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In the Womb

In the Womb

A Story by The John Fredrick Carver

There is a place like fiction, a random place where the next random thing that comes up is entertained by Eloi, the thing that comes for him to do from the God with no name who has made more random things than ever could have occurred without consciousness (His) which has made every conceivable random thing that can be, so many times that nearly every possible situation for a random event to occur in has occurred and has been repeated a number of times that I can possibly understand in God but not outside his mind which is him.

In this case it begins with the random meeting of Parent A with Parent B and the long history of events that began with Parent Adam and Parent Eve and their short history on back to the God with no name settling almost immediately upon what to create that had never been real before all at the same time.

It ends with God, all Gods intuiting what to do next or what to say next and even what to think next when confronted with that intuition is, the intuited but unknowable entity for now, may I say? that no consciousness not even God can know but just does while doing that which before the advent of God first doing that without having any conscious involvement in what the outcome will be that was the good, right, and true thing to do that led to the just thing to do and the most merciful thing to judge but most of all the loving thing every time giving us power that is potentially comparable in human understanding to a cap compared to a nuclear explosion involving all nuclear devices going off simultaneously and the answer to how God has known that about everything his consciousness ever considered to do to become the ultimate God assuming of course there are not other Gods there that cannot be understood any other way and may not be able to detect us until we can interact in that way; that which does exist and that a conscious mind cannot understand and certainly not comprehend which is beyond omnipotence but is as common as elemental particles of all kinds in their seeming unimaginably high number God knows concerning elemental particles as much smaller when compared as follows: A known elemental particle compares with the universe though his knowledge of them goes well beyond that it was and obviously is, if it all continues as it always has, to be an unending search for the smallest elemental part; a place in space that existed for such a short period of time it ended incidentally with its beginning and has no height, width or depth that exists only in theory in any possible conscious mind even the most unlikely conscious mind of God and the essence not of everything but the very essence of not being.

It is the womb of a random couple that has in it the conscious fetus that is so random that all sperm and ova were entirely unique and not consciously guided by God in any way other than as a default occurrence brought on by everything else the God with no name ever did, said or thought and then not cared about by God who knows enough of what it will be to discount any significance it has or importance to its coming into creation in any way, the most common of all zygotes to form among humans by the way.

Nothing guides it but the understood laws of randomness that are known by the God with no name that not many others have thought to ask about. Random Parent A meets Random Parent B and Random child AB is the random result. That is where the overwhelming majority of mankind are made, endure in the womb and finally are born and become a viable living creatures on earth and so long as conscious, a part of the world as it was for the lifespan of Child AB.

They become one of the overwhelming number of children that will die and go to hell to be raised on the very day of the last beginning of heaven, earth and hell as they are then regenerated in some mysterious way as yet undecided by the God with no name or his me the God whose nickname is Eloi which all his friends call him by the way because of the sacred nature of his full name.

Child AB lives forever as do all children, you in particular. No one is left out but a very small number that Eloi has decided not to regenerate for it would serve no purpose to anyone consciously knowable anyway; those left out available in the God with no name's mind to be created anew if needed though it would be a thing that might even destroy God to do such a thing without some higher power as mentioned before being capable, able and amenable to raise him.

That is the truth. Anything other than that is therefore fiction. But as God does quite commonly allow harmless and even fiction that may do some good by simply ignoring it while all the time it is technically grounds for a failure to have lived should they persist and it be about God specifically but not alone. The more fiction one has in one's beliefs especially about God being congruent to the amount of insanity that can be tolerated in heaven, the only place past the final beginning that any of the living are, with very few minor exceptions.

There is a baby inside the womb? That may be true but with God not caring one way or the other though he always prefers life to not being anything living or dead. There may not even be a viable mass that becomes a fetus in there in the very early stages. There may be a fetus in there that will not be born that is miscarried or born deceased. There may be a tragic baby in there that never technically lived and therefore though a human body that is dying from birth or that is only a human body and no mind when it is taken from Parent A or Parent B's body. Then there is the possibility that there is a baby in there that will die and its mind become useless to it or destroyed in some way. Finally there is the possibility that there is an actual baby in there that will result in a living person in heaven that dies upon seeing God's face to become a living God forever.

