My love has come to an end

My love has come to an end

A Poem by Najam Us Saher

I have sacrificed you just for your happiness.



When I spoke with you for the last time,

I remember, I end up giving you a compliment

Making you believe that, whoever would be your wife she would be very lucky.

I have never thought she would be my sister so close,

Oh! I am such a fool, you told me you love her of course.

I just believed that there could be no future for you both,

A proposal from your side you have sent,

Despite I love someone else, more than you,

I feel, my love has come to an end,

My love has come to an end.

I can see you with anyone in this world,

But truly saying not with her,

What she did towards me is just unforgivable,

You’d be mine today,

If she’d tell those things at right times.

Maybe she would save me from all my pain, but she didn’t,

So, I feel she’s been insane.

From now on, I should prepare my mind,

To just picture you both,

You have crumpled my heart,

Leaving me with no hope.

Seeds I buried in your heart,

Fruits would be stolen by her.

You were never ever mine,

So there’s nothing to lose for.

From my side, I loved you with all my heart.

Nothing much I asked you for,

Gave you enough time,

Hoping that you change your mind,

But no, also you denied your friendship.

Then, how I ever thought you were kind?

I wonder.

Later, only your friendship I asked you for.

A hundred messages I have sent,

Now I feel,

My love has come to an end,

My love has come to an end.

Dreams I had seen for us,

Will be cherished by her,

One day, you will be her new dream,

I just pray

You never leave her, like you left me that day,

I just hope,

You love her so much,

More than these words could say.

I just wish,

You always bring tears in her eyes, of joy,

Finally, I have felt what it feels like to let go,

Finally, I have learnt,

What you cannot attain,

Just let it go.

I hope and pray,

You both live peacefully happy ever,

As you were my love,

I have dreamt your happiness,

That is why, I made a brave decision to let you go,

It took me a lots of courage you know.

Today, I feel proud to say that

I loved you so much that I have sacrificed you

 Just for your happiness.

On your wedding day,

Well wishes, I will send.

I am so happy today, finally,

My love has come to an end,

My love has come to an end.

© 2018 Najam Us Saher

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Featured Review

Wow. That was great!!

When relationships don't flourish like we want them to, there aren't too many people who really understand that the most mature thing you can do is to just wish the other person happiness with their new relationship. Prolonged feelings of jealousy or envy in the long run just become detrimental to the overall health.

Also, I love the depiction you gave of planting 'seeds', but having the the 'fruits' stolen. Tbh, that happens often when it comes to love, and it was a great metaphor.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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As you may know, I'm not a big fan of heartbreak poems, but I can still appreciate the power of your writing in this one. One reason I don't like heartbreak poems is becuz they often engage in blame. I have to admit, your poem went on for quite a long while blaming other people for the narrator's unhappiness. I was just about to give up in my mind, thinking this would be just another "blame" poem about breaking up . . . then your ending saved the day! I'm so glad this poem contained a "turn-around" so that the narrator could learn a lesson and pass it on thru your words! Your poem takes the reader thru powerful feelings from start to finish! (((HUGS))) Fondly Margie

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Najam Us Saher

4 Weeks Ago

Not always relationships end by blaming, sometimes they end by agreement and well wishing too.
read more
Is that your real feelings or if it's not then your thinking power is awesome.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Najam Us Saher

4 Weeks Ago

Oh! I don't know what to say except thanking you so much for reading and appreciating.
Your title set the tone from the beginning. Although it is such a shame when two people are not compatible your summary of the resolution is apt:
"What you cannot attain,
Just let it go"

It seems your narrator eventually finds happiness in their loss, but only through acceptance can they do so. To see their lover in the arms of another (whether in marriage or even in passing) must be soul destroying, and yet it seems to be overcome.

As always, thank you for entering your piece.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Najam Us Saher

4 Weeks Ago

Yes, it may hurt. Thank you so much for choosing the themes of the contests in a way that I always h.. read more
This is a great piece! I felt the emotions swirling around in here

Posted 2 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

2 Months Ago

Thank you very much.
good for you to let it go, and wish them happiness. it may not work out for them, anyway,,js

Posted 3 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

3 Months Ago

Yes. Thank you so much for reading.
I can understnd what u have gone through at that time but i must say just every stop is a new beging you will get the best in sha allah...
Keep writting & move on with your dreams.....

Posted 4 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

4 Months Ago

Sure thank you so much.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
All the emotions that you wrapped up in this letter could possibly take a toll on a readers heart. Very well done though.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

6 Months Ago

Thank you very much, it means a lot.
Emotions, heartbreak, leaving, pain. Very easy to feel but a bit hard to translate into words that even others can feel. You did that amazingly.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

11 Months Ago

I am glad that you were able to feel that emotion and was able to understand it. Thank you so much, .. read more
Tushar Singh

11 Months Ago

Keep writing. 😊 I love reading good stuff
This sad tale has been woven into a beautiful poem! I love the way you put the words so simply, and describe the situation so intricately. Very well done :)

Posted 11 Months Ago

Najam Us Saher

11 Months Ago

Thank you so much, I am extremely happy to know that you liked this ☺
Dreams I had seen for us,

Will be cherished by her, i like this line this is beautiful you have picturized so many emotions in this poem.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Najam Us Saher

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much. I am glad to know that you liked it ☺

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Najam Us Saher
Najam Us Saher

Hyderabad, India

Some people want to live long so that they are remembered for a long time, I want to live a little and want to be remembered forever. All the noises in my head, all the words unsaid, all the emotio.. more..


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