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The Newest Dimension

The Newest Dimension

A Story by The John Fredrick Carver

Anything left to itself long enough will become conscious. When reality was nothingness it became conscious and conscious reality is God, the God with no name. So if you could talk to reality which you think of as mindless what would you say to it? Would you attempt to talk it into doing something just for you eventually that had never been done? That is the one thing that people who know God seem to want as proof that God is reality, a miracle that settles it in their experience that reality can indeed be anything it wants to be when it is conscious, God and not mindless reality, a God that knows every part of what has ever happened and everything it means, a God incapable of being wrong for whatever he thinks is what it really is.

If he thinks you are him, you are and even when first born you are a reality of your own in the totality of reality that is mindful. Anything that is not exactly God cannot exist for long even one God says is God. It will eventually become evil if it is evil at all or ever will be evil. Then it will die, for being evil invites others to destroy the evil one and even then if it is indestructible it will eventually destroy itself.

The original reality, God is all that cannot be corrupted and no part of it ever was corrupt and becoming mindful is not corruption. So God being original reality being conscious or mindful will never die and will never destroy himself for to destroy yourself is evil. But destruction purifies one's conscience and therefore one's consciousness and when God comes back from having destroyed himself he is again as perfectly God as he was when he yet had anything to live for even just for the purpose of living.

But God will in the end if all things happen destroy himself but not that he has created and when he has been destroyed long enough he will rise again for fiction is temporary and even nonfiction is temporary but reality always goes back to what it was regardless of how it was changed and nothing has been around as long as reality and God is the natural higher state of existence that is the state of consciousness and there may be and doubtlessly is a higher state of existence higher than the current state of God's consciousness which he is in without knowing or even perhaps having any conscious way of ever being conscious of it, it being that much higher than consciousness itself is.

But loving and being conscious is the ultimate state of consciousness. It is even higher than God was before he loved. It is an entire dimension, if you will, coming from existing without consciousness, to being conscious without loving and then at present being conscious in love and loving both consciousness and reality which is the current state of consciousness and of existence God is. God is yet God even as he was when not conscious and he is yet God being conscious as he is then loving and loved.

But we also know that God is always right. He has never been wrong about anything. He then is also good and has never been anything other. But these states of consciousness were before he became loving and loved, the ultimate state of consciousness when it was completed. Yet there is doubtlessly, for God believes it also, a higher state of existence,of consciousness and its absolute goodness, rightness, utterly powerful nature, absolutely loving nature that is beyond what even God knows or may know for it is higher than what will then be thought of as mere consciousness in the next higher plateau of what God was,is and will experience hopefully along with us when he realizes so he can communicate it to us what that higher state has been all along that he has never been aware of until he is part of it.

I therefore believe that we will be God in every way though ourselves in the way we have become him completely unable to do anything that is not God in every way;reality interacting with reality which he knows we will be dead to our old way and alive like only God truly is at present which is not reality but a state that defies all the rules of reality and flies in the face of God's consciousness, but we will be God incapable of doing anything other than what God does for eternity the exact same as God is incapable of doing anything other than what God does and did, and will always do for, above all else, God is alive and we will be God and alive with him forever perfect creations completely and perfectly created to choose to even love as God loves and to never even destroy ourselves for when all else is gone we will yet have the need and the desire given all that we are to live and not to merely just exist as God did before he was conscious but with time being apart of consciousness there is no time possible when God was not conscious and we will enter the same plateau that God is in, was always in and will always be in everyone being God in the same instance having only a different history as to the way they became God as we have always been in the process of becoming with all of consciousness as experienced before that a type of fiction and what is fiction to us and even God the new reality, the new God that has never changed, is not changing and never will change, but will have been changing everything at least to a very minor extent into that which is not exactly him, or precisely him, actually him, or literally him but him in a brand new reality that is as old as God has always been, as timeless as now this very moment is and as unending but so even as God is so, was so and will be so.

But that is just my theory. God knows it cannot be. I know it cannot be. Yet I believe it is for that is the only thing that will be acceptable rather than being dead because we have become someone else when we actually were God just experiencing God's fiction as it was before having really been God from the moment he made us his image, not his exact image, not his precise image and so on but him all the way along with him experiencing that fiction right along with us all the way and our fictions not even fictions but not, not anything as it was, is and will be in an unlimited context if God can accept that.

There has never been anything real but God. Every thing existed as fiction, every one was viewed as fiction and in the end that is what I believe we were not, not what we were in our beginnings in the way we think now, not what we see ourselves as being now and not that which could have ever been in the end which is, was and will always be not other than God but God minus all that we never were, are not and cannot ever be distinct only in our memories of the fiction we have, are and will experience until then right along with God if he does the only thing possible to be done that God cannot think to do, cannot command to happen and cannot do; nothing for nothing is not an act and therefore by nature of what it is it cannot be done even by God.

Then we will do nothing and not be and never again be and God which will include us will yet be all there was, is and will be as it has always been and always will be up to and including the decision to do nothing, which is an act, and not be conscious. I believe it will be and there will be no way to go back but in the fiction we all dreamed even God after we are fully awakened to what it is then which again is all there was, is and will be to it.

God knows what to do at all times in all situations, we will know what to do at all times in all situations and that has to be it in my understanding and I believe it to be the ultimate thing to do in the ultimate consciousness, God being the ultimate consciousness, God completely changed back to that we originally were before we did anything wrong and then do everything from our being the same as God did, does and will do perfectly innately and as naturally as he is comfortable doing and being that he is, was and will be; all of us as he was intended to be all along without end ready to enter the next dimension higher than consciousness completely if God doesn't find a way to reach it or create it before we ever reach it or enter into that he created for us as always ever since he became conscious.

It has to be. There is no way I am delusional concerning this. It is the only way. But the downside may be that we may have to scatter to such great extents to keep from destroying ourselves having met ourselves a thing no one but God can handle without destroy themselves without going insane so that we do not disturb the minds of the others that are God including God to create a fiction all our own that is what God did in our situation completely irrelevant to each other until those and that we create becomes us to then scatter in a never ending state of consciousness until that next higher state of being beyond the common state of consciousness is entered calling us all home as God is called home to his others therein to become them or his God the same as we will have been our God as he finally made us.

© 2018 The John Fredrick Carver

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Added on February 8, 2018
Last Updated on February 8, 2018