Dirty Doggie

Dirty Doggie

A Story by Nancy T. Words Move Me

A bath is in order...poo dinky, Nicki, you stinky!

Dirty 🐶 Doggie

Do you have a pet, a dog in particular? Let me introduce you to Nicki. She's the one in the profile pic, that little tanned ball of energy kissing me. Nicki, really doesn't mind a bath, especially if I tempt her with, "porter house steak, a nip of lobster, and a tad of ice cream for dessert."

Now, I ask you, are you familiar with that odour that eminates from a dog's wet coat, after a down pour of rain? Phew, whew....I smell it now! Nicki, get over here for a taste of steak, c'mon little girl, that's it, a little closer...gotcha!

I've prepared your bath Nicki, and I'm sharing your experience with these great authors of 'writers cafe.org'. Hey, just wait, I know the �'� water's hot...there you go, feel better now Princess? I added two tablespoons of cold water to it so it should be perfect for you now.

Hey friends, I forgot to mention; Nicki, weighs only two pounds! Hence, one tablespoon
per pound of cold water. Oh my, just look at you! I saw you lick �'�, what you thought was the shampoo bottle Nicki, now you're bound to be sick girl. My anchovies were a little to close to ignore a taste test, ugh. I'm soaked, she's acting up today, someone's at the door...and I believe she just pooped in the bath water, 🤦‍♂️ oh no! Too much of a good thing, no more tempting with 'porterhouse.'

Out she comes, I'm on a roll...she's all dried off, her belly's full, her teeth are brushed, she's up for SALE...shall I trade her for a Yorkie male?

You be the judge, play along with me, what will the fate of Nicki be? Please post your comment on her demise.

© 2017 Nancy T. Words Move Me

Author's Note

Nancy T. Words Move Me
Hi dear reader. Nicki is real, she is my female yorkie dog, but I have altered her behaviour and size to protect her identity. She is only one of the many loves in my life. Oh yes, and I wouldn't sell her for the world. Note: she loves a bath, no coaxing needed, lol

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This is brightly & delightedly FRESH & unexpected & playful & dripping with love (((HUGS))) I came here to check you out becuz you read one of my dog poems (I write about my pets a lot) . . . so I want to encourage you to share more of your awesome pet playfulness! Your fun attitude leaps off the page & your imaginative sass is also very much appreciated ("to protect her identity"). Great share! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 11 Months Ago

Love the playful rhythm of your scene. Such a tender, sweet glimpse at a wondrous two pound bundle of joy! Oh, and I know that smell all too well with my little morkie! Just reading through your words awakens the scent. :)

Posted 12 Months Ago

Nancy T. Words Move Me

12 Months Ago

Lol. Thanks! In the event you didn't notice, I wrote that I changed Nicki's weight (as a joke) to.. read more
An owl on the moon

12 Months Ago

Ah, well then, very close to my 10 lb Mindy, who happens to be laying beside me. Appreciate you shar.. read more

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Added on September 18, 2017
Last Updated on September 18, 2017


Nancy T. Words Move Me
Nancy T. Words Move Me


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