A Duck and a Sparrow

A Duck and a Sparrow

A Story by Nathan Baretto

A short fable on our actions in the world.

  Many years ago, in a hidden city called Belram, there lay an elegant land full of inhabitant animals. For this parable, I will articulate on three in particular. The shabby duck, resented sparrow, and wise owl.  

  "Hello sparrow, how do you do?'' said the duck one morning day. The duck was a joyous fellow, but one who had been lackadaisical to the showing of cleanliness. An orphan he was, lacking a hand to bestow guidance. Meanwhile, the sparrow was no more than a grump. A creature who had a reputation of being an insolent figure, one to avoid at any time. So he replied, "You filthy duck, I've no time to talk to such an animal like yourself, now shoo." He flew away leaving his hurtful words behind. A pity it was for the duck who slowly trudged back home in disarray from the brief conversation.

  The next day, on his way back home from the market, the duck once again met up with the sparrow. "Hello sparrow, have you any time to talk?" said the duck. Once again the sparrow became unsteady. "Duck, you are disgusting!" "And I'll say it again; Do not talk to me!"
The duck held a sorrowed frown on his face as he did the same as yesterday; walk back home with no confidence in his step.

  This continued for many days and weeks as the duck's heart shrunk more and more. His voice trembled and his teeth chattered. His bones creaked and his face drooped. Finally, after the duck had been sent as usual by the sparrow, the owl peaked from the trees. The duck took a glance and noticed his beaten-down face. "Hey duck," he whispered. The duck approached him with keen ears and a hopeful soul. "That sparrow is a rotten one, so I will help you. From now on, you will be immune to his voice."
Just at that moment he placed his tender wing on the duck. "Now you will never hear his voice." And with that the owl went back to the trees, a symbol of his unreal powers. The duck triumphed home that day, a knew feeling this time-a better one.

  A few days later, the sparrow glided through the air on his way to the skunks house. He thought about the duck on his way there. "What a horrible lad" he murmured too himself. His unpleasant attitude was matched by no other in the community. Lost in his thoughts however, he failed to see the tree that was just a few yards away! In a desperate attempt, he swerved left at the last second, and almost avoided it. Alas however, he had clipped his left wing to a branch, and a sear of pain roared through him. He collapsed like a fallen leaf, to fragile for the crisp air. He winced in agony, and could feel himself starting to hallucinate. He desperately cried and called for help, but there was no one who came down this path. No one except for the duck. And just then...

  The duck came strolling by, head high and arms a 'flapping. The sparrow tried to seize the opportunity through trickery of the young one. "Oh duck my friend, how wonderful you look today." But the duck did not respond. The sparrow took extreme measures now, as blood slowly poured through his gaping cut. He hissed and he hollered but the duck heard not one word. The duck simply pranced along with no disturbance. As the duck ran out of breath and fuel, so did his heart. His soul withered away and he died after some time. The duck grew to be a healthy and happy animal, one who enjoyed his time. A straightforward creature with friends, a home, and a heart.

Moral: "Be kind, and others will also be."


© 2017 Nathan Baretto

Author's Note

Nathan Baretto
Please ignore the few grammatical errors. Other than that, thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Added on June 2, 2017
Last Updated on June 2, 2017