There is a lot of room then given the options for one error and two for fiction to exist in the womb. Occasionally one of those random Children (AB's) result in the last and most highly prized outcome God as he interacts with those on earth and part of the world can give any human being even one he cares about that was guided to be born in the category created by all those that are included in the final option for what is in the womb.

But whatever it is, it is human, the missing link so commonly thought about by even some geniuses. Anything else is unrealistic and fictional. It has never happened, is not now happening except in some dead author's fiction usually, and will never happen in any other way for it did not though some viable creature that is a hybrid human is remotely possible with a union of some kind between the manifestation of an alien spirit in a form compatible with a human's lifetime manifestation in the usual human form which did happen finally before the end of the final beginning.

Now picture if you will a man clutching the swollen abdomen of his wife. He smiles to consider the possibility of that inside to be a son or a daughter when the odds against it being one that will live are really very slim unless one takes into account the final salvation of all in the final beginning.

That beginning by the way has not been decided but has very few requirements for it to take place. It is largely up to Eloi to decide using the mind of God the God with no name's information to do it. The rest is very incidental and can be, all things being normal at the time, easily accomplished by Eloi and the rest of the Gods.

When you see one like the Savior that is not the Savior but him in every way but the ways he is not that include all the ways of the Savior, it will be permissible to think of him as Jesus the returning Christ for that he is in him but he is not only the Christ but God's me for Jesus is in Elohim and Elohim in Eloi and, Eloi and the God with no name fully God with us all being in him.

When he dies all that he created, all of created reality besides God which is no more even as started to happen when Jesus of Nazareth died and Jesus Christ was raised nearly 2000 years ago. We were all made by Eloi with the God with no name's knowledge without which he could not have made us all though that God could not have made us all without Eloi either. When he perishes then we all do, that were ever the result of anything Eloi and the God with no name ever did. For that reason I say that it will be Eloi that dies and not Jesus the Christ.

This final beginning largely limits what is in that wife's abdomen to a living human that is to die when it sees God's face and becomes God not merely a human being with a viable mind which along with a me that has the will to live fits the requirements for that baby to be God at the very least at the onset of the final beginning.

Consider how dangerous fiction is then. When a child is murdered by abortion or prevented by birth control it is not a body that dies but a conscious being whether God cares for it or not. When a child is born a God is born regardless of its choices as to what its body does, what it thinks or whom its spirit is.

Nearly all people live forever not as humans but as God. To abort a child then is ultimately to abort God. To prevent the birth of a child is to render God not. If one is thrown in hell that murders even a total stranger, what will be the obvious outcome of one who murders God or prevents the possibility of him even being?

Yet most Christians prevent God from being and many people that go to church have murdered God and call themselves Christians. Praise God he is so gracious as to forgive his own murderer and the more heinous of the two the prevention of his ever being. Amen.

Need I tell you what evil is that you will be convicted. That is not fiction. This is: The woman in the above example of the father holding his pregnant wife's abdomen gave birth to a fetus that was human.

May God bless you all and forgive you all that you have done, said to allow these evils, or thought about doing either one. Eloi forgive them, for they all know what they have done and need your forgiveness if they decide to love you hereafter. You go by what they say and what they do, I go by what they think also. Forgive me for being only right and help me be more righteous that something even greater may become of it than the good that would have been, had these atrocities not been that are against you, your mind and your spirit and against the God with no name yet that we all at least existed in. Amen.

It is the God with no name's way to forgive you all anyway, even though there is no longer a Devil that you may claim caused you to do it. So long as you do not misuse the mind of God which is the God with no name yet to do evil it matters not to him. He is such a nonjudgmental God. Eloi looks upon it as just sex. But he requires that you love him to be in heaven which the God with no name leaves to Eloi. Can your conscience handle that? Which is more needed and therefore more loving the Father's way or God's way. They are the same way with a different me deciding which way to take it. Of course Jesus and Elohim require that you die and be raised to be allowed in heaven with Jesus commanding one to love each other as he has loved us. Judging as much as Eloi and them do is love but it is tough love. You must decide which God you think has the best for you. Will you go to Eloi anyway? Or will you choose God's more tolerant way?

© 2018 The John Fredrick Carver

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Added on January 27, 2018
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