed, loved, loved before all; but rejected. Sigh.

There was evil in him, there was bad and he despised

His nemesis whose name none remembers

He is indifferent, he disapproves, he rejects,

He punishes, he pities, he is merciful, judges

Albeit correctly, rightly, righteously, goodly

With just the right amount of power and strength

He always was, is now and has no end at all

And he made everything, nothing and the greatest length.

It is all in him but he has a tender heart;

All he did, he did for my “me” and yours from the start.

© 2017 Schizophrenic Poet

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017


Schizophrenic Poet
Schizophrenic Poet

Bemidji, MN

